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  1. The new Germany? Switzerland struggles to cope with surge of migrants trying new route (express, Aug 9, 2016)

    “SWITZERLAND is struggling to cope as it is fast becoming the route of choice for migrants trying to enter Germany after many Balkan countries have sealed off their borders.

    More refugees are now making their way to Germany from Italy via Switzerland, instead of the traditional route from Greece through the Balkans and Austria which have now become almost impenetrable thanks to borders being fenced off.

    Migrants are also trying to find different routes after Ankara made an agreement with the European Union (EU) to accept migrants back who had made the journey across the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece.

    As Germany remains the western European country of choice after Angela Merkel announced an open-door policy last year, migrants are finding new ways to get into the country.

    And once they are there, they are essentially free to roam across Europe.

    Migrants are now entering Switzerland through the southern Swiss region of Ticino near Italy’s Como and hiking through the country to get to the northern Swiss area of Baden, north west of Zurich before heading into the far south west of Germany, north of Basel.

    Swiss Border guards and German Federal Police have reported a significantly higher number of illegal border crossings along the new route over the past few weeks.

    And preliminary statistics have revealed Swiss border guards discovered 5,760 “illegal residents” in July in the Ticino region.

    A police station in Weil am Rhein, one and a half kilometres into Germany, has become the go-to final destination for migrants, with officers in the 30,000-person town struggling to cope with the numbers.

    Police believe they have been told to head to the building, with many migrants carrying the address on a piece of paper as they drag wheelie bags or backpacks behind them and on their backs…”

  2. Maldives approves defamation law criticised by U.N., U.S (reuters, Aug 10, 2016)

    “The Maldives legalised criminal defamation on Tuesday in a move the opposition said was aimed at stifling dissent in the Indian Ocean archipelago, and which was criticised by the United Nations and the United States.

    Best known as a paradise for wealthy tourists, Maldives has been mired in political unrest since Mohamed Nasheed, its first democratically elected leader, was ousted in disputed circumstances in 2012.

    The law, which President Abdulla Yameen’s administration pushed through despite widespread international criticism, criminalises defamatory speech, remarks, writings and actions that include gestures deemed to be against “any tenet of Islam” in the Muslim-majority country.

    The bill was passed by a 16-vote majority led by Yameen’s ruling Progressive Party of Maldives.

    The United Nations said it was “very worried” about the law.The U.S. State Department issued a statement calling the law a “serious setback for freedom of expression in the country.”

    Those found guilty of breaking the new law will be fined between 50,000 Maldivian rufiya ($3,200) and 2 million rufiya ($130,000) or face a jail term of between three and six months.

    Publications, including websites, found carrying “defamatory” comments could also have their licenses revoked.

    “So basically it’s crippling freedom of expression including on the basis of defamation of religion, national security and social norms,” said Mona Rishmawi, chief of the Rule of Law branch at the U.N. human rights office…”

  3. Exclusive – Turkish military officer seeking asylum in United States: U.S. officials (reuters, Aug 10, 2016)

    “A Turkish military officer on a U.S.-based assignment for NATO is seeking asylum in the United States after being recalled by the Turkish government in the wake of last month’s failed military coup, U.S. officials told Reuters.

    The asylum bid is the first known case involving a Turkish military officer in the United States as Turkey purges military ranks after mutinous soldiers commandeered fighter jets, helicopters and tanks in an unsuccessful attempt to oust President Tayyip Erdogan.

    The case has the potential to further strain ties between the United States and Turkey, which is already demanding Washington hand over a U.S.-based Turkish cleric it alleges was responsible for the failed coup…”

  4. France set to bolster security at holy site Lourdes amid fears of ANOTHER terror attack (express, Aug 10, 2016)

    “FRENCH authorities are ramping up security at Lourdes following fears of an impending terrorist attack.

    A spate of Islamist-inspired attacks across the country have prompted security forces to post at least 250 officers at the famous pilgrimage site as thousands of tourists prepare to travel there for an upcoming Catholic holy day…”

  5. House panel finds US military compelled intel analysts to downplay ISIS threat – report (RT, Aug 10, 2016)

    “US military officials pressured lower-level analysts to downplay threats from Islamic State and Al-Qaeda in an intelligence report, a House Republican task force has found, sources told the Daily Beast.

    Three “officials familiar with the task force’s findings” have told the Beast that the nearly 10-page report is going to confirm last year’s complaints by dozens of intelligence analysts that their reports were changed by CENTCOM higher-ups.

    The accusations prompted the Pentagon’s inspector-general to launch a probe into an alleged cover-up of the US military’s failures in order to paint a more optimistic picture than was warranted by the facts on the ground.

    However, the report that is expected to be released next week contains no evidence that senior Obama administration officials ordered the findings on Islamic State and Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria to be altered, the Beast said.

    “The investigation is ongoing but the report substantiates the claims,” one of the unnamed House Republican task force officials told the news outlet.

    Another official has added that the probe might remain open even after the report on the allegations is revealed.

    The Daily Beast has stressed that despite the findings, the House committee is not capable of directly punishing officials behind the alleged actions, but US Central Command (CENTCOM) may still face consequences from lawmakers…”


    The concept of a guaranteed minimum income is another step toward socialist paradise. It’s a lovely dream until it confronts the harsh reality that it is simply another wealth transfer from those who produce to those who do not. And, to stay on the topic of this site, it will further finance the jihad and hijrah infecting the west by paying muslim soldiers disguised as “refugees” to kill us. It will also support their countless dependents. Finally, lest anyone still holds any illusions about this lunacy, our money is well on its way to becoming worthless. So print away!

    • Yes all of the nations comprising the West are running their printing presses so fast they are melting down. Earlier this week I posted an article about how this was occurring ( The left has worked hard to create this mess so they can take over, they figure that if/when things get bad enough we will let them take over to stop the trouble.

    • Denmark: Asylum seeker arrested after ‘threatening to blow himself up’ at refugee centre

      A man was arrested after reportedly threatening to blow himself up at a refugee centre on Denmark’s second largest island of Funen, Wednesday.

      The suspect, whose name has not yet been released, is allegedly 22 years old and is of Iranian nationality. According to the local authorities, the suspect is staying in a different refugee centre in the town of Faaborg.

  7. WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

    Jim Hoft Aug 9th, 2016 8:15 pm 2508 Comments

    On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

    Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.

    Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

  8. Claremont students refuse to live with whites

    A group of students at the Claremont Colleges in search of a roommate insist that the roommate not be white.

    Student Karé Ureña (PZ ’18) posted on Facebook that non-white students in need of housing arrangements should reach out to either her or two other students with whom she plans to live in an off-campus house. The post states that “POC [people of color] only” will be considered for this living opportunity. “I don’t want to live with any white folks,” Ureña added.

    “This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…” Tweet This

    Dalia Zada (PZ ’18) expressed concerns to the anti-white discrimination. “‘POC only?’ Maybe I’m missing something or misunderstanding your post, but how is that not a racist thing to say?”

    “This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…” responded AJ León (PZ ’18), a member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union.

  9. Shock: Americans’ Wages Dropping Fast in 2016Federal data released Aug. 9 shows that Americans’ wages are dropping again, seven years after President Barack Obama declared the economy had recovered from the property-bubble — and three months before the 2016 election.

    The dramatic drop was buried in an Aug. 9 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which said that officials have radically revised their prior claim that wages grew 4.2 percent in the first quarter, from January to March.

    “Real hourly compensation decreased 0.4 percent after revision, rather than the previously-published increase of 4.2 percent,” the BLS admitted. Compensation also fell another 1.4 percent in the second quarter, from April to June, the BLS admitted in the same report. That’s 2 percent drop in wages since December.

  10. A 62-year-old male was assaulted in a Friendly’s parking lot for wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt, Bloomfield police reported Tuesday.

    The victim was walking on West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield at 5:41 p.m. Wednesday when a male in an older gray compact vehicle questioned him about his shirt of the Republican presidential candidate. The suspect directed profanities at the victim as he continued to follow the victim.

    The suspect followed the victim to the restaurant at 1243 Broad St. The suspect then approached the victim armed with a crowbar. An altercation occurred, with the suspect striking the victim several times, police said.

    The victim sustained injuries to his forearms, hands and thighs. He was treated at the scene.

    The suspect fled prior to police arrival, according to authorities.

  11. The new Germany? Switzerland struggles to cope with surge of migrants trying new route
    SWITZERLAND is struggling to cope as it is fast becoming the route of choice for migrants trying to enter Germany after many Balkan countries have sealed off their borders.

    More refugees are now making their way to Germany from Italy via Switzerland, instead of the traditional route from Greece through the Balkans and Austria which have now become almost impenetrable thanks to borders being fenced off.

    Migrants are also trying to find different routes after Ankara made an agreement with the European Union (EU) to accept migrants back who had made the journey across the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece.

    As Germany remains the western European country of choice after Angela Merkel announced an open-door policy last year, migrants are finding new ways to get into the country.

    And once they are there, they are essentially free to roam across Europe.

  12. Fears of a ‘Calais in Italy’ as migrants keep flooding across the Mediterranean

    Italy fears “another Calais” on its border with France as desperate migrants and refugees are thwarted in their bid to cross the frontier and reach northern Europe.

    Tighter border controls by the French authorities have created a bottleneck around the Italian town of Ventimiglia, just a few miles from the French border.

    The Italians are trying to transfer migrants and refugees to reception centres in other parts of the country in order to prevent the development of ramshackle camps such as the notorious ‘Jungle’ in Calais and the tent village that sprung up earlier this year at Idomeni, along the border between Greece and Macedonia.

    “Our border with France will not become another Calais,” Angelino Alfano, the Italian interior minister, told La Repubblica newspaper.

  13. ‘It’s NOT safe in Germany anymore’ German family flee to Russia to claim asylum
    A GERMAN family has fled their homeland and is seeking asylum in Russia after claiming they are no longer safe in their own country.

    Fleeing over the border in their VW camper van the Griesbach family told Vladimir Putin’s Government they had escaped the ‘German dictatorship’ where they could no longer raise their children.

    Carola Griesbach, 51, and her husband Andre, 45, raced the 2,300 kilometres from northern Germany to Moscow’s Red Square.

    Two of their daughters, Dominique and Julia, along with four of their grandchildren were also crammed into the van.

    However, since arriving on New Year’s Eve in 2015, they have been stranded at a small motel in a forest outside the Russian capital.

    The family have claimed their reasons for leaving the country include mass migration, the ‘early sexualisation’ of children, a lack of democracy and forced immunisation.

  14. Exclusive: Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed South China Sea – sources

    Vietnam has discreetly fortified several of its islands in the disputed South China Sea with new mobile rocket launchers capable of striking China’s runways and military installations across the vital trade route, according to Western officials.

    Diplomats and military officers told Reuters that intelligence shows Hanoi has shipped the launchers from the Vietnamese mainland into position on five bases in the Spratly islands in recent months, a move likely to raise tensions with Beijing.

    The launchers have been hidden from aerial surveillance and they have yet to be armed, but could be made operational with rocket artillery rounds within two or three days, according to the three sources.

    Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry said the information was “inaccurate”, without elaborating.

    Deputy Defence Minister, Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Chi Vinh, told Reuters in Singapore in June that Hanoi had no such launchers or weapons ready in the Spratlys but reserved the right to take any such measures.

  15. ‘We should nationalise German banks’ Warning Deutsche Bank teetering on edge of CRISIS
    A TOP economist has warned that Germany’s biggest bank is teetering on the edge of crisis and they only way to protect it against future shocks is to nationalise it.

    Martin Hellwig said stress tests carried out by the European Central Bank revealed the Deutsche Bank would be left in a precarious position in the event of another financial crisis.

    While it would probably not go bust in a fresh downturn – he predicted the bank which is crucial to the German economy would face serious equity problems.

    He said: “Putting it short: for a long and serious crisis there simply wouldn’t be enough money.”

  16. China’s crackdown on dissent is described as the harshest in decades

    For five days last week, the confessions poured forth from Chinese human rights activists and attorneys rounded up last summer and held incommunicado for a year. Four men, facing trial for subversion, cowered before a court where they were represented by lawyers they didn’t choose.

    A fifth person, knowing her husband was detained and teenage son under surveillance, declared her wrongs in a videotaped interview.

    China is in the midst of what many overseas scholars say is its harshest crackdown on human rights and civil society in decades. Since Xi Jinping came came to power nearly four years ago, hundreds of activists, lawyers, writers, publishers and employees of nongovernmental groups have been rounded up. Many more have been threatened and intimidated. Internet news sites have been ordered to stop publishing reports from sources that aren’t sanctioned by the state.

    Even as China has been touting its efforts to boost the “rule of law,” some critics of the government have vanished under mysterious circumstances in places like Thailand and Hong Kong, only to surface months later in Chinese custody, claiming rather unbelievably they had turned themselves in voluntarily. Many of those detained have appeared on state-run TV confessing to crimes before they have had a day in court.

  17. Germany: Dozens of refugees injured in fire at Witzenhause shelter

    At least 23 refugees were injured when a fire broke out in a community shelter in Witzenhausen, in the north-east of Hesse, with emergency services arriving on the scene on Wednesday morning.

    The case was reported shortly after midnight. Several residents had already been evacuated by locals prior to the arrival of police and firefighters.

      • “Humanitarian ceasefire” –
        So that the Saudis and Qataris {+ their handmaiden, the MB-infiltrated CIA}, can pour in fresh weapons and cash to pay jihadi mercenaries, and hire replacements for those fallen.

        Cool, let ’em kill each other.
        But spare us the hypocrisy – it’s tedious. Putin didn’t behead the kid, he’s not ‘allah-ackbar-ing’ like all our moderate-jihadi allies. He may’ve been red, but he’s certainly not a herring.

  18. Iran-Backed Rebels Use Hospitals as Human Shields

    Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are using hospitals as military command posts, thereby deliberately putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk, according to a new report into Yemen’s long-running civil war.

    Hostilities in the Yemeni conflict resumed at the weekend following the collapse of peace talks in Kuwait. The talks came after Houthi fighters, who are backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, rejected a U.N.-sponsored peace plan and announced the establishment of a 10-member governing body to run the country.

    Within hours of the peace talks ending, the Saudi-led military coalition, which is backed by both the U.S. and Britain, had resumed air strikes against Houthi rebel positions in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a. Initial reports said that at least 21 people, the majority of them civilians, had been killed, including a number of workers in a potato chip factory in Sana’a. In addition, the international airport at Sana’a was shut down by the airstrikes after Saudi coalition officials notified airlines that incoming flights would be barred for 72 hours.

  19. Cost of Obama Regs Higher Than Entire 1967 Budget

    When we talk about why the economy isn’t growing, it helps to look at data points like this. Obama’s regulatory cost alone is higher than the entire 1967 federal budget. And that’s without even noting his spending or some of the more long term effects.

    Since President Obama took office in 2009, the federal government has issued 600 major regulations totaling $743 billion, according to a new study from the conservative American Action Forum.

    The Obama administration issues an average of 81 major rules, those with an economic impact of at least $100 million, on a yearly basis, the study found.

    That’s about one major rule every four to five days, or, as the American Action Forum puts it, one rule for every three days that the federal government is open.

    “It is a $2,294 regulatory imposition on every person in the United States,” wrote Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum, who conducted the study.

    At the current pace of rulemaking, the American Action Forum estimates the Obama administration will issue a total 641 major rules before the president leaves office, bringing the nation’s regulatory bill to $813 billion.

  20. Jewish Student Community Being Shut Out From Fight Against U.K. Campus Anti-Semitism
    No “safe space” for Jews at British universities.

    In the United Kingdom, the Jewish student community is being increasingly shut out of the decision making process concerning identifying and combatting anti-Semitism on university campuses. Recently, the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK approved a motion which guarantees minority groups, including the Jewish community, representation on the Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism (ARAF) committee. The ARAF is the union-commissioned campaign to address racism and anti-Semitism on campus. Problematically, representatives will be elected exclusively by members of the NUS National Executive Committee (NEC), meaning that the Jewish representative to the committee who addresses anti-Semitism on campus will not require the approval of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). The UJS, representative of over 8,500 Jewish students, had traditionally been a major player in determining the Jewish ARAF committee member. Therefore, the decision, while ensuring the Jewish community representation on the committee, excludes it from the election process of the representative.

    Although the amendment to the ARAF motion recommends that the executive committee consult the UJS before electing the Jewish representative, it is equally possible that they will ignore Jewish organizations’ recommendations and elect a representative that upholds their own agenda. So, the crux of the issue is whether the NUS and its executive committee can be trusted to elect a Jewish representative to the ARAF committee that truly represents the Jewish student community and understands the nuances of modern-day anti-Semitism.

  21. Trump Sculpture Set Ablaze on Staten Island lawn

    For the past several years, Staten Island resident Sam Pirozzolo has been putting sculptures on his lawn, as a way of paying respect to causes he believes in. His lawn has featured tributes to police officers, Christmas pageantry, and, last year, a monument to the World Series?bound New York Mets. Fellow Staten Island resident Scott LoBaido, a conservative artist who lives nearby, makes most of them, and they usually don’t attract much negative attention, says Pirozzolo. But in the early hours of Sunday morning, Pirozzolo was awoken by his daughter to see that his newest lawn art had been set ablaze. A gigantic T, emblazoned with the stars and stripes and meant to symbolize his support of Donald J. Trump, had been set on fire.

    “It appeared that it was going out on its own already; it’s not made of flammable stuff,” Pirozzolo told the Voice, in the midst of an election season that has proven to be extremely combustible.

    As an outspoken conservative, Pirozzolo has taken his share of criticism from more liberal neighbors; he’s heard people yelling “Trump sucks” at him. But it had never before risen above the level of verbal jabs. “It looked like a big KKK cross burning on my lawn, just telling me to shut up,” he said. “I’m putting up another T because if I didn’t, I’d be cowering into a corner.” (No one has yet claimed responsibility for the conflagration.)

  22. Solar physicist sees global cooling ahead
    Anthony Watts / 1 day ago August 9, 2016

    Via the GWPF: Recent research by Professor Valentina Zharkova (Northumbria University) and colleagues has shed new light on the inner workings of the Sun. If correct, this new discovery means that future solar cycles and variations in the Sun’s activity can be predicted more accurately.

    The research suggests that the next three solar cycles will see solar activity reduce significantly into the middle of the century, producing conditions similar to those last seen in the 1600s – during the Maunder Minimum. This may have implications for temperatures here on Earth. Future solar cycles will serve as a test of the astrophysicists’ work, but some climate scientists have not welcomed the research and even tried to suppress the new findings.

  23. France Working to De-Radicalize Its Mosques

    France is taking steps to de-radicalize its mosques in the hopes of preventing the radicalization of its Muslim community.

    Since December, the French government, acting under expanded emergency powers, has shut down twenty mosques for preaching Salafism, a strict and highly politicized Sunni interpretation of Islam. Groups such as ISIS adhere to Salafism. About 120 of France’s 2,500 mosques and prayer halls are considered Salafist.

    A little background: the United States’ 9/11 Commission found that Saudi Arabia uses charity and “government funds to spread Wahhabi [a Saudi form of Salafism] beliefs throughout the world, including in mosques and schools.” The technique of spreading Wahhabi-Salafi beliefs by funding mosques and, crucially, those who preach in them, has occurred in places as far-flung as Pakistan, Senegal, and Germany.

    In Belgium, the Saudis remade an Oriental pavilion into the Great Mosque of Brussels. They continue to fund many Belgian clerics whose “radical Salafist teachings came from a very different tradition” from the Islam of the Muslim communities who immigrated to Belgium from Morocco and Turkey. Gulf charity funds likewise radicalized the previously tolerant Muslim community in Kosovo. Both countries are among the largest sources of ISIS fighters in Europe. Belgium has provided more fighters per capita than any other country in Western Europe; Kosovo is the overall second-largest European country of origin, again, per capita.

    The problem is not that foreign charities directly subsidize jihadi activities, but that they promote a highly aggressive ideology with a political agenda, whose followers are more likely to take the next step into violent action. In trying to contain radical Islam, Kosovar authorities have arrested 14 imams and shut down 19 Muslim organizations for acting against the constitution, inciting hatred and recruiting for terrorism. Belgium has arrested militant preacher Fouad Belkacem and threatened to close radical mosques in the Molenbeek district of Brussels.

  24. The British army has admitted it is no match for Russia

    A report leaked to the Times newspaper says that the British army would be “vulnerable” in the battlefield against Russia and that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have a “significant capability edge” in state-on-state warfare.

    The Times revealed the report, which was produced by the British army, on Wednesday. It warns that the UK and its NATO allies are “scrambling to catch up” with Russia, which enjoys significant advantages in pretty much every key aspect of warfare.

    Specifically, the report explains how Russia’s arsenal of weapons — which includes rocket launchers and advanced air-defence systems — are much more powerful than what Britain’s military has at its disposal.

    Even major developments Britain has planned will not match up to Russia’s firepower. A planned £3.5 million ($4.6 million) fleet of lightly armoured vehicles will be “disproportionately vulnerable” to Russian rocket fire in a warfare scenario.

    It is not just physical warfare in which Moscow has a clear edge, the report sa

  25. 300 ISIS Fighters Killed in U.S.-Afghan Operation in Nangarhar: NATO (nbcnews, Aug 10, 2016)

    “An estimated 300 ISIS fighters were killed in a joint Afghan-U.S. operation launched about two weeks ago, NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday.

    Gen. John Nicholson said the offensive in the eastern province of Nangarhar was part of U.S. operations to degrade the capabilities of ISIS wherever it raised its head, whether in Iraq and Syria or in Afghanistan.

    The group, believed to be confined to three or four of the more than 400 districts in Afghanistan, last month claimed responsibility for bombing a demonstration by the Shiite Hazara minority in the capital, Kabul, in which at least 80 people were killed…”

  26. Germany: Burka ban to be proposed in security clampdown (BBC, Aug 10, 2016)

    “Germany’s interior minister will back plans to ban the burka as part of a raft of anti-terror measures, local media say.

    Thomas de Maiziere also proposes deporting criminals more quickly and relaxing doctor confidentiality rules.

    He is due to announce some ideas on Thursday, and back some ideas from ministers in his party next week.

    There have been repeated attacks in German cities recently, some of them related to Islamist terror…”

  27. 13 US soldiers arrested, several people injured after huge brawl in Italian bar (RT, Aug 10, 2016)

    “A huge brawl at a bar in Bassano del Grappa, northern Italy, ended with the arrests of 13 American soldiers and six injuries, while the fight itself involved some 40 people, local media report.
    Four Americans and two Ghanaians were also hospitalized.

    According to local media, police in the province of Vicenza said the fight involved “American military men and a group of men from Africa.”

    Those arrested will all appear before court on Thursday to answer for the fight, which erupted around 3:30am on Sunday morning.

    It is not clear how the bust-up started, but apparently there was an argument, leading to one American soldier being stabbed in the back by a Ghanaian. The brawl allegedly did not start in earnest until a “manhunt” was already underway for the guilty Ghana national.

    The US soldiers were placed under house arrest at the base where they are stationed, but have since been freed, according to newspaper Corriere del Veneto.”

  28. Wave of PKK Attacks in Southeast Turkey Kill at Least 12 (abcnews, Aug 10, 2016)

    “A wave of Kurdish rebel attacks targeting police and soldiers in Turkey’s mainly-Kurdish southeast killed at least 12 people on Wednesday, as Turkey was still dealing with the aftermath of a failed military coup attempt that threatened the government.

    Officials said rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, launched simultaneous bomb attacks targeting police vehicles in the city of Diyarbakir and the town of Kiziltepe, killing eight people, while four soldiers were killed in a separate attack near the border with Iraq hours earlier.

    The attack in Kiziltepe was caused by a roadside bomb that went off as a police bus was passing by. Three people were killed and at least 25 others were wounded there, including at least five children aged between 2 and 5, said an official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government regulations.

    At the same time, a car bomb explosion targeting police in a historic part of the city Diyarbakir killed at least five civilians and wounded 12 others, the Diyarbakir governor’s office said. The explosion occurred at a security checkpoint at a bridge over the Tigris river.

    The attacks came hours after an earlier attack, also blamed on the PKK, killed four soldiers and injured nine others near the border with Iraq. The private Dogan news agency said that attack targeted military vehicles and was carried out with improvised explosives as well as rockets fired from northern Iraq.

    Clashes between the PKK and Turkey’s security forces resumed last year after a tenuous cease-fire collapsed and the PKK has frequently targeted police or military with roadside explosives or car bombs.

    Wednesday’s attacks, however, came as the country is still reeling from a violent coup attempt on July 15 that killed at least 270 people. The government has blamed the failed coup on the supporters of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen and has embarked on a sweeping crackdown on his followers.

    The country is also combating the Islamic State group, whose militants have carried out a series of bloody attacks in Turkey in the past year.

    Earlier this week, PKK commander Cemil Bayik threatened attacks against police in Turkish cities, according to media reports.

    Since hostilities with the PKK resumed last summer, more than 600 Turkish security personnel and thousands of PKK militants have been killed, according to the state-run Anadolu Agency. Human rights groups say hundreds of civilians have also died.

    Turkey and its allies consider the PKK a terror organization.”

  29. ‘Mock attacks’: How France will boost security at schools (thelocal, Aug 10, 2016)

    “Schools around France have been sent a list of guidelines focussing on how to improve security, including teaching children lifesaving skills that will be introduced at the start of term in September.

    The country’s interior and education ministers have put their heads together to come up with a series of measures to boost security in schools with the country on high alert for more terror attacks.

    “The recent attacks and the context of the terrorist threat means heightened vigilance is required,” said a joint statement from Bernard Cazeneuve and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

    The statement highlights the “top priority” given to schools, which were the subject of a particular threat by Isis in December last year.

    Isis’s francophone propaganda magazine Dar al Islam called for Muslim parents to pull their children out of French schools, and to kill teachers who teach French principle of secularism.

    And in January this year several Paris high schools were evacuated due to bomb threats. Although the calls turned out to be hoaxes police were forced to take them seriously.

    From the start of the new term pupils aged 14 upwards will be taught basic life-saving measures and school chiefs will be asked to carry out mock attack exercises and to secure “vulnerable areas”.

    Isolated entrances into schools or exposed areas need to be secured, the ministries warn and schools have asked to identify what works needs to be done.

    “Special attention will be paid to the areas around schools to strengthen the supervision of the streets… and to avoid any congregating that might put the students’ safety in jeopardy.

    As part of the prevention three exercises will be organised during the school year, with the first one to be carried out before November and will cover what to do in the event of an attack…”

  30. U.S. judge approves deal to weaken Texas voter ID law; Wisconsin suspended (reuters, Aug 10, 2016)

    “A U.S. judge on Wednesday approved a deal reached between Texas and civil rights groups to remedy a voter identification law that was found to be discriminatory and in violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act by an appeals court last month, lawyers in the case said.

    Courts in recent weeks have blocked voter ID laws passed by several Republican-led states after civil rights groups argued the measures were discriminatory and prevented poor and minority voters – who typically support Democrats – from casting ballots because they could not obtain authorized ID cards.

    In a separate voter ID decision on Wednesday concerning measures in Wisconsin, a U.S. appeals court suspended a remedy being worked out to weaken that state’s law.

    A federal judge struck down portions of the law last month law and ordered the state to revamp its voter identification rules, finding that they disenfranchised minority voters.

    Texas was ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in July to work out a fix ahead of the November general election to the law that required voters to show government-issued IDs such as a driver’s license, passport or concealed handgun license before casting a ballot.

    An agreement reached between the state and plaintiffs earlier this month was approved by a U.S. district judge, lawyers for plaintiffs said.

    “This is an important victory for voters,” said Myrna Pérez, deputy director of the New York University School of Law Brennan Center’s Democracy Program, which fought against the law.

    Plaintiffs had argued the existing Texas law could exclude as many as 600,000 voters, mostly racial minorities such as Latinos and African-Americans and the impoverished who could not obtain the appropriate identification.

    Supporters of these laws have said they are necessary to prevent voter fraud.

    The agreement is unlikely to affect the Nov. 8 presidential election, given that Texas is traditionally a Republican stronghold.

    Under the deal, a voter whose name appears on the voting roll but who lacks the appropriate ID could cast a ballot after showing an item such as a valid voter registration card or a government document with the voter’s name and address.

    The person would have to sign a declaration swearing that he or she has had a reasonable difficulty that prevented obtaining one of the accepted forms of photo identification.

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, said the state reached the deal due to the court’s time constraints and he planned to appeal the case.

    North Carolina will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to allow a state law requiring voters to show identification to stand, after an appellate court struck it down a week ago, Republican Governor Pat McCrory said last week.”

    • How exactly do legal residents obtain government freebies like food stamps, welfare, medical, and commercial banking checking accounts, credit cards if they allegedly don’t have government ID?

      • This is pointed out by conservatives all the time. The Judges just want to ensure that the Dems keep winning. One of the Liberty Amendments that Mark Levin wants is to change the constitution to require voter ID.


    Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. She moved to New York after high school and never attended college. “I couldn’t see bolting out of bed at 8 a.m. to be ten minutes late for some f***ing [college] class with some f***ing guy who’s just gonna stick it to me again,” she once explained.

    After appearing in a few relatively obscure movies, Roberts in 1989 co-starred in the popular film Steel Magnolias, for which she garnered her first Oscar nomination. She subsequently had starring roles in such box-office hits as Pretty Woman (1990), Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), Dying Young (1991), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Erin Brockovich (2000), America’s Sweethearts (2001), Mona Lisa Smile (2003), and Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), commonly earning as much as $25 million per film.

    Apart from her creative achievements, Roberts boasts that she also has “lots of ideas” about politics and social issues and is “willing to share them.”

    In June 1999, Roberts was one of many celebrities who signed on to Handgun Control, Inc.’s “Open Letter to the National Rifle Association,” demanding the implementation of a number of gun-control measures. Among these were the abolition of “semi-automatic assault weapons” and “ammunition clips holding more than 10 rounds.”

    On September 14, 2000, Roberts served as a celebrity emcee for a New York fundraising gala on behalf of that year’s Democratic presidential ticket, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman. “’Republican’ comes in the dictionary just after ‘reptile’ and just above ‘repugnant,’” the actress told the cheering attendees, adding: “I looked up ‘Democrat.’ It’s ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’”

    In March 2001 Roberts characterized the newly elected U.S. president, George W. Bush, as “embarrassing” to the United States and said, “He’s not my president. He will never be my president.” That same month, when Bush’s twin daughters were implicated for possible underage drinking, Roberts quipped: “We all need to take a deep breath and think about being a Bush daughter and having that cross to bear. I’d go out and have a couple of drinks, too.”

  32. Here is another sign of society breaking down, incest has always been a very forbidden sin and now people are starting to fight to normalize it. This was predicted when Gay Marriage was declared legal but the left said that we were panicking over nothing.)

    STOP JUDGING: Mother Fights for Her ‘Right’ to Have Sex with Her Son

    Remember when those crazy conservatives warned that redefining marriage under the mantra of “love is love” would result in some very unwelcome consequences? Well, a mother in New Mexico is currently fighting the courts and public opinion to have sex with her own teenage son.

    Monica Mares reunited with her son Caleb Peterson 18 years after giving him up for adoption, and just weeks later, the duo claimed to be “madly in love.” Since incest is a fourth degree felony in New Mexico — and illegal in all 50 states — the couple faces trial in September after being charged with the indiscretion on February 25. If convicted, Mares and Peterson could each face 18 months in the slammer.

  33. Canadian terror threat linked to police operation in Ontario town

    The RCMP says a potential terrorist attack on a major Canadian city was thwarted on Wednesday after national security officials intervened in the alleged suicide bomb plot.

    Sources told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that the lone male suspect was linked to ISIS.

    CTV News has confirmed that the RCMP carried out a security operation in Strathroy, Ont., a community about 225 kilometres west of Toronto, in connection with the threat.

    According to an internal government document obtained by CTV News, the suspect – who is described as a Caucasian male in his 20s who speaks perfect English without an accent — allegedly planned to use an IED to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area. The suspect’s alleged plan, according to the document, was to create mass casualties.

    Officials feared that the suspected attack could’ve been carried out on Wednesday during rush hour in a busy location.

    A major RCMP counter-terrorism operation was swiftly carried out on Canadian soil on Wednesday. Security officials were able to locate the suspect and stop him from carrying out the alleged plan.

    The RCMP has not said what city was targeted, where the suspect was found or released any details on the suspect. Security officials say there is no longer a threat to national security.

    The RCMP released a statement saying it received “credible information of a potential terrorist threat” earlier in the day.

    “A suspect was identified and the proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public’s safety,” the statement said.

    “The safety and security of Canadians is of the utmost importance to the RCMP and we take all such threats seriously. As this is still an unfolding matter and that the investigation is still underway, we are not able to provide further comment at this time.”

  34. Judicial Watch president on latest Clinton email dump

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the latest release of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    • DAILY CALLER – Report: Loretta Lynch’s Justice Dept. Declined FBI Request To Investigate Clinton Foundation

      The Department of Justice declined a FBI request to open up a public integrity investigation into the Clinton Foundation, CNN reported on Wednesday.

      According to the news network, the FBI made the request earlier this year, but the DOJ said it did not have enough evidence to open a formal probe. CNN reported:

      The Clinton Foundation was not part of the recent investigation into her private server; it was separate. The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined. The Justice Department had looked into whether it should open a case on the foundation a year prior and found it didn’t have sufficient evidence to do so.

      Opposition to the FBI’s request — if the report is accurate — is likely to raise even more questions about whether the DOJ is acting impartially. Attorney General Loretta Lynch came under fire last month after it was revealed that she met in secret on her government airplane with Bill Clinton in late June.

      The meeting occurred days before the FBI and DOJ were set to interview Hillary Clinton as part of its investigation into whether Clinton or her aides mishandled classified information by using a private email system.

      Lynch has insisted that she did not discuss the investigation with the former president. It has also been reported that the Clinton campaign has considered asking Lynch to remain as attorney general if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

      The CNN report helps settle a question that government officials have largely avoided addressing.

      FBI Director James Comey declined last month to say whether an investigation into the Clinton Foundation was underway.

      Clinton’s campaign spokesman Brian Fallon recently said that there is “no evidence” that the Clinton Foundation is or was under investigation.

      Though the DOJ decided not to pursue a public integrity investigation, new questions about the Clinton Foundation were raised on Tuesday after the watchdog group Judicial Watch released a new set of emails showing that a top adviser for the non-profit asked Clinton’s State Department aides to help out several individuals — including a major Clinton Foundation and a close associate.

      The Clinton Foundation official was Doug Band. He has worked for Bill Clinton for years and now runs the consulting firm Teneo Strategies.

      In an April 25, 2009 email, Band asked Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills to help put Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury in touch with the State Department’s “substance person” on issues related to Lebanon.

      Chagoury, a longtime Clinton donor who was once a close associate of Nigerian dictator Sani Abache, has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. In 2009 he pledged $1 billion to help with a project undertaken by the Clinton Global Initiative, a Clinton Foundation offshoot which Band helped advise.

      “This is very important,” Band said in his request to Mills and Abedin. “He’s key guy there and to us.”

      In another April 2009 email, Band forwarded an email to Mills, Abedin and another Clinton aide, Nora Toiv, entitled “A favor.”

      The individual seemingly asked for a job with the State Department.

      “Important to take care of [redacted],” Band wrote.

      On April 29, 2009, Band emailed the same trio of advisers asking: “Can someone pls call [redacted]? He calls me every day and we owe him some attention.”

      It is unclear who the individual was, but Abedin told Band that she would place the call. Band’s remark that “we owe him some attention” suggests that the functions of the Clinton Foundation overlapped with the State Department.

      Abedin and Toiv later landed a job at Band’s firm, Teneo.

      The Clinton campaign denied to CNN that the Band emails were evidence of collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

      “Neither of these emails involve the secretary or relate to the Foundation’s work,” Clinton campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin told the network. “They are communications between her aides and the President’s personal aide, and indeed the recommendation was for one of the Secretary’s former staffers who was not employed by the Foundation.”

      Notably, Schwerin’s comment does not address Band’s request on behalf of Chagoury, the major Clinton Foundation donor.

    • NYT – Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say

      WASHINGTON — A Russian cyberattack that targeted Democratic politicians was bigger than it first appeared and breached the private email accounts of more than 100 party officials and groups, officials with knowledge of the case said Wednesday.

      The widening scope of the attack has prompted the F.B.I. to broaden its investigation, and agents have begun notifying a long list of Democratic officials that the Russians may have breached their personal accounts.

      The main targets appear to have been the personal email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s campaign officials and party operatives, along with a number of party organizations.

      Officials have acknowledged that the Russian hackers gained access to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is the fund-raising arm for House Democrats, and to the Democratic National Committee, including a D.N.C. voter analytics program used by Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

      But the hack now appears to have extended well beyond those groups, and organizations like the Democratic Governors’ Association may also have been affected, according to Democrats involved in the investigation.

      Democrats say they are bracing for the possibility that another batch of damaging or embarrassing internal material could become public before the November presidential election.

      The attack has already proved politically damaging. On the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last month, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as D.N.C. chairwoman after WikiLeaks released a trove of hacked internal emails showing party officials eager for Mrs. Clinton to win the nomination over Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

      American intelligence agencies have said they have “high confidence” that the attack was the work of Russian intelligence agencies. It has injected a heavy dose of international intrigue into an already chaotic presidential campaign as Democrats have alleged that the Russians are trying to help tilt the election toward the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

      Mr. Trump stunned Democrats and Republicans when he said last month that he hoped Russian intelligence services had successfully hacked Mrs. Clinton’s email, and encouraged them to publish whatever they may have stolen, although he said later that he was being sarcastic.

      Intelligence and law enforcement officials, however, are taking the issue seriously.

      F.B.I. officials briefed staff members of House and Senate Intelligence Committees last week on the investigation into the theft of emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee. Briefings for other congressional committees are expected in the coming days.

      Much of the briefing to the committee staff focused on the fact that American intelligence agencies have virtually no doubt that the Russian government was behind the theft, according to one staff member, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss elements of the confidential briefing.

      The extension of the hack’s scope beyond the D.N.C. and the House Democratic committee added a troubling new element to the case, the staff member said.

      American authorities remain uncertain whether the electronic break-in to the committee’s computer systems was intended as fairly routine cyberespionage or as part of an effort to manipulate the presidential election.

      Russian motives are still an open question, said a federal law enforcement official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

      There is no evidence so far that the theft penetrated the emails of lawmakers or staff members who serve on the Intelligence Committees, two staff members said.

      The F.B.I. says it has no direct evidence that Mrs. Clinton’s private email server was hacked by the Russians or anyone else. But in June, the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said that intruders had tried, and that any successful intruders were probably far too skilled to leave evidence of their intrusion behind. Law enforcement officials said he had the Russians in mind.

      Mrs. Clinton’s aides were concerned about the possibility of an outside breach after a hacker calling himself “Guccifer” got into the email account in 2013 of Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidante of Mrs. Clinton’s who often emailed her on her private server, according to new documents released Wednesday.

      Cheryl D. Mills, a lawyer and adviser for Mrs. Clinton, said she discussed the 2013 hack with the technician who ran Mrs. Clinton’s private server and considered “whether this event might affect Secretary Clinton’s email,” according to a written account Ms. Mills provided to Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that is suing the State Department.

      So far, it does not appear that the Russian hackers sought or gained access to any computer systems used by Mr. Trump, who is known to avoid email, officials said.

      Since news of the D.N.C. hack broke in June, a number of Democratic organizations have been scrubbing their files to determine what internal information might have been compromised. They have also been shoring up their cybersecurity defenses to guard against another attack.

      An official with the D.N.C., speaking on condition of anonymity, said the committee took the threat very seriously, but would not comment on specific security steps taken.

      WikiLeaks, the group that put out the D.N.C. emails publicly last month, interjected itself into the hacking case again this week when it offered a $20,000 reward for information on the shooting death last month of a former D.N.C. staff member, Seth Rich, outside his Washington home. His killing fueled speculation on the internet that he was somehow tied to the hacked emails, but the police have not given any credence to that speculation.

      The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has made it clear that he would like to hurt Mrs. Clinton’s bid for the White House, opposing her candidacy on policy and personal grounds. He has hinted that he has more material about the presidential campaign that he could release.

      • If you dig into the list of mysterious deaths connected to the Clintons you will find a lot of things that don’t add up, my best friend is a retired cop and at times we set down and pick apart the conclusions of accident and suicide on some of the deaths. The suicide and accident conclusion doesn’t doesn’t fit the evidence in most cases. Personally I think some of the deaths are accidents but not all of them.

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