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5 Replies to “How does Clinton stack up against Trump’s “basket of deplorables” (sic)”

  1. After her collapse yesterday at the 9/11 ceremony, it is clear that Crooked Hillary is never going to make it to the election. At the very least, she will use her illnesses to avoid the debates with Trump. Can you imagine her at the podium in the same room with him? Talk about short circuit- she’d probably have a stroke and we’d be rid of her once and for all. No wonder the depraved Dems are terrified of the Donald.

    Today they are floating trial balloons to try and replace her. Many of us fear there won’t be an election.

    Obama, Soros and the elites can’t allow Trump to be President. Ever. We live in dangerous times.

    • The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for times like these, we are in what I like to call a When in the Course times. We are trying to hold a peaceful revolution because the US government has become an overbearing oppressive dictatorship.

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