Fifteen items of note. Some of which are rather eschatological. Links 1 on September 14 – 2016

1, Apocalypse Cow in Bangladesh.

(For those who like Christian End Times movies, this is a hell of a story)

2. 21-year-old man arrested for Copenhagen car fires

Police spokesman Jens Møller Jensen told TV2 News that the 21-year-old man is a resident of Amager and is of ‘a different ethnicity than Danish’.
Police did not say if the man is suspected in all of the vehicle fires. Jensen told TV2 it is also too early to know if the man was working alone.
Copenhagen Police have been cautious about drawing parallels to Sweden, where at least 70 cars have been burnt in Malmö since July and car fires have occurred in cities including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping.
(A different ethnicity than Danish is the honest journalist’s last gasp. A desperate attempt to honestly inform the public that the man creating a war zone out of a peaceful happy productive community is a muslim doing it for islamic jihad. “A different ethnicity from Danish” is going to be flushed down the drain along with “youths”, “Asians”, and every other euphemism an honest journalist would try and slip by the new Marxist censors in media, as the government-media complex forces all to apply the Union of Journalism rules on minority reporting. At least once the public has decoded it. We must look to Twitter and Youtube more for actual footage from locals and as the truth gets squeezed out of them,and we know the plans are in place to do so, we will have to invent new mechanisms to inform each other. The window and carrier pigeons perhaps.)
3. The Rebel’s daily top TEN which includes a photo of Mr. Khan, the Toronto murderer of someone he had an argument with yesterday “over religious matters”. I doubt any bookies lost money on figuring out the religion of the guy so upset with the discussion he murdered the other man.

4. Spain arrests islamic State agents with large police raid:

(It becomes increasingly clear that the plan European governments are working under, is something like Enter them all and let the cops sort them out. Once this becomes known may every rape, murder and terror-crime victim of the unfiltered migration wave exact their revenge on those paid to, and sworn to, protect the interests of their electorate.)

5. There may be a problem at

6. Egyptian Researcher Criticizes Ancient Islamic Jurisprudence: “Idiocy and Insanity”

Thank you M., Tania, Ava Lon, Kathy, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and MANY more.

Today has been profoundly busy. The Orban vid took most of the afternoon due to technical problems. We also managed to interview the woman who owns the har dresser in Norway. We hope to have everything needed for that post tomorrow at some point.

In the daily comments post, there are a number of examples of halal slaughter of cows due to Eid.

These are unpleasant to watch but a lot can be learned from them.

It seems to me that:

  1. The purpose is to desensitize the people doing it to the inflicting of pain and death on other living things.
  2. Islam empowers all its adherents to perform this ritual, much as all totalitarian systems which give great power to the individual so long as it grows the power of the system/doctrine itself.
  3. It actually shows the vast gulf between Kosher and halal slaughter, as Kosher cuts the spine first, and may even be less painful and much faster than even secular stunning and killing. Which also speaks to intent.


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  1. The war continues to grow and the west is slowly waking up to the fact that we are in a a war of survival.They are slowly realizing that we can’t (as the left says) declare victory and come home. The war is being fought on our streets and the left is panicking because they can’t admit the war has followed us home without admitting that their policies have failed and by failing have placed civilization at risk.

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