Corsica, Turkey, Germany, Russia, France, England, Islam ruining them all pretty much

1, A Corsican speaks about the consequences of having lots of Muslims in the region.

(This gets a bit post modern. It starts out as a great segment on a young Corsican who fully gets the issue and then moves to an old retired separatist who now sells multiculti.)

2. Scottish Gov Report Finds Jews Fear Rising Left-Wing Anti-Semitism

(NEWS FLASH FOR JEWS: Antisemitism has pretty much always been a left wing thing. Look up the word NAZI sometime)

Between the SNP’s hostility to the Jewish State and the growing Muslim presence in Scotland, these results are certainly not surprising. Sad, yes. Surprising, no.

The two-year study, What’s Changed About Being Jewish in Scotland, was commissioned by the Scottish Government and carried out by The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC).

The responses are predictably depressing.

One Jewish man in his 60s, living in Glasgow, said: “When people are murdered just because they shop in a kosher deli in Paris or attend a batmitzvah in Copenhagen, it’s natural for everyone who goes to the equivalent venues in Scotland to think that it could just as easily have been a Glasgow deli or an Edinburgh batmitzvah, and to change their behaviour.

“It’s not paranoid to be fearful when the threat is real.”

The threat is indeed real. And Scotland has already witnessed Muslim terror.

3. On Dec. 2013, Pat Condell did a video on Anjem Choudary, relevant again now that he has been convicted.

4. Video of weapons found in today’s St. Petersburg anti-terror op, which appears to be part of a two-city terror thing in which four terrorist where killed in Russia today. Details here at The Rebel.

5. More on the German leak about Turkish support of Islamic terror

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in links and comments. Its hump day in the counter jihad. Lots of stuff to go through.

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6 Replies to “Corsica, Turkey, Germany, Russia, France, England, Islam ruining them all pretty much”

  1. The Jew Hatred in Scotland is nothing new, there is a strain of it that runs through all European cultures, it can be suppressed for a while but always surfaces and tries to destroy all of the good that has been done. I don’t know when the intelligent people of the world will win this war but part of the damage that we will have to repair is our return to tribalism and the idea of collective guilt.

    We are in for a rough future, one in which we are going to have to work to restore our cultures and the idea of freedom and the rule of law with one law for everyone. I think the multilayered system of justice that the left has created is going to be the hardest thing for us to remove when we work to restore our culture and civilization.

    Please do not trust ANYTHING from DEUTSCHE WELLE (DW). They are, unfortunately, broadcasting globally and have the false reputation of being a DECENT news service. A not very attractive metaphor I can give you in a hurry is: they are the rosy-cheeked whore, healthy looking infected with aids.

    Their “respectable” varnish is thin but works. They lie by manipulation, by ommission and are every bit as anti-semitic as the Al Jazeera/BBC (UK), ABC(OZ), RTL (France) – if more subtly.

    In the video above they do a hatchet job on the Corsican Nationalists (who are not angels by any means) but their willingness to respond with strength (even some violence) is the minimum now needed in France.

    DW (Deutsche Welle) is the islamophile (just look the soft lense they shine on the poor peaceful young muslims in the video) propaganda arm of the likes of Merkel et al.

    As to their “take” on Israel….just have a look and judge for yourself – on twitter, of course, they only put the head line aka ‘Big Bad Israeli Soldiers shoot on poor innocent Palesteeeeeeenians”

    • Thank you for the warning, as a base rule of thumb I consider all LSM sources guilty until proven innocent.

      No the Corsican are not angels but we are long past the time when we could insist on ideological and at times criminal purity in this fight. The Corsican’s are more willing to resort to violence them is currently popular but the rest us of are learning that the need to reassert the tribal bonds is being forced on us by the left and the barbarians they are importing into our nations.

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