Switzerland – Army: several kilos of explosives disappeared

An original translation by Ava Lon

From this Swiss News site:

School of recruits. Officials made the discovery during an inventory control of ammunition boxes in an infantry school in Aarau. An investigation has been opened.

During an inspection of ammunition made last week at the infantry school in Long Service 14 (in mil ER SL 14) Aarau, officials have discovered what is probably a loss of explosives. An investigation was opened immediately, announced the Federal Department of Defence, Protection of the Population and Sports in a terse statement.

Military justice is investigating a supposed loss of several kilograms of explosives. “This kind of case is extremely rare,” said Daniel Reist, spokesman of the army.

He couldn’t specify either the nature of the explosives nor the exact amount that was stolen. Nothing has been released on any lead, “the investigation has just begun.” For now, no warning to the population has been issued. (Ats / nxp)

(Created: 9/12/2016, 2:15 p.m.)

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  1. No big deal; in the USA, you can buy 1 pound containers of smokeless powders. Smokeless powders can be detonated as high explosives with lots of power. Only thing is, it’s expensive!
    So in theory you could fill homemade grenades with smokeless powder and have something at least as powerful as a TNT fill, I think.


    “Versatile general-purpose powder VihtaVuori N310 is TRULY versatile, but ANY easily flammable handgun/shotshell powder with 4000+ Joules per gram of calorimetric energy is applicable. Blasting cap must be powerful enough to produce detonation. Advisable is to use bundle of three caps, bound side-by-side. Distance between bottle bottom and surface of object intented to penetrate should be about equal with diameter of a bottle. More or less distance or a direct contact on the object shall produce less successful “focus” of detonation wave and the jet of molten or atomized glass. Perforation through 50 mm thick steel plate is recorded (or at least rumored). Detonation of common smokeless powder is able to release all the Infernal Forces: Just a nuclear warhead is more destructive. (Drawing and caption by PT).

    “Under “special” circumstances most smokeless powders can be detonated. The development of modern shooting powders was a long and very dangerous way. Finding the correct manufacturing process of smokeless gunpowder was often a trial-and-error method and many guns blew up because of wrong powder “design”, or wrong dosage of correct design.

    Years ago in downstate Illinois, Buffalo Rock Shooter Supply was destroyed when smokeless powder detonated as a HE. The owners were blown up with their operation. BATF even reported that happened in one of their FFL newsletters, although ATF made sure not to ID the location. I recall it in the local Chicago newspapers as well as the TV news.

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