Leftism and Islam, the theme of the day. Links 1 on September 11 – 2016

1, The Rebel top ten for the counter-jihad.

Another litany of horror including, but not limited to, 15,000 people being watched in France for terrorism potential.

One wonders what the cost of that might be and what resources are left for dealing with old fashioned crimes.

2. France arrests 15 year old boy for imminent terror attack.

Ok so that makes it 14,999 being watched. At least 3 security people get a weekend off now.

3. Hillary Clinton in the pink as she shows how she can nearly lift 3 security men after a long jog before a 911 memorial.

(Thought it might be kinda fun to try and get ahead of her next batch of lies by making them up myself. Heck lets make it a contest!)

From the other side:

Here you can clearly see her trying to life the car itself and nearly doing it! This isn’t just a fit woman. This is nearly SUPER WOMAN! Of course we all saw how she opened a pre opened pickle jar on TV.

4. PEGIDA Demo in the Netherlands

5. France foiling terror plots ‘daily’ – Prime Minister Manuel Valls

(I hope the French are really good at Whack-A-Mole, as that is a game that you are destined to lose eventually. Better if they play a different game. Cowboys and Muslims maybe.

There will be more soon on some of the demos that took place across Europe including some very creative ones in the Czech republic where a portable toilet was used as the big black cube with the vagina stone in Mecca, and people threw crumpled paper at it. The material for that one is being translated tomorrow.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Kathy, Maria J., C B Sashenka and so many more who sent in materials this weekend. 

The Czech Republic just published a map of all No-Go zones in Europe. The article is in translation now. The map is being looked for.


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4 Replies to “Leftism and Islam, the theme of the day. Links 1 on September 11 – 2016”

  1. 3 – I don’t know what is wrong with Hillary but what ever it is it appears to be serious otherwise they would be telling everyone about it. It is obvious that she is suffering from something that is probably bad enough she should be disqualified from being President.

    At times I thought that her falling spells were her setting up a reason for any trial to be delayed, now I think she has something that is very serious. I don’t know what it is but now we have several more things to worry about:

    1) Will she live until the election?

    2) If elected will she live until the inauguration?

    3) What kind of a President will Tim Kane make?

    4) When someone votes for Hillary are they really voting for Kane?

  2. OK – seems like the speakers at the Dutch PEGIDA rally were arrested for wearing swastikas, the ones on their t-shirts in the bin with IS and ANTIFA.
    Looks like a propaganda exercise – headlines read = PEGIDA leaders arrested for wearing swastikas. Police and media complicit.
    Don’t know about the one dressed up as a mohammedian.

    • Probably something like inciting hate. The videos showing the T shirts will make a lot of people upset and turn them against the government and their media stooges.

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