Malmo parking getting easier and easier to find. Links 1 on September 19th 2016

1, Sweden on the BRINK: Malmö in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight

(WARNING: Autoplay Swedish video at link)

More than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city, which has been plagued by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions.

The video shows chaos in Malmö as vandalism is only one of many incidents to have occurred as police crack down on organised crime.

Saturday saw Sweden’s third largest city suffer the worst surge of violence since July, with at least 70 cars burned out in less than three months.

(Malmo is a culturally-enriched part of Sweden that is in some ways, a Muslim ‘No-go-zone’. Many journalists and other non-muslim agencies have been chased and forced out of the area, most famously the far left leaning Australian news program, 60 Minutes, who spun the story of their own eviction as a poverty and injustice issue.

2. WANTED for bombing of Chelsea NY 17th. Sept.

3. One in four French Muslims want an ultra-conservative form of Islam adopted which forces women to wear face veils, study finds

One in four French Muslims support an ultra-conservative form of Islam which forces women to wear full-face veils, a study has found.

The survey of 1,029 people aims to inform the government’s plans to overhaul French Muslim bodies in the wake of several jihadist attacks, most of them the work of French extremists.

Researchers split the subjects into three groups, and found that the most ‘problematic’ group was ‘mostly young, low-skilled people with low levels of participation in the labour market’ who used Islam to revolt.

(Areas that are fully sharia compliant do not get there by voting it in. It is by force. It does not take a majority to achieve that effect. People who do not wish to lose their liberal democracies and individual rights had best be prepared to fight to keep them in literally every conceivable way, as enemies of individualism, both Islamic and socialist, employ every conceivable methods to remove them.)


The United States Military Academy at West Point has been put on lockdown due to a suspicious car that may have made its way through a security gate, according to initial reports. Only few details were immediately available. (more)

(Another source, @AmichaiStein1of Israeli TV said that the license plate of the car matches one of a wanted terrorist)

5. Five arrested in hunt for Manhattan bombers: Suspected terrorists seized as FBI hunts for men seen on video planting IEDs from a duffel bag filled pressure cookers bombs

Three pipe bombs found in New Jersey and two IEDs that terrorized New York City on Saturday all have one thing in common – cell phones.

An old-school flip phone was used as a timer in all five home-made bombs.

Authorities said they still have not found any indication the incidents in New Jersey and New York are related, but in both cases flip phones were used as timers to detonate the explosives.

All phones used as detonators were similar in design, according to PIX 11.

(No names of the arrested have been given in this article. But bookies are offering odds on an unequal distribution of Ms.)

6. Charges dropped against Tommy Robinson for being in a city at a pub with his kids. 

Thank you Tundra T., M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and many more who have sent in important and interesting links consistently for days now, where the staff of this site have been working on various related items.

More to come later today.

Update on the Calgary mall attack. It was NOT a “knife attack” but what they call a machete. Most likely a kabab knife.


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10 Replies to “Malmo parking getting easier and easier to find. Links 1 on September 19th 2016”

  1. I did not realize that charges were brought against TR and that he would once again have to defend himself in a court of law.
    I watched the video of the pub encounter and I recall that after a short indignation by TR he gathered up his kids and left the area while his children cried.
    This has gone way past over the top and I think TR should sue the police for harassment and putting his life and that of his family in danger.
    If you have a $20 to spare, go to GOV as they have buttons on the left side of the page to make a donation in the currency of your choice.
    This has to stop. Now that TR can afford good counsel he should take the fight to the enemy.
    I’m going over there to throw another fin his way.

    • Yes, well said. If they are allowed to get away unchallenged with these kinds of egregious bully-boy tactics, they will simply continue to use them – and of course, use them against all of us, if the occasion (excuse) arises. So they must be opposed and made to suffer consequences for their violation of this man’s rights.

    • I just learned that the latest court appearance was due to his holding up a banner at the Euro soccer matches in Paris that said “Fuck ISIS”. It wasn’t about the pub thing with his children.
      It was pointed out over at GOV that had he been convicted of religious discrimination or some such it would have really been rich! As every progressive politician in the western world says that ISIS has nothing to do with islam…
      Send a $20 Tommy’s way. He needs it.

  2. 1- Gee, I don’t recall an epidemic of car torching in the days when I went to Stockholm and Malmo many moons ago. My sister’s best friend had family in Malmo. Jewish. I wonder if they’re still there? Organised crime, they say. Revenge, they say. What utter bullshit! Whose feelings will be hurt by speaking the truth? The arsonists’? The tyrannical socialists? They have skins a foot thick.

    Dear Sweden, use the correct word. Islam and only Islam. (Talk about CVE). And while you’re at it stop your lawsuit against Hungary. You’re just angry they haven’t committed suicide like you have.


    How to be Soros:
    1. Feign truth by regurgitating your enemies’ criticisms, thereby keeping them off balance. MY TRUTH IS YOUR TRUTH BUT WITH AN ARTFUL TWIST.

    2. Speak with the forgone conclusion that all human capital is equal. This is the most overlooked sophistry. Muslims are not, as immigrants to the West, proving to be competitive human capital. There are in fact a massive parasitic drag intent on pouncing into jihad at the behest if their imams. Meanwhile they surf the dole. Take Europeans. Much better.

    3. Pretend that you care about humanity even though you represented the very worst of the Hungarian holocaust. And you are supposedly Jewish. When did you find God?

    4. Prey on vulnerable currencies. Create incredible human misery. (Indeed Soros is a genius–an evil one limited to his understanding of the money markets and not one iota more despite his delusions.)

    5. Hide your sons.

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