Polar ice all gone, Woman in mall loses head to muslim with chain saw and more: Links 1 on Oct. 8 2016

1, The Rebel: On the acceleration of the invasion of Europe and North America

2. Horror as teenager armed with chainsaw ‘BEHEADS woman’ in shopping centre rampage.

A WOMAN is reported to have been beheaded after a teenager armed with a chainsaw went on the rampage at a shopping centre.

The crazed teenager is reported to have killed at least one

The 18-year-old, who was also carrying a hammer, carried out the horrific attack at the Evropa shopping centre in Minsk, Belarus.

Terrified eyewitnesses claimed the youngster wore a mask as he burst into the busy mall through a side entrance.

Hundreds of people were in the centre at the time of the attack.

The article explains that it was a general attack against as many as possible. There is no description, as usual, that would lead to the obvious so far. But at this stage, when someone attacks as many random people as possible and cuts the head off of someone, I would say that was Islamic influence, even if it was a video game post Christian white kid who went off his meds. Because that kind of thing really didn’t happen before Islamic head cutting and random mass murder became the new normal.

3. Col. Alan West does a great job of exposing brutal hypocrisy from leftist sports teams and more in this video interview. 

4. Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 – they were wrong

Dire predictions that the Arctic would be devoid of sea ice by September this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more now than in 2012.

Scientists such as Prof Peter Wadhams, of Cambridge University, and Prof Wieslaw Maslowski, of the Naval Postgraduate School in Moderey, California, have regularly forecast the loss of ice by 2016, which has been widely reported by the BBC and other media outlets.

Prof Wadhams, a leading expert on Arctic sea ice loss, has recently published a book entitled A Farewell To Ice in which he repeats the assertion that the polar region would free of ice in the middle of this decade.

5. “Islamists” won federal elections of Morocco

(Euronews is notoriously left wing and pro Islam. So chances are this group is a lot more Islamic than this video lets on.)

6. General kicked out of army after taking part in ‘banned’ anti-Islam rally
(we covered this whole story in all available detail as it happened. How the general was arrested and treated with some brutality by the police, how after a day in jail he suddenly turned on the people who’s protest he had led and other anomalies. 
In fact, this is a very odd story from the ground down. Perhaps its one of the better illustrations about how the current power structure gets to anyone influential who gets in the way of ‘the agenda’.)
A DECORATED French Foreign Legion commander has been removed from the army’s retirement payroll after being accused of helping organise – and taking part in – a banned anti-Islam protest in the port town of Calais last February.

By Romina McGuinness

Christian PiquemalGETTY

Christian Piquemal was kicked out of the army after attending an anti-Islam

Gen Christian Piquemal, 75, who commanded the elite Foreign Legion for five years and has been retired for 16, was arrested after taking part in a Europe-wide demonstration against the so-called ‘Islamisation of the continent,’ before being released on grounds of poor health.

The former military top brass was discharged and did not have to go to trial, but his actions were not left unpunished.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Xanthippa, NorseRadish and many many more. A new Aldo Sterone s in the pipe and more materials coming as well.

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8 Replies to “Polar ice all gone, Woman in mall loses head to muslim with chain saw and more: Links 1 on Oct. 8 2016”

  1. 6. General kicked out of army after taking part in ‘banned’ anti-Islam rally

    Wow! That’s so blatantly wrong. And it’s frightening that the French Government feels empowered to do something so clearly Stalinesque right out in the open like that. They obviously think they can get away with it. Imagine how unfair they would be if he wasn’t a general, if he was just an ordinary person…

    Inch by inch the Western Governments are moving inexorably toward totalitarianism. Things have been moving in that direction most of my life, starting with the war on drugs and the hysterical SWAT teams and helicopters that went with that. And every year a new grade one class enters the school system and sees this stuff as more and more normal. Depressing…

    • Apparently in Illinois, if you are receiving a pension from the State and are convicted of a felony, you loose that pension. The only way you can truly have freedom of speech is if you have independent income or just plain rich. Remember, in the movie Trumbo, the story line is that communist writers are loosing work because of their political beliefs — all throughout the world, the only way you can keep your job is by deliberate ass-kissing of the extant political order.

  2. 2) Belarus — wiki writes that 0.5% of population are Muslims, so probably there are more than that. Muslims over there are mainly Tatars who lived there for a long time, but recently many Tatars got under influence of salafis and others from Saudi Arabia.

    • “West tells his former congressional colleagues they cannot be upset with Republican nominee Donald Trump “because you created Donald Trump. If you had done what you were supposed to do in the House and the Senate, if you had used the checks and balances, if you had seen yourselves as co-equal branches of government, voters would have seen an opposition party.” As an example, West says, the president does not have the power to release prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

      West adds “recalcitrance, reticence and fear” by the Republican Congress has caused Americans to say to the Republican Party, “you’re irrelevant” and “we are going to find someone that’s going to stand up and fight.””

      • That is what is happening and it is why the establishment of both parties are in panic mode to prevent him winning. Right now we are witnessing a legal civil war through the political system, if the self proclaimed elite steal the election we will see a physical civil war through the military method.

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