September 17th also saw an attack at a Calgary mall

In this video there is the usual level of non-information. No description, no eye witness reports and nothing that would help identify the attacker. But people in the area inform us that this is a highly culturally enriched part of Calgary with a high percentage of Muslims, most notably Somali. The same extraction as the mall stabber in Minneapolis.

The “knife” used in the attack at the mall was actually a machete.


Perhaps it is a sort of comfort that Canadian media lies to the public in order to create false impressions, or to keep the public from forming a correct impression, as does most media.

This kind of lie would be a combination of a half truth, a machete is a kind of knife sort of kinda. And a lie of omission because not saying it is a machete when it is so obviously a machete is likely an attempt to create doubt that the attacker was a muslim.

The length of this “knife” is 26 inches.

Our mass media is a senile system at best, and a tool of oppression at worst.

In this case no. Its not a knife.

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  1. Allah is his name and killing is his game.

    Wondering if all this (New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Calgary and who knows what else) has anything to do with the end of Eid al-Adah? Seems it would be Saturday but since it is dependent on the lunar phases perhaps the 17th has significance. Eid al-Adah is all about killing/sacrifice and in islamic countries it is not unusual to kill infidels along with the animals.
    12 September 2016. In the lunar-based Islamic calendar, Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah and lasts for four days.

    • Some crafty Jewish lawyer in Mecca fed that bogus akedah story to the Camel Driver. It’s too broad a joke, Ishmael for Jacob! Then he and all his friends laughed themselves silly.

      Then the lawyer’s son – the good-for-nothing Evil Son from the Passover Seder – threw in with the Pirate. Set that whole bloody mess down for an eternal tourist trap.

      [I've been reading about French Jews going zombie. Of course it's painful, but this has been part of the deal from the beginning. That only a remnant will survive, but that will suffice, we'll endure.]

      [Leftist JINOs - Jews in name only - here in North America may as well say the shahada and join the zombie choo-choo. A net benefit, addition through subtraction.]

  2. The machete used is a Falcata, a Celtic sword that has been found all across Southern Europe and that the Romans hated because it would go over the shield and smash in hte helmet.

    Last week it was the ordered weapon on “Forged in Fire”. You can google the blade to learn more.

    • The Falcata hung on longer in the Iberian peninsula, Hannibal was so impressed with the Falcata that he armed several units of his army with them.

      The bent blade is closer to the Greek Kopis but the Handle says Falcata, most Falcata have fairly straight blades with a point for stabbing but with most of the weight of the blade was in the forward portion of the blade with a buldge hanging down to give the slash more authority.

        • You don’t have to go to the Dark Net there are lots of websites that sell swords, Kult of Athena, True Swords. I know the first has falcata’s and the second may. There are a lot of people who collect the swords and “Cold Steel” the name on that blade are a famous supplier of knives of all types.

  3. You might be overthinking this. OTOH, every significant anniversary that I know I wake up wondering if something horrible has happened. I guess that is the point, isn’t it? I am fearful on islamic significant dates…
    Certainly, this 17 Sept. is a milestone in low level islamic terrorism.
    BTW, the Belt Pkwy is torture on any day. (the freeway where the 5 Afghani were accosted this morning.)

  4. It’s backfiring though. More and more people I know are simply assuming an attacker is Muslim unless specified otherwise and even then they are suspicious.

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