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8 Replies to “One dead 5 injured in stabbing attack in central London”

  1. ‘This morning officers searched an address in north London and will search another in south London.
    Mark Rowley, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, said: “I emphasise that so far we have found no evidence of radicalisation that would suggest the man in our custody is in any way motivated by terrorism.
    “The suspect is a Norwegian national, of Somali origin. I stress though that all the work we have done so far does not suggest that those factors in his background are relevant to the motivation for his actions.”‘

      • UKDailyMail

        * The teenager, a Norwegian of Somali origin who came to Britain aged five, was arrested on suspicion of murder and he spent the night in hospital before being moved to a south London police station.

        * One witness claimed he may have jumped off a moped before slashing at his victims.

        * There are fears that the knife-man operated with an accomplice as the Met refused to rule out arresting more suspects. One witness said he saw ‘a man flee on a motorbike’. Others suggested a gang may have been involved.

        [ ‘mental illness’ must be contagious]

        * Defending his decision to suggest terrorism as a motive earlier today he said: ‘You would expect us in the current climate to consider all possibilities’. / Britain’s top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley said detectives had considered terrorist motive but now stabbings appear to be ‘triggered by mental health issues’. MI5 and MI6 have no record of killer being an extremist

        * A 19-year-old Norwegian of Somali origin, who came to the UK in 2002, has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he stabbed six people in Russell Square at around 10.30pm last night.

        [Pray tell, how does one become characterized as Norwegian-Somali after having resided in the UK 14 of his 19 years of existence on this planet?]


        “Police have refused to rule out other suspects.
        The eyewitness said: “There were two men of Middle Eastern descent acting suspiciously outside the Imperial Hotel.
        “One man made off on a motorbike down the wrong side of the road with the other man heading in a different direction.”…“A Met spokesman told the Daily Star Online they were not aware of anybody fleeing the scene on a motorbike – but that investigations were ongoing.”

        Keystone cops?

  2. The MSM is bending over backwards to ensure that there will be no justice for the poor lady slaughtered on the street for no reason, and for the innumerable future victims these news sources are enabling.

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