First comes Tard Trek….

Then Tard Wars

The French recruiter for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that authorities believe is behind a spate of attacks and plots on the country’s soil in recent months has sent a chilling call to his followers to behead a civilian and send it to the country’s Presidential residence.

He made the morbid demand about Élysée Palace in an audio message posted on his private Telegram channel to some 300 followers on Tuesday, according to a report in Dutch-language Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

Kassim, a 29-year-old jihadi living in either Iraq or Syria, said: “Everything that needs to be said has been said. You know what to do. Don’t wait any longer.”

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  1. Members of the hard-line left-wing group supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign are attempting to recruit ‘radical’ Muslims in their bid to de-select Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman, leaked documents reveal.
    Messages exchanged by the Liverpool Riverside Momentum group show activists discussing tactics for signing up new Labour party members so they can take control over the Constituency Labour party (CLP).
    The far-left group, which has been largely responsible for the surge in Labour party members under Mr Corbyn’s leadership, also suggested targeting movements such as the Black Lives Matter campaign to sign up more members to tighten their grip on Labour’s local party structures.
    In one discussion group a Momentum member asks: ‘Why aren’t there more Muslim members?’
    He goes on to suggest reaching out

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      • I have always admired the Brits for the way they fought alone for freedom against the Nazi’s, now they are letting the Nazi’s (both foreign and domestic) take over their country. Britain became a nasty hell hole before and regained their freedom, can they do it again? Can the rest of the anglophone world afford to wait and see?

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