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  1. The Left manages terror through Pride, Outrage, and Stonewall. A Preferential guard for the politicians.

    Islam manages terror with Honor, Righteous Indignation and Retribution. A Believing guard for the Imams.

    To keep the peace therefore, the Left claim it only a scratch and Islam the sound of two goat heads butting.

    Populations without spirit or ones without souls.

    The spiritually-blind who cannot see where the wind has come from, are fed the line that the killing of innocents -their friends and neighbors – is no more than accidently choking.

    The soul-blind, who cannot tell who is a boss or not – the righteous or the scoundrel – are fed the line that the killing of innocents is inconsequential.

    Both feel safe because their masters tell them so – while snatching intelligent dissenters in the mayhem – as a way of life.

    Communism, of thieves and bandits, is a religion equal to Muhammad’s.

  2. Take a good look, folks, as their faces swirl down the drain one more final time. You’re not going to be hearing much more of this classic vintage nonsense in the years to come, so cherish it while you can. There’s nothing the poor dears can do now except to mindlessly repeat the mantras they’ve been taught and to wait for the sudden end that they know is coming for them any moment. They know it’s too late to repent. They must know how wrong they are by now after watching their hundredth Muslim beheading or Muslim shooting or Muslim suicide bombing or Muslim truck-slaughtering. They’ve backed the wrong horse and they are waiting only to be suddenly gone…

    • There problem is that their educational system has stifled thought and their side has been hurt more then the side of freedom, they have taught their followers not to think and they can’t come up with any new arguments. They have to keep recycling the same tired, failed thoughts and programs.

      • Yes. And it’s almost comical. Like watching broken dolls crackling out their computerized messages randomly as they spark and smoke and their eyes open and close pointlessly…

  3. By the same logic, you probably are more likely to die from flue than from falling down the roof. Therefore, taking walks on roofs is a good idea…

    There aren’t even more deaths simply because the police and secret services are working 24/7, not because being killed by terrorists is such a rare “natural phenomenon” as they are trying to make it seem; and if the police have failed so many times recently it’s because they are overwhelmed now.
    Besides, even one death caused by 7th century shit believed by some moron is too much. It’s not some natural phenomenon that we should simply accept – this is not a damned jungle.

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