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3 Replies to “Aldo Sterone explains the psychology of Islam and requests a new crusade”

  1. Aldo describes the hate-filled child. Perfect Child describes the hate-filled child. Islam shows us the hate-filled child. What is the alternative to Aldo’s request?

    • Given time there will be a new Crusade, one that with luck will finally liberate nations from the slavery that is Islam. The Crusade will be long and bloody and will have to include the schools around the world teaching how evil Islam is.

    • Aldo’s request to teach all pupils about the Crusades… comes unstuck when schools already have Religious Education that includes Islam – the Disney version where women were emancipated.

      So to think the Socialist Establishment would then teach the real reasons behind the Crusades and not dwell solely on the marauding mercinaries, is drinking Bud Reality-Lite.

      The alternative is home-schooling.

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