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9 Replies to “Philippe Karsenty, the man who busted French media for the Al Dura hoax, reveals the next stage of Islamic dress”

  1. I was horrified by the photo of the woman in the muzzle. Having never seen or heard of it before, I googled it. I only came up with a few sites referring to it and they were older posts. But sure enough, they do exist. They were explained as “traditional” face veils usually worn by older women. What was absolutely sickening to me was that each explanation pointed out that women that wear them “are treated with great respect.”
    The reaction I have to that is along the lines, though not quite as severe, as the reaction I had when I first learned of FGM. And we are importing this sub human depravity into our societies?
    This really made my day… I’m going to go take a shower now and try to get it out of my mind. I wish I had never seen that.

  2. I recommend very strongly to anyone who is not aware of who Philipe Karsenty is to google (or even research) the “Al Dura hoax”. This is really from where the spread of the defamation of Israel and the Jews started to spread globally. And the French TV station involved in it is even more powerful today and dictates what the average French people get served as news: they are the BBC on French steroids and all powerful.

    O/T – @ yucki and Richard – saw your lovely “hellos” – thank you, the nurses and surgeon know about you, since I dont stop politically “activisting” even in hospital 😉 Getting better, back soon.

  3. PS: thinking aloud method on:

    Minute 8.40 (approx). This is a perspective which is new to me, but very plausible. He suggests that we were able to defeat Nazism and Communism because they were issue from our own societies. Islam is the enemie that came to us from the outside.

    Hmmmmm…..perhaps we did not defeat Nazism & Communism/Socialism, as they are the enemy on the inside very very very much helping Islam to infect us…

    • The only way to defeat any ideology is to do what the Romans did with the religions that believed in human sacrifice, execute all followers you can find. Even then some will survive and the ideology or theology will survive to mutate and return to threaten whats is currently the dominate civilization.

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