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7 Replies to “Intel cooked for Obama and Clinton’s political agenda”

  1. BREITBART – Ten Most Troubling Finds Inside House Probe of Pentagon’s ‘Distorted’ Intel on Islamic State

    Breitbart Jerusalem reviewed the House report and herein presents the ten most troubling finds, in no particular order.


    1 – Top CENTCOM leaders modified intelligence assessments to present an “unduly positive” assessment of combating the Islamic State and training the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).[…]

    The complaint alleges that senior leaders within the CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate and JIC, including the Director of Intelligence and other senior intelligence staff, violated regulations, tradecraft standards, and professional ethics by modifying intelligence assessments to present an unduly positive outlook on CENTCOM efforts to train the ISF and combat ISIL.[…]

    2 – Intelligence analysts declined to be interviewed, possibly out of fear of reprisals from CENTCOM leadership, while the interviews that did take place were under the watchful eyes of DOD officials.[…]

    3 – CENTCOM intel agents operated within a ‘toxic’ leadership environment.[…]

    4 – General Austin’s claim to Congress that IS was in a “defensive crouch” did not reflect the data possessed at the time by CENTCOM senior leaders.

    5 – CENTCOM established an intelligence “fusion center” for IS-related intel, but kept out analysts whose views conflicted with senior intelligence leaders.

    6 – Restrictions were implemented for analysts whose views dissented from the mainstream inside CENTCOM.

    The authority to coordinate was restricted to senior officials only, including to leaders of the Fusion Center. Other special arrangements were also put into place to notify the Director of Intelligence in the event that analysts sought to formally “dissent” from analysis produced elsewhere. […]

    7 – Analysis was minimized in favor of details from coalition forces while intelligence was skewed to be ‘optimistic.’[…]

    8 – Shocking survey results showed analysts believed data was “distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered” by their supervisors.[…]

    Over 50% of analysts responded that CENTCOM procedures, practices, processes, and organizational structures hampered objective analysis, and 40% responded that they had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence in the past year. […]

    9 – Even after whistleblower complaints and the “alarming” internal survey last year, the Pentagon took no steps to correct its allegedly distorted intelligence process.[…]

    10 – Mirroring the Benghazi House Committee’s complaints against the State Department, the Joint Task Force here writes it “did not receive access to all the materials it requested” and details a process of denying information and records.


  2. If the LSM would report on this the Dems wouldn’t win any election this year, they won’t and we will have to work hard to ensure that the Treasonous Left won’t get back into the White House for a long time.

    • The only sure fire way to rid this country is to remove every treasonous bastard Democrat that we can find corruption with. Make the rest of the world find the corruption in their own governments and remove them with full convictions of the laws of the State.

      • I will agree with that, several times I have told Democrats that when the Republicans find a Republican taking bribes they put them in the pen, but that when the Dems find a Dem taking bribes they run them for President.

  3. Here’s the 64,000 dollar question: Why hasn’t Obama been brought up for impeachment?

    If the charges against Obama are true, as they seem to be, it would be a matter of duty for articles of impeachment to be drafted by Congress. Instead, silence. Like Clinton’s flagrant misdeeds, Obama’s are to go uncensured. This suggests that there are many on the take, one way or another, within Congress. Is this the effect of Saudi investment in the United States?

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