Fly Dhimmi Airways to the Heart of Europe!

From Gates of Vienna, an original translation by Ava Lon

From this Polish language website:

Since last year’s flood of “refugees” into Europe, border closures between various countries have all but cut off the flow of migrants into Germany by land. Austria in particular is no longer cooperating with the migratory imperative — it has built fences and installed border controls at the crossings from Slovenia and Italy.

The German government is evidently determined to make Brecht’s sarcastic poem a reality: they are now flying in the migrants secretly, by night. The regime seems bent on abolishing the German people and appointing a new one.

It sounds like something out of a paranoid fantasy, but here’s the story from Kopp Verlag. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Late at night: The federal government is pushing refugee masses through airports

by Markus Mähler

Officially, the refugee crisis in Germany is slowing down: less and less of them are walking on the Balkan route; one sees hardly any special trains or buses. No wonder: Apparently they travel by plane. Neither seen nor known about, one charter flight after another is landing at German airports.

The New Year’s Eve sex mob chased women; migrants turned Cologne into a lawless zone. Thus the refugee celebration mood wore off, even for the most good-natured Germans. Now Merkel’s professionals come secretly. [Allusion to government’s promises that the newcomers would all be highly-trained professionals: doctors, engineers, etc. — translator]

[Please read the rest at Gates of Vienna]


And this goes out to Erdogan. May he enjoy it as much as we enjoy him.


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7 Replies to “Fly Dhimmi Airways to the Heart of Europe!”

  1. The report becomes more believable after you hear Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah film interview with the bureaucrat who was in charge of scheduling vacation trains that go East full and return West empty (in Nazi Germany):
    Google lanzmann walter Stier railway or train

  2. Just when you think things have reached the absolute bottom Merkel and company find a new way to make things worse. This action is so unbelievable that no one would ever write this in a novel or short story because no publisher would buy it.

  3. Some possibilities that the interview brings to light:
    – A system with many “special transport” schedules has a master plan with target population goals.
    – Germans (or anyone) on the ground talk about the transports they see (and hear).
    – Bureaucrats consider their task-related accomplishments more important than responding to rumors.
    – The transports may continue until the cost contrubutes to the fall of the government.

  4. … and rumors require supporting details from multiple sources to be credible! (The details in the GoV post could be describing holiday charter flights, rather than flights for in-coming migrants.)

    • Right.
      I was quick to believe it because history rhymes and I’m attuned to this meter.
      But I agree, this calls for specific, credible documentation.

      • Not my bailiwick, but someone in one of those nearby towns could try booking one of those flights to determine if they are holiday charters. For reasons of efficiency, one might expect hypothetical in-coming migrants to be processed on arrival, which would require more personnel than would group holiday arrivals.

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