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3 Replies to “Very important speech by Hungarian President, Viktor Orban”

  1. He recognizes the danger from the invaders and from the left, from the reaction to his speech the majority of people in Parliament also recognize the danger and are happy that someone is stepping up to resist the destruction of Europe and Western Civilization.

  2. Crossware: Thank-you so very much!

    I follow GoV, though I don’t post there. Delighted to have access to all your work and your sage comments. This is Hungary’s glory – we celebrate the great statesman who may well be the Jan Sobieski of our day. You are making that possible.

    Hats off to Orban, and the Hungarians everywhere!

    • Great work.

      Someone has to say what Orban says. Some leader some where must stand up. Some western country must begin an earnest resistance. Truth is our howitzer. God forbid Orban is taken down by the cowardly left for his courage, but if he is he will be replaced by another.

      Bribing towns and villages to undermine national sovereignty…You see the Keynesian link? The ability to print money for nefarious ends is evil. Isn’t this a tactic being used in the US now? Bribing small-town mayors to take Muslims?

      Orban calls out the Brussels bastards and the commies in his house protest. Rats squeal when you step on them, too.

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