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7 Replies to “Taharrush at German public pools”

    • Think maybe the show of force kept the harassment at a minimum. The muslims seem to respect only force. Rules/laws and simple human decency mean nothing, their political agenda (islam) demands they bring terror to infidels. This is just one form.

      • Their political agenda requires them to bring terror to Infidels where possible. If it is not possible, there is no such obligation. That is the big fine point that 100% of all Western leaders seem incapable of grasping. The whole Islamist problem will all go away if we make it impossible for them to attack us. Appeasement is like a green light to them and sends the message that there is no resistance and that Jihad can proceed apace. Everything we are doing is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Our leaders are all total idiots!

  1. We need a like-minded billionaire to finance the legal defence of western civilization the same way the Saudis are financing every legal challenge to destroy western civilization.

    Trump is the man because even if his heart was not pure to start with, fear of a heart broken constituency will compel him to do right.

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