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  1. FPÖ holds celebration of victory over Ottoman Empire (thelocal, Sep 12, 2016)

    “The political row between Austria and Turkey has stepped up a notch with Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) holding a controversial commemoration event for the 333rd anniversary of Austria’s Battle of Vienna victory over the Ottoman Empire.

    The event was organised to stress the need to defend the “Western world” from invaders.

    On a controversial poster, they wrote: “Abendland Beschutzen Damals Wie Heute (To protect the Western World – in the past as well as today).”

    The event is taking place on 12th September at Vienna’s Palais Ferstl to mark the defeat in September 1683 of 100,000 soldiers from the Ottoman Empire.

    The soldiers had already started to take the Austrian capital Vienna which was defended by only 10,000 Habsburg soldiers when Polish horsemen attacked them from the rear and devastated the Turkish army – which was forced to retreat.

    It marked the end of the Turks’ attempts to expand westwards with a defeat from which the army never recovered.

    The commemoration comes at a delicate time for Austria as the country already finds itself in the middle of a diplomatic row with Turkey.

    The commemoration party includes an opening speech by Vienna’s Vice-Mayor Johann Gudenus and speeches by Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache, as well as historian and university professor Dr Lothar Hobelt.

    After the failed coup attempt in Turkey, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz warned he will stop any move that brings Turkey closer to joining the European Union.

    Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern even went so far as to say: “the membership negotiations are currently no more than fiction.”

    As a result Turkey recalled its ambassador to Austria and accused the country of being supportive of terrorism and a centre of Islamophobia. The two countries’ relations have sharply deteriorated since those events.

    On social media the commemorations by the far-right Freedom Party are being hotly debated, although some netizens seem to be taking it on a much lighter note.

    One netizen wrote: “To celebrate, all Poles, Italians and Germans will be awarded citizenship in Austria.”

    While another said: “Although that might not happen, at least the Polish citizens deserve a free beer,” referring to Polish King John III Sobieski who commanded the Christian army which defended Vienna in 1683.

    The Battle of Vienna took place on 11th-12th September 1683 when the imperial city was besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. The battle was fought by the Habsburg Monarchy, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire against the invading Muslim Ottoman Empire.

    The battle is often seen as a turning point in history, which slowly led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire.”

  2. Vienna swimming pool burkini ban sparks protest (thelocal, Sep 12, 2016)

    “Muslims in Vienna are planning to protest at a swimming pool after being told that burkinis were banned for hygiene and safety reasons.

    The row started when a young Muslim woman was told to leave the ‘Stadthallenbad’ indoor swimming pool in Vienna.

    The young woman, a 23-year-old student, said she was particularly annoyed because she had telephoned before and had been told that burkinis were allowed.

    However when she arrived she and her friend who was also wearing a burkini were told to leave by a swimming pool employee.

    She said: “They said that we could not swim in the pool for hygiene reasons.”

    Management at the swimming pool explained that this was because rules dictate that all swimwear be made of an appropriate fabric, and they said that one of the women was wearing a cotton burkini which was deemed unsuitable.

    Many public pools ban cotton swimwear because it is heavy and can weigh a person down and is therefore dangerous. It also frays, clogging up filter equipment and also there is a greater tendency for cotton items to have also been worn out on the street – increasing the risk of dirt and bacteria getting into the water.

    The woman however said it was racist and has filed complaints at the Austrian Islamic Community and the Anti-Racism Advisory Board ZARA, and said that many of her friends and supporters were now planning to visit the pool dressed in burkinis to protest what happened.”

  3. Obama Calls Attention to Plight of Refugees, Immigrants (moroccoworldnews, Sep 12, 2016)

    “U.S. President Barack Obama used the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha to call attention the plight of refugees and immigrants in the U.S.

    “We are reminded of the millions of refugees around the globe who are spending this sacred holiday separated from their families, unsure of their future, but still hoping for a brighter tomorrow,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

    The administration reached its goal of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees fleeing their country’s civil war. Mr. Obama’s refugee policy was opposed by lawmakers in both parties of Congress and many governors, amid concerns over terrorism.

    Congressional leaders and governors are seeing a steady increase in Muslims entering the U.S. as refugees; mostly from Syria.

    The Obama administration has exceeded its Syrian refugee admission target by 15 percent, with 11,491 resettled in the United States as of the beginning of this week, writes Patrick Goodenough, in

    “Since President Obama’s goal of 10,000 Syrian refugee admissions in FY 2016 was achieved on August 29, the number continues to pick up steadily,” continues Goodenough.

    Goodenough points out that of the 11,491 Syrian refugees, only 54 are Christian.

    Muslim migration to America is now an issue since GOP Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump called for a ban on Muslims from entering the U.S.

    In Trump’s plan, any Muslim entering the U.S. would have to swear an oath to the Constitution and actual deny their religion.

    President Obama has three weeks left of the fiscal calendar to spend funding for the refugees arriving in the U.S.”

    • President Obama Greets Musllim on Occasion of Eid al-Adha (moroccoworldnews, Sep 12, 2016)

      “U.S. President Obama and his wife extending warm wishes to “Muslims across our country and around the world who are celebrating Eid al-Adha.”

      “This special holiday is a time to honor the sacrifice, resolve, and commitment to God demonstrated by Abraham,” remarked Obama.

      “It marks the end of the pilgrimage of Hajj performed each year by millions of Muslims who journey from all corners of the world to Mecca as a testament to their faith. It is also a celebration of the ways faith can transcend any differences or boundaries and unite us under the banners of fellowship and love.”

      President Obama has greeted the Muslim world community from his first days in office…”

  4. 50 wounded in PKK car bomb attack in Turkey’s Van (hurriyetdailynews, Sep 12, 2016)

    “A total of 50 people were wounded on Sept. 12 when outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants staged a car bomb attack targeting a police checkpoint in the eastern province of Van, on the first day of Islam’s holy Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday.

    PKK militants detonated a bomb-laden vehicle parked near a police checkpoint in front of the provincial headquarters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the central Be?yol area at 10:50 a.m., the Van Governor’s Office said in a statement.

    Van Governor ?brahim Ta?yapan announced that 50 people, including four police officers and four Iranian citizens, were wounded in the attack, which was carried out in one of the city’s busiest spots during the Islamic holiday. He also added that two of the wounded were in critical condition.

    The governor also stated that the vehicle, a panel van-type minibus, was probably detonated by remote control ten seconds after it was parked behind the barriers of the checkpoint…”

  5. Indian Muslim leaders urge sensitivity, tolerance for all religions (gulfnews, Sep 12, 2016)

    “Mumbai: The Muslim community in Mumbai has been asked by its leaders to be careful and mindful of Hindu sentiments during the festival of Eid Al Adha which falls on Tuesday.

    The holiday coincides with the 11-day Hindu Ganesh festival.

    The entire city is abuzz with Ganesh pandals, big and small, being visited by thousands of Hindu followers who offer prayers and to experience the religious and festive fervour with their families during this time.

    Muslim community leaders, therefore, are keen to avoid confrontations between the two communities and clerics across Mumbai have been making regular announcements in mosques to tell the people that the feelings of other communities must be kept in mind.

    They have urged people to conduct the sacrifice of goats in covered areas, especially if they live in housing societies where people of other faiths also live…”

  6. German refugee worker hits back at Merkel’s migrant pledge saying ‘we CAN’T do this’ (express, Sep 12, 2016)

    “A GERMAN woman who has spent the last year looking after refugees has lashed out at Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy.

    Katja Schneidt initially embraced Mrs Merkel’s famous rallying call “we can do this” after the Chancellor opened Germany’s doors to Syrian refugees last summer.

    But the 45-year-old has now written a book – titled We Can’t Do This – expressing her anger at the country’s dire integration policy.

    She wrote: “The euphoria at the beginning of the wave of refugees is gone. We are not able to cope with this refugee crisis successfully.”

    In her voluntary role, Ms Schneidt – from the state of Hesse – helped refugees find accommodation and receive medical treatment.

    But she now believes it is impossible to integrate every refugee into the country, which has been rocked by Islamist terror attacks this summer.

    She said: “You cannot expect the refugees to behave in a way that we want them to after an integration course. That is nonsense.

    “Islam is not like Christianity. It is a life model, we can’t argue them away. It is not enough to say that Islam belongs to Germany.”

    According to official figures, nearly 1.1million refugees arrived in Germany in 2015, with a further 300,000 expected this year.

    But Mrs Merkel’s open-door policy has sparked a major backlash in recent months, with her approval rating plummeting to a five-year low.

    The Chancellor recently vowed to deport failed asylum seekers, saying: “The most important thing is deportation, deportation, and again: deportation.”

    The dramatic U-turn came days before the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany (AFD) humiliated Mrs Merkel in an embarassing election loss.

    The AFD beat Mrs Merkel’s CDU party into third place in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, earning 21 per cent of the vote.”

  7. Migrant ‘in rape attempt’ on 12-year-old girl at refugee camp in Bicske, Hungary (express, Sep 12, 2016)

    “A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to rape a 12-year-old girl at a refugee camp in Hungary.

    The 40-year-old Turkish man caught the girl at the camp, dragged off a few of her clothes and tried to rape her.

    She managed to escape barelegged – although authorities suspect the man actually did rape her.

    The police caught the suspect soon after the horrifying incident, which occurred at the town of Bicske.

    The man, who is waiting for the authorities to deal with his asylum petition, is now under arrest and in custody…”

  8. Tourism to be rocked in Bali as Islamic law BANNING alcohol to be introduced (express, Sep 12, 2016)

    “TOURIST hotspot Bali is to ban alcohol under a draconian Islamic laws which would ruin the island’s economy, experts warn.

    The Indonesian island could soon be deserted if a controversial new bill is passed, prohibiting the production, sale and consumption of alcohol.

    If approved in Indonesia, anyone flouting the ban faces 10 years behind bars.

    The move affect all of Indonesia’s 34 provinces, including popular destination Bali, famed for its scenery and nightlife.

    Industry experts have warned that the move would effectively kill the tourist trade…”

  9. Brussels will face ‘CONSEQUENCES’ if EU tramples on result of Hungary referendum (express, Sep 12, 2016)

    “BRUSSELS bigwigs “will face consequences” if they choose to turn a blind eye to the result Hungary’s upcoming anti-migrant referendum.

    Lajos Kosa, head of the country’s governing leading Fidesz party, said the failing bloc must respect the people of Hungary’s decision when they vote in the Brexit-inspired plebiscite even if it overturns

    European Union rules forcing them to take in migrants under EU quota schemes.

    The country’s hard line Prime Minster Viktor Orban has urged his country to say ‘no’ to all migrants after hailing Britain’s momentous decision to break away from the EU as the nation “taking back its island”.

    Hungary has repeatedly clashed with the EU over the migrant crisis with Mr Orban warning that uncontrolled migration is threatening Europe’s cultural identity…”

    • Christians BEFORE Islam: Orban blasts EU over migration and demands ‘SINKING’ of Med boats (express, Sep 12, 2016)

      “EUROPE must help Christians BEFORE Islamic people and sink empty migrant ships to save the Mediterranean, the tough-talking prime minister of Hungary has demanded.

      Hardliner Viktor Orban pulled no punches as he pinned the blame on the “elite” of the failing European Union (EU) for the escalating migrant crisis engulfing the continent.

      The prime minister, who has called a referendum in Hungary over EU migrant quota systems, said the superstate had “collapsed in front of our eyes”.

      A defiant Mr Orban called on the beleaguered bloc to focus on helping Christian people in order to tackle the migrant crisis, which has seen millions of refugees travel through the continent’s open borders.

      He said: “If we really want to help, we should help where the real problem is.

      “We should first help the Christian people before Islamic people.

      “If Europe wants the best for itself, and it really wants to build a united army, it should be able to rule the Mediterranean, and – as the old Roman emperors did – sink the empty, unauthorised ships.”

      The country’s hard line leader has urged Hungary to say ‘no’ to all migrants after hailing Britain’s momentous vote to Leave the EU as the nation “taking back its island”.

      He called for a nationwide referendum after the EU announced its migrant quota plans to resettle 160,000 Syrian refugees among the existing member states.

      Speaking today, Mr Orban said he hoped the anti-immigration Brexit-like vote would “set an example for the rest of Europe”…”

  10. Revealed: Incredible loophole that means 135 war crime suspects are living freely in the UK (dailymail, Sep 12, 2016)

    “Scores of suspected war criminals seeking to live in Britain escaped deportation thanks to a series of blunders.

    Officials failed to throw out 135 individuals accused of appalling crimes in the some of the world’s poorest countries despite blocking their bids for citizenship.

    And the suspects escaped police investigation after officials also failed to refer any of them to Scotland Yard’s specialist war crimes unit.

    Campaigners slammed the Government as they warned the country risks becoming a ‘safe haven’ for war criminals.

    They said it was ‘hard to understand’ how officials could block attempts to remain in the country but not try to deport them or refer their cases to police.

    Last night, the Home Office said it has closed the apparent loophole in its procedures so that suspected war criminals will face further investigation.

    A spokesman said police will be informed about ‘every case where a negative immigration decision’ is taken due allegations of war crimes, genocide or torture.

    The figures highlight concerns that war criminals from around the world are turning to Britain as their ‘retirement home’.

    Hundreds of people involved in bloody conflicts in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia and Sri Lanka, have been able to settle here.

    In many cases human rights laws have meant that the worse their crimes, the more difficult it is to send them home.

    After confessing what they have done, war criminals claim they face inevitable death or torture if they were to be returned home…”

  11. Muslim illegal immigrant father who shot dead his daughter, 7, in ‘spite’ after her Catholic mother renounced Islam was accidentally sent the little girl’s address by her SOLICITORS (dailymail, Sep 12, 2016)

    “An estranged father who shot dead his daughter was barred from seeing the seven-year-old but was accidentally sent her address by her mother’s divorce lawyers, it was revealed today.

    Mary Shipstone, was gunned down as she stood next to her mother Lyndsey on the doorstep of her home in Northiam, near Rye, East Sussex, after she returned from school.

    Mother and daughter had fled Yasser Alromisse and were given new identities because he was violent and he had been stopped from seeing the child.

    Mrs Shipstone had converted to Islam when they married in 2005 – a year after Alromisse entered the UK illegally before claiming asylum – but she later rejected the faith and left her husband, prompting a bitter custody dispute over Mary.

    The seven-year-old had just returned from school and was clutching her new violin when Mr Alromisse killed her…”

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