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7 Replies to “László Földi, former chief of Hungarian intel, does another interview on the state of the Islamic threat to Europe”

  1. Precise Intel from a verified spook. How’s this for a stupid question: where is the CBC, CNN, OR BBC with the same level of quality info? Pretty sad when you have to gain critical enemy operational tactics from Magyar MSM.

    • You ask How’s this for a stupid question: where is the CBC, CNN, OR BBC with the same level of quality info?

      They are part of the coordinated attack he was talking about, a very important part, this is why they keep supporting Hillary and others of her ilk.

      • That is correct. As I am reading some of this online sources I can see Trump and Hungary getting harassed in articles beside each other. I am taking this is as badge of honor at this point…

    • And just to “kick it up a notch”, why is it that its down to a few volunteers to translate and make available a Russian press conference where they politely warn the US not to keep provoking a direct war with Russia or there will be painful consequences. Why has our media abandoned us to the maniacal and nearly unfathomable ambitions of Obama, seemingly determined to obliterate the traditional USA and Western world along with it?

      I hope to have that video tomorrow. But its truly frightening that we are not getting real information on an issue which may have immediate and existential consequences.

      • Their goals have been publicly stated back when they were in Collage and shortly after they got out. They then were told that they have to keep quote if they want to help bring about the great Socialist Revolution. Their actions say that they haven’t changed their goal just changed their tactics.

        I still say the odds are Russia and China will not nuke us, but we will be fighting inside and outside North America. This has been seen by a lot of people who are afraid of sounding like lunatics if they talk about what they see coming. This is one reason that for the past 17 months every month shows record sales of firearms and ammo.

        • Mmm, it would depend on their economy, and both Chinese and Russian economies are getting worse.

          EU targets countries who do not want to get migrants.
          For example Brussels is now trying to change some of economic regulations which, if changed, would be detrimental to Polish economy. Also German media who own more than 80% of media market in Poland constantly do their propaganda against Law and Order and pro-EU/pro-opposition, saying all the time that media in Poland are not “free”.
          And Russian military ups their forces in Kaliningrad.

          It is very difficult situation. .

          • I think US and NATO playing on the fears of Poland from the Russians and while the western “allies” pouring in military material, it making the Russians nervous and as a result, they pump up their forces which in turn makes the Polish even more nervous and they ask for more weapon… and it goes around!

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