Communist, anti-liberal media already spinning up against Hungary in stunningly dishonest ways

Let’s begin with one of my favorite examples of media which falsify facts to fit the international communist and Islamic narrative, Euronews:

Let’s ask a few obvious questions:

Why wasn’t the mosque always open to outsiders? Islam is not a Hungarian thing. But what is Hungarian, is centuries of fighting off Islamic invasion and moving and forming communities to escape Muslim slave raiders and takers of children for janissaries and looting of Hungarian treasure by Muslim invaders. The only difference now is they use female children as sex slaves, rob the treasure by lining up at the Welfare office and invade in rubber dinghies.

The Euronews voice over claims that its overtly against migrants and covertly against Islam. In fact Orban seems to be saying the opposite. It is overtly against Islamic illegal invasion of Hungary and the EU forced resettlement of them within Hungarian cities. But I am pretty confident that if Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sokh, Atheists applied for citizenship legally and had a skill set to offer, the Hungarians would welcome them in. So its not against migrants. It is in fact against Islam. Orban has actually said said so. There is no dishonesty there.

Muslims are clearly not feeling rejected enough or they would go to one of the 50 odd countries which are Muslim and increasingly so by the day. So the claim that they feel rejected might be more honestly stated as they feel an attempt at Islamic manifest destiny is being resisted. We had better get with that program as well.

The less obvious material Euronews missed was the imam himself. He had a rather intense “zebiba”. The ugly bruise that the conspicuously devout Muslim men have on the forehead from deliberately banging their heads hard on the ground when they do their 5X daily rituals. This serves only one purpose. To let other people know they slam their heads into the ground hard enough to cause this damage to the skull and brain. It means they have a singularly intense religiosity and are pretty much 100% guaranteed to be supporters of terrorism and any and all means to subvert a nation into an Islamic one and all the consequences to the natives that go along with that. This is no ‘cultural-Muslim’.

To see one these guys not being chased by someone in a hazmat suit shows how suicidal we are a culture.

To get a good idea of Euronews’ spin on things please see this post. It is not the only one we have busted but it is my favorite one.

Moving on to CNN. Or as many like to call it, the Clinton News Network.

This is straightforward denigration of Hungarian autonomy by a media determined to see the end of the nation state in any meaningful sense at all. They include all kinds of totally irrelevant material, like the reporter who tripped an invader crashing the border 2 years ago, to make Orban’s initiative at self preservation to look evil.

Back in the days of reason, if a female reporter actually stopped a large man from committing a crime she would get an award from the state. Instead, leftist media and the EU destroyed her. The man who crashed several borders to get the best situation even though he was not Syrian, not a refugee and was not obeying any of the EU laws on migration, was rewarded with a high paying job on a Spanish soccer team.

As is the new normal, a total moral inversion. Just like Islam itself.

Now the CBC:

Analysis Hungarian voters appear set to deliver a blow to EU migrant quotas

For months, the Hungarian government has blitzed the country’s public spaces with alarmist messages designed to whip up fears of immigrants ahead of Sunday’s referendum on the European Union’s plan to resettle refugees across the bloc.

“Did you know the Paris terror attacks were carried out by immigrants?” reads one.

“Did you know that nearly one million immigrants want to come to Europe from Libya alone?” reads another.

It goes on like that for quite a while. A hole page of invective disguised as reason to make Hungary look evil for having a sense of self preservation.

This CBC article doesn’t even bother with a veneer of reason and goes straight for contempt.

Rancid small-state nationalism surges in Europe: Don Murray

Ah, there’s nothing like a referendum or two to set the emotions swirling and stir up political havoc.

Add a nasty election to the mix, and you have a savoury stew of rancid, small-state nationalism along Europe’s southern flank.

The word “nasty” comes up four times in this one article. Each time to create scorn and contempt for Hungarian democracy. In fact the article actually says:

There are common themes linking the two referendums and the vote in Croatia. The first is the return in force of nasty nationalism, one that defines nations and states by ethnic purity and furiously rejects outsiders.

All nations for all of history have defined themselves by the values of the people inside, and have, from time to time, had to defend themselves from the values of outsiders. Recently of course, the Nazis, the communists when they were indeed on the outside of Canada before the universities became communist unit manufacturing centers where any deviation from Marxist thought is as close to a criminal offense as you can get without it being on the books. Because then you could get a lawyer.

Most commonly in history, nations have had to defend themselves from Islamic invasion. Because the consequences of that are literally too horrifying for the imagination of most comfortable, elite Western socialists. For just a partial look at that, check out the horror film, Dracula Untold. They get a lot of the facts right about living in Dhimmitude. How families had to give up male children to the Muslims to be used as soldiers to fight against their own people after training. And female children? People pretty much get it now.

Read the CBC articles in full. And Canadians, remember, they take 1.1 Carl Sagan’s every year from our tax money PLUS what they get in commercial revenue.

If I were the Hungarian ambassador to Canada, I would be launching a formal protest to the Canadian government for the manner in which the CBC mischaracterized that fine freedom loving country. Perhaps a Hungarian reader can contact the embassy in Ottawa and make the suggestion.





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8 Replies to “Communist, anti-liberal media already spinning up against Hungary in stunningly dishonest ways”

  1. “But I am pretty confident that if Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sokh, Atheists applied for citizenship legally and had a skill set to offer, the Hungarians would welcome them in.”

    It is true, we have a significant German minority, Slovakians, Romanians, Russians, but even more exotic: Hungary has a significant Chinese community arrived when Hong Kong was handed back to the Communists.
    Also we have Greeks, Italians, Spanish people landed in Hungary at different times in the past 500 years. One of the most significant Jewish community lives in Hungary outside of Israel.
    Most of them are good Hungarian citizens living here peacefully supporting their country. Many of them will attend tomorrow referendum and vote to protect, what is theirs too.

  2. “the reporter who tripped an invader crashing the border 2 years ago”
    Since it came up the guy who made the soccer style fake fall was actually a terrorist fighting in one of those “moderate” Syrian groups who are so supported by the Obama administration. (and really are just members of the ISIS family)

    • I don’t know what the transfer will bring. But I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that hundreds of Muslim and leftist lawyers are going to be working weekends to figure out how to make sites like vladtepesblog and thereligionofpeace and jihadwatch illegal. There is no doubt about that.

      And they’ll try every trick in the book to get their way. First they’ll probably say that they’re combatting kiddy porn, then they’ll say that they’re combatting racism and terrorism and hatred. They will never stop coming up with reasons to censor the internet. They’ll do everything in their power to fool us and the mainstream media will always play into their hands. The powers of censorship could very well win. The voting public is so incredibly misinformed that the bad guys stand a pretty good chance of convincing them to hang themselves. Clever, what?

    • We are going to have to wait and see what happens, depending on the arrogance and hunger of the dictators who make up the club now running the net they may wait until after the election so as to not scare the voters.

  3. the judge was appointed by Obama .. eh ??
    Been on site for 10 minutes & I’m already getting paranoid.
    Impossible to foment a revolution without communication.
    In years to come are we gonna do it via car, plane , boat, horseback ..
    ‘eff me ..

    • If you want the plans to be secret you will to it face to face and pray the person you are talking to won’t betray you. It is going to get real scary in the near to medium future, the far future depends on who wins in the near and medium.

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