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13 Replies to “Russian propaganda, but fits the facts”

  1. I wish I could say those videos were cherry picked but they weren’t. I think that Obama has decided that he is going to insure that the US is very damaged by starting a war between the US and Russia after he has weakened the US military.

    We have been in this weak at the start of a war before but not with people in the bureaucracy that were actively working to ensure the US destruction and not with the best people in the US military forced into civilian life.

    If we can get a President who loves the US and who will work to defend us we can survive and probably win the coming war.

      • I don’t think our generals will follow just any orders. They’ll find equipment malfunctions or some such. Russia will make us pay something for all the red flag taunts, but it won’t tip to war unless 0 works harder to make it happen.

  2. Only a fool of the greatest magnitude would contemplate going to war with Russia over Syria. There seems to be the greatest of fools in the White House at the moment. Is mass destruction what he wants as his legacy? Unless, of course, he has promised his “Ayatollah” the destruction of the USA!

    • You said: Unless, of course, he has promised his “Ayatollah” the destruction of the USA!

      The thing that no in the LSM has the guts to talk about is the fact of who raised Obama! He was raised by his Grandparents who were Literally Card Carrying Communists! his mentor in Hawaii was Frank Marshall DAvis goggle him and read his FBI file. He was raised to hate the US. The only religious instruction he has ever had was Islamic teachings when he was a small child. When he was in Collage his friends were all radical leftists and he took classes from radical leftists when he could. After Collage when he decided to go into politics he choose a Church that was nominally Christian, he attended this Church fro 20 years. The Preacher of this Church (the Reverend Wright) is a man who left the Black Muslims to start his Church and who preaches more Marx and the Koran then he does the Holy Bible. There is video out there of the Reverend preaching a sermon and saying God Damn America.

      Does this sound like a man who wants any type of legacy except for the US to be badly damaged or destroyed?

      The LSM and to a lesser extent FOX refused to publish his past because of the way they would be called racist for trashing the First Black to make a major run at the White House. Hillary refused to do this because her radicalism in Collage and after would then become fair game for the Republicans. And the Scariest thing about her is the fact that she is really more radical then Obama.

  3. I was always amused that after 9/11, the US expended itself spending oodles of money on small wars, and deliberately letting our ability to deal with REAL threats be pissed away. We shut down the F-22 Raptor assembly, a program that Dick Cheney didn’t want. We spent bazillions on MRAPS and all sorts stuff to fight insurgent forces. Our USAF is just stuffed with OLD airplanes. Western forces have never faced all the modern stuff the Russians got; just the downgraded stuff the sell abroad to make money. It’s a big question mark what would happen in Syria if we go down this road.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about the “modern stuff Russian got”. The Russians again are doing the same, population is getting poorer**, the government is spending money on armaments, but their armaments are not really so good. NATO can intercept Russian airplanes pretty quickly, as was shown recently over Finland.
      Of course one do not know what will happen in Syria, and we do not know what will happen in the Middle East. What we know is that we really do not know.

      249200 -average earnings in bureaucracy RF (Russian Federation)
      32122 – national average earnings
      112 000 000 000 – that the money of 10 richest Russians
      47% Russian save on food
      600 000 000 00 that is work the flat of Igor Shuvalov (deputy prime minister of RF) area — 719 square meters.
      3700000 rubles cost one tree who was used to renovate Tverskaya street (the most known street in Moscow,)
      12425 – average retirement pension in Russia..
      (data in rubles, one CAD equals 48.81 rubles)

      • I recall that during the 1972 Christmas B-52 strikes on North Vietnam, so many aircraft were lost to enemy SAM-2s that the USAF thought that the Russians had developed a means of using the Fansong radar missile control signals to generate targeting information. This is what I mean that we just don’t know what they can do. We can only generate countermeasures based on Ferret aircraft signal intelligence gathering; if they don’t turn their capabilities we don’t know. The USAF asked industry sources for special time measurement equipment to ascertain if the missile control signals contained signals from which to derive data.

        • The SA-23, S-300V4 and the S-400 mean Russia controls the sky over the region. Any attempt at mano-a-mano on our part would prohibitively costly. Our allies in the region – including Israel – would be unlikely to make bases on their territory available to us.

    • Part of the problem is the fact that most people don’t understand the lead time it takes to develop new weaponry. They also don’t understand that if you have a strong military you rarely have to use it but if you have a weak military you will always end up using it.

      I know that the Russian observers during our invasion of Iraq (the second one) were shocked at how easily we went through the equipment that they had sold to Saddam. Their extrapolation from what we had done said we could do the same with the equipment they had reserved for home defense. They have since developed better air defense, in one of her analysis’s of what is happening in the Gulf (a recent one) J.E. Dyer said that the US could still get through the S400 air defenses but that it would be costly.

      As far as spending money the Russians are limited in what they are spending by what their economy is doing, they have already gone bankrupt once and Putin wants to avoid that so he is having to choose how much he has to spend on the domestic side to keep the people happy and how much he has left to spend on rebuilding their military. He is also hampered by the fact that the Russian Economy is in worse shape then ours. The US media doesn’t spend a lot of time on the foreign economic situation so most people don’t realize just how shaky the entire world is and how their rich people are moving as much of their money into the US as they can.

      This economic trouble is one reason Putin doesn’t really want a war with the US, he does want to keep the Mideast simmering so Russia can sell a lot of weapons. He wants the US our of the Mideast so he doesn’t have to compete with us on the weapons sales.

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