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14 Replies to “Interesting perspective by Daniel Greenfield on the Burkini/Burka ban debate”

    • The Kinsey Scale of Musselmas:
      ‘Some women are totally boxed in, some are totally free; but really, really the majority of women from birth want to be protected and a little bit boxed in, (the same for most men who are really bisexual and homosexual-curious with a fascination and envy of their Gay Liberated managers)’

      Easy to understand when you know this love that yearns for a fix.

      So tolerate these extremes ladies, because secretly you wished you too were as free as the women who wear burqas. Angels in the streets by day and whores in the bedroom by night.


      Of the scale of the sexually-repressed, Islam is right up there as LGBTQ+

      Pedophiles, your day will come. Hush, for now. A schoolboy will turn around in a Socialist promotion with a welcome-smile too.

      • Speaking of Pedos…Creepy Joe says, “Do you wanna know how horny am I to have a 13 year old standing next to me” – (watch with head phones)

        Here’s is the whole footage from C-Span(a joe pedo gropefest):

        [link to http://www.c-span.org (secure)]

        50:02 Hi Angel, how are you? My Lord you are getting big.

        50:59 It’s so nice to see you baby? How old are you now?

        51:55 By the way, do you want to know how horny I am standing right next to a 13 year old girl? Talk to my daughter Ashlee about the film? *laughs* You’re so good looking (You’re a good little girl). He says something similar to this.

        52:08 See you back home I hope! (and the dad says absolutely! WTF?)

        52:17 You let me know what you want! Call me!

        • The issue of the Burqua in the West is all about Women’s Morequality..

          This is their dominant right-brain world-view. That battle in the home fot headship? Men lost. The sociopath begot sociopaths.

          But Daniel Greenfield is pointing out, it is the psychopaths dominate the Islamic home. Women didn’t get emanicipated through a 1960’s Marxist Revolution of free-sex. Blacks are not Beautiful, Gays are not Liberated, Women are not Right. Minorities did not get an exotic free-pass.

          The burqa informs Muslims of a woman not to molest, as belonging to a male, even the boy who is just in front of her.

          Men and women all know this code of honor like dobermans trained to not to eat the meat in front of them unless a correct signal is made. Mohammad’s dogs. Restrained savages unleashed and freed in Jihad.

          So while the Government virtue-signals to German women, (in the knowledge that all the males under her roof will follow her), that the burqa is fashionably cool and should be tolerated; Islam soldiers on.

  1. I noticed that the German ad called for tolerance, once again the left is saying that we have to tolerate the intolerance of the invaders.

  2. Can’t Daniel learn to speak slower, more clearly, open his mouth?
    I have to focus so hard on understanding him that I miss the meaning of his message.
    This is an important message, but it will be a struggle to listen to it several times.

  3. The pretty scarf-covered woman looks like a Roma dancer not a muslim.
    And she obviously has no interest in the political ramifications of wearing an hijab,
    or what she might experience if she had to wear 24/7–female genital mutilation,
    stoning, dis-honor killing, needing a male chaperone constantly, etc.
    Empty-headed blonde, maybe?

  4. Headscarf emojis coming to a computer near you:

    A Saudi teenager living in Germany has proposed designing a headscarf emoji.
    Rayouf Alhumedhi, 15, has sent a proposal to The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation that reviews and develops new emojis.
    The idea gained the backing of the co-founder of online discussion forum Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. If approved, her emoji will be available in 2017.


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