Authoritative article on how Google may be working with Obama’s CVE narrative

At last, an industry expert has published an article about Google search engine bias, explaining exactly how Google searches are supposed to objectively work, but demonstrating that they are, in fact, functioning with illiberalism.

In this article at Free Speech Defense, the author explains the mechanisms by which Google chooses what to place in its results and in what order it should appear. When these results repeatedly return content or links with high rankings that are inconsistent with Google’s own criteria, it is reasonable to assume that an agenda may be the influence.

More specifically, when each time someone searches for “Jihad” and a link to a website appears in the top three results, when there is no statistical basis for this ranking (it a minor site with little-to-no maintenance), one has to wonder.

And, when said site completely supports the Obama-Clinton line that “Islam is a religion of peace and there are just a few bad Muslims”, when the operators of the site are, themselves, fringe Muslims, then speculation that Google is propagating Obama’s CVE narrative (see Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Burning Down the House) becomes plausible. That narrative being a deliberate distortion of truth at many levels for a political purpose, and one that is clearly detrimental to classical civilization.

Fun fact: Google is the company that visits the White House more than any other, and has visited on average more than once per week since Obama was elected.


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