BLM riots, Muslim doctor in Canada, Dogs limited to own neighborhood in Montreal, more: Links 1 on Aug. 23 – 2016

1, Rebel video showing that the last thing that matters to Black Lives Matter is black lives.

2. Thirty days in jail for a Doctor in Canada convicted of Sexual assault.

Dr. Ismail Taher will be on probation for two years after completing sentence

An Edmonton doctor was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail after being convicted last month of sexually assaulting a nurse at a Medicentre in 2013.

“I am imposing a short jail term because I know it will have a profound effect on Dr. Taher and his family,” provincial court Judge Greg Lepp said in his sentencing remarks Wednesday.

“Dr. Taher has been blessed with all of life’s advantages,” Lepp continued. “He abused his position for selfish, prurient and unwholesome reasons.  He had no excuse. There is no remorse shown here.”

After he completes his jail term, Taher will be on probation for two years, Lepp said. He will be allowed to serve his sentence intermittently on weekends.

Taher received a two-year suspended sentence on a second conviction for common assault against a female manager at another Edmonton Medicentre.

(Really, go over and read the whole article. This is horrifying and there is no excuse for someone who has no remorse and is a repeat offender and the offenses are “not trivial” to get such a light sentence.)

3. There is something mighty suspicious about this story. It feels a lot like the beginning of official Balkanization for muslim areas in Montreal. If this site is searched for category, war on dogs, this most certainly seems to add up to something.

4. Pictured: British boy, eight, who died after a GRENADE was thrown into his bedroom while he was visiting relatives in Sweden

An eight-year-old British boy was killed after a hand grenade was thrown into his bedroom as part of an underworld feud involving members of a Somali crime gang in Sweden.

Yuusuf Warsame, from Birmingham, was sleeping in the apartment in the working class Biskopsgarden in Gothenburg when the explosive was tossed through the window and detonated.

Investigating police believe the house was targeted as part of a feud involving members of the Somali underworld.

His father Abdiwahid Warsame today confirmed his son, who was visiting relatives in Sweden, had died in the attack, which is being treated as a murder.

5. Israel shells Syria after stray mortar crosses into its territory




6. I am deeply sorry to feel this needed posting. I have spent decades defending the US and US foreign policy.

7. Australian politician/activist Kirralie Smith on telling the truth about Islam.

Thank you Shabnam, M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Shabnam, Tania, Oz Rita and all who sent in materials and there is much more to come.


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  1. 2. “I am imposing a short jail term because I know it will have a profound effect on Dr. Taher and his family,… He had no excuse. There is no remorse shown here.”

    Can’t Canadian judges think anymore? A remorsless person will continue unless the full term of the law is thrown back at them – a situations that had just occured before Gregg Lepp.

    • The pattern of a double standard for Muslims in Western nations is too horrible to contemplate for most of us because it would require us to insert the missing puzzle piece to explain it and that explanation would be so awful it would require actual action.
      UK Judges often do not even disguise sharia compliant decisions anymore. Like the man who was let off a speeding charge because he was on his way to see his second wife and he didn’t have much time. Seriously. He was on his way to commit another crime in the UK but the judge let him off because of some unspoken new set of rules that only seem to apply secular democratic laws to, well non-Muslims but perhaps something worse.

      Our systems are also becoming senile. Meaning specifically that they take more resources to operate than value that they produce. Think of a washing machine that costs more to use than the same amount of new clothes.

      And I can’t help wondering if that is malice, or incompetence at this point. It seems there is a warehouse sale on malice these days.

  2. 6. I am deeply sorry to feel this needed posting. I have spent decades defending the US and US foreign policy.

    Under Barack Obama the United States has started acting like Nazi Germany. Yes, yes, I know that’s tiresome of me to say, but it’s true. Why were they OK with Bashar al-Assad and then suddenly not OK with Bashar al-Assad? Who gave the United States the right to attack a sovereign nation simply because of some backroom deal or Memorandum of Understanding that they signed? The Syrian Regime is an island of non-Sunnis living in a sea of the most rabid Sunni Jihadists on the planet. Nobody could be stupid enough to believe that the “moderate rebels” were pro-Western democratic protesters. The Americans are clearly on the side of the Islamic Jihadist, and the whole Middle East knows it. Vladimir knows it. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy agent. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy agent. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy agent.

    In Mein Kampf Hitler talks about the stupidity of the public. It’s pivotal to his world view. Hitler felt that the average person was so stupid that they were incapable of taking in the news and daily events let alone interpreting them correctly, rendering the entire concept of “democracy” invalid. Well, I’m afraid the Fuhrer isn’t the only one who’s come to that conclusion. Consider the fact that over half of the American population thinks that Islamic Jihad is nothing but Republican bullshit, that the Democrats are doing a great job, and that climate change is the real pressing issue of the day.

    • Remember the Founding Fathers set up the US so every male citizen could vote, but they also set it up so the person had to go out of their way to vote. They wanted committed and informed voters. Our major political problems started when the left convinced people to make it easy to register and to vote, this allowed the non committed and low information voters to out vote the people who followed what was happening.

  3. 3 – On the surface this looks like a city getting gready and looking for new ways to make money, but when you look at the incidents of the Moslems showing their war on dogs it becomes something else. Once again look for the pattern and see the picture the pattern paints. This picture is very scary.

  4. 6 – I don’t want top defend the current administrations foreign policy, I think this policy was designed to hurt both the US and Western Civilization. It was caused by letting the far radical left get control of the news media and believing them when they lie about the far left candidates. The leftist in the US and the UK are supporting the rebuilding of the Caliphate and are pushing this to destroy the west so they can create their version of utopia.

    I think they will fail because they fail to understand the depths of faith in most of the fundamentalist Moslems, they are beginning to discover that depth and are trying hard to hide this depth and the atrocities it causes from their followers.

  5. If it’s any consolation, Uncle Vlad has trouble working with these people too.
    He’s not in love with Assad, but the Russian base in Syria is vital to his interests, and he’s determined to keep the Syrian government intact. And, yes, he’s thrilled to throw sand in our face.

    So how’s it going, this deal with Iran?
    Last week Iran gave Russia permission to launch strikes from a base on their territory. A massive advantage: shorter distance, heavier payloads, less warning time for the enemy – who include some of our ‘operatives’ – CIA-trainers? ‘moderate’ jihadis? our own people?

    Russia bragged about it, flaunted it.
    And just like that, Iran revoked permission. Yesterday. Filthy kafirs, imperialists to boot. Popular sentiment was against it.
    A little embarrassing for Uncle Vlad, not someone who forgives even trivial offenses.

    Turns out there are other issues. Russians don’t like the shitte militias – they’re unspeakable, horrible. It’s ok to work with the much depleted Syrian army – many officers even trained in Russia. But the gangs of Iraqi shitte and Iran’s finest, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are beyond unpleasant. Even hardened Russian mercenaries object. So it’s heavy going.

    As an aside, Iran doesn’t approve of Uncle Vlad’s continuing friendship with Israel. Is insulted by it. Yet Russians feel very much at home in Israel. Maybe some of the bomber pilots were overheard speaking Hebrew? [joke]

    The point is, Russia and the West should be allied against these honor-killing, head-chopping, pedophile-worshipping, subhuman inbreds.

    Iran Revokes Russia’s Use of Air Base, Saying Moscow ‘Betrayed Trust’

    • If Hillary hadn’t hamhandedly insulted the Russians when she was Sec of State and Obama didn’t hate them because they are white we probably would be allied to them. One of the things that Hillary is trying to damage Trump with is that he has done business with Russia and made money not enemies. She is trying to say that Putin bought Trump but I doubt if anyone can buy Trump, he is his own man who wants what is best for the US. Will he ally with Russia? Yes if it doing so provides an advantage to the US. Will Hillary ally with Russia? Yes if Putin pays her enough money.

      One of the things we will have to accept to gain that alliance is that Russia has a Navel port at the North of the Persian Gulf and owns the land that is the path (a wide one) to that port. This will mean either Russia controls Georgia and Azerbaijan and the western portion of Iran (which means the Kurds are screwed once again. Or Western Iran is turned over to the Kurds and Russia gets a wide swath from the Caspian Sea to the Gulf. This port is something that Russia has wanted for centuries and will at times be bad for the west. There will be other things we have to allow some will be good for us and some bad but with luck the good and bad will even out.

      • Not looking good for the Kurds of Syria. This back in March:

        Moscow stresses Syrian Kurds should understand Syria is indivisible

        MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. Moscow is explaining in its contacts with Kurds that Syria is an indivisible country that should not be broken into parts, Russia’s presidential envoy on the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told reporters on Friday.

        “Our task is to help Kurds, to find common ground, common approaches. National Syrian interests should prevail over all others,” Bogdanov said. “They should proceed from the fact that Syria should not be broken apart as it will be bad for Syrians themselves,” he added.

        The diplomat noted that Russia maintains good relations and contacts with Kurds. “We maintain good contacts with Kurds. We keep in touch not only with Democratic Union Party and several other parties and organizations,” he said.

        • Boy, that’s a laugh considering that the Russians just grabbed the Crimea away from Ukraine and added it to their country based on a “democratic vote of the citizens of Crimea!” A two-way vote where the Russian government threw in their approval. Ain’t democracy great?

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