Former Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons from the LA Conference.

Here is a popular video of Admiral Lyons from 2015

Here is a CNN video from yesterday. Its well worth watching in the context of what Ace Lyons had to say in the video from the 21st in LA.

This amazing conference in Los Angeles was organized by The American Freedom Alliance,


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  1. Thanks to our weak willed leaders combined with the treasonous leaders we have allowed our enemies to grow strong, At the moment our enemies are Islam in the form of Iran and ISIS, China and North Korea, Russia isn’t currently our open enemy however they will take advantage of every chance to humiliate and weaken the US. Iran is getting bolder and bolder in pushing for the US to destroy one or more of their navel vessels. We will know when they have decided that the time is right for their end times prophecies to be fulfilled when they don’t back off but instead continue their attack run. I don’t see torpedo tubes on the Iranian crafts but I am sure they have some with the tubes mounted.

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