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  1. Islamic State butchers using horrific new ‘flying carpet’ torture device that snaps SPINES (express, July 23, 2016)

    “DEPRAVED death cult Islamic State is using a new torture device dubbed the “flying carpet” to extract confessions from their prisoners.

    The twisted jihadis strap their captives to a metal or wooden board equipped with hinges, allowing the ends to be brought together.

    This bends the spine of the helpless hostage.

    The warped torture method was revealed by covert dissident movement Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently…”

  2. British builder who sold his house to fight ISIS in Syria tells of life on the frontline (express, July 23, 2016)

    “A BRITISH builder who sold his house to travel to Syria and fight Islamic State has revealed what life is like on the frontline.

    Tim Lock, 39, was so sickened by reports of ISIS brutality that he closed down his construction business, sold his house, bought body armour and travelled to the Middle East to kill them himself.

    He fought alongside Kurdish forces and says he feels no remorse about wiping several depraved jihadis off the face of the earth…”

  3. 61 dead, 207 wounded in Kabul attack, Afghanistan public health ministry says – Reuters


    Suicide Bombings at Kabul Demonstration Kill, Injure Scores

    Suicide bombings on a busy street in the capital of Afghanistan on Saturday killed 61 people and injured 207 others, many of whom were taking part in a political demonstration, authorities said.

    The blasts occurred in Dehmazamg Square near the Kabul Zoo on the main road to Parliament, and were likely designed to hit people out on a weekend, Health Ministry spokesperson Ismail Kawosi told NBC News.

    The protesters, mostly ethnic minority Hazaras, were marching to demand that their impoverished home province be included in a major new electricity line, according to The Associated Press.
    Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul suicide attacks -Amaq

    Islamic State claimed responsibility on Saturday for a suicide attack in Kabul targeting members of the country’s Shi’ite Muslim minority, the group’s Amaq news agency reported.

    “Two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi’ites in… the city of Kabul in Afghanistan,” Amaq said in a brief news alert.

    Suicide bombers killed at least 29 people and wounded 142 on Saturday in an attack on a large demonstration by Afghanistan’s Hazara minority, a mainly Shia group estimated to comprise about 9 percent of the population.

  4. Serbia: Exhausted refugees continue 200km journey to Hungarian border by FOOT

    A group of around 150 refugees were seen resting near Indija, Saturday, as they continued their journey towards the Hungarian border by foot.

    The group left Belgrade on Friday and has traveled around 50 km (31 miles) at the time of writing with 150km (93 miles) more to go. However the journey already took its toll; many travellers were suffering from exhaustion and injuries from the long walk, forcing some of the refugees to break their hunger strike, which they entered before leaving the Serbian capital.

  5. France: After the Third Jihadist Attack

    by Guy Millière

    Nice, July 14, 2016: Bastille Day. The evening festivities were ending. As the crowd watching fireworks was beginning to disperse, the driver of a 19-ton truck, zig-zagging, mowed down everyone in his way. Ten minutes and 84 dead persons later, the driver was shot and killed. Dozens were wounded; many will be crippled for life. Dazed survivors wandered the streets of the city for hours.

    French television news anchors quickly said that what happened was almost certainly an “accident,” or when the French authorities started to speak of terrorism, that the driver could just be a madman. When the police disclosed the killer’s name and identity, and that he had been depressed in the past, they suggested that he had acted in a moment of “high anxiety.” They found witnesses who testified that he was “not a devout Muslim” — maybe not a Muslim at all.

    President François Hollande spoke a few hours later and affirmed his determination to “protect the populace.”

    Prime Minister Manuel Valls repeated what he already said 18 months ago: “France is at war.” He named an enemy, “radical Islamism,” but he was quick to add that “radical Islamism” has “nothing to do with Islam.” He then repeated what he emphasized so many times: the French will have to get used to living with “violence and attacks.”

    The public reaction showed that Valls convinced hardly anyone. The French are increasingly tired of attempts to exonerate Islam. They know perfectly well that all Muslims are not guilty. They also know that, nevertheless, all those who committed attacks in France in recent years were Muslims. They do not feel protected by François Hollande. They see that France is attacked with increasing intensity and that radical Islam has declared war, but they do not see France declaring war back. They have no desire to get used to “violence and attacks.” They do not want to be on the losing side and they feel that we are losing.

    • He asks if the Islamists are right that France will fal easily? If the French will fight back it will not fall, the Moslems are only about 10% of the population and that isn’t enough if the rest fight back.

      • It only took 3% of Americans to take up arms for the to win independence…

        So, it really depends on which side is willing to take up arms – that will decide the future of France.

  6. Turkey extends detention without charge to 30 days (BBC, July 23, 2016)

    “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has extended the period in which suspects can be detained without charge to 30 days, an official statement says.

    The statement also ordered the closure of more than 1,000 private schools and more than 1,200 associations.

    It follows last week’s failed coup attempt against Mr Erdogan and the subsequent declaration of a state of emergency…”

  7. The Latest: France, Germany Vow to Work Together on Security (abcnews, July 23, 2016)

    “… Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office says French President Francois Hollande has called the German leader to talk about joint security operations in the wake of the deadly rampage at a Munich mall.

    Merkel’s spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer says the call Saturday reinforced that “in these difficult times, it is good to know that France and Germany, the French and the Germans, stand closely together.”

    She says Merkel and Hollande agreed to “further intensify” the already good work together on security issues…”

  8. 8 Turks Who Fled to Greece Are a Diplomatic ‘Hot Potato’ (abcnews, July 23, 2016)

    “The Turkish military helicopter that landed in the Greek border city of Alexandroupolis just as an attempted coup was being quashed in Turkey has turned into one of the toughest diplomatic challenges to date for Greece’s relatively inexperienced government.

    On board were eight Turkish military personnel — all unarmed helicopter crew members, it later turned out — who issued a mayday signal and were granted permission for an emergency landing.

    The eight immediately surrendered to Greek police. They insist they were not involved in the attempted coup, had been tasked with transporting wounded soldiers and civilians and had fled for their lives after coming under fire from Turkish police.

    Turkey disputes their claim, and has demanded their return to stand trial for alleged participation in the violent attempt to overthrow the government.

    But the eight have applied for political asylum in Greece, saying they would be in danger if returned to Turkey amid President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s widespread purges of the military and civil service in response to the failed coup.

    Greece is now obligated to go through the asylum procedure, which can take weeks…”

    • They have been sheltering among the civilians all along, this is using the civilians as human shields. The ROEs that prohibit any civilian causalities is costing us the war, things have to change if we are to survive.

  9. Germany: Over 1,000 march against Erdogan in Hamburg –

    Over 1,000 protesters took to the streets of Hamburg on Saturday, to take part in a demonstration against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    Kurdish groups, who are in a long-running conflict with Turkey, which has been exacerbated by Erdogan’s hostility to Kurdish rebels in Syria, made up most of the protesters, but were also joined by Turks, Germans and other nationalities.

    Many protesters waved Kurdish flags, and wore traditional Kurdish dress. One protester had a sign pinned to her back which read: “Worse than Hitler.”

    The protest comes just over a week after the failed coup in Turkey, which left nearly 250 people dead, 1,500 injured and nearly 50,000 fired, suspended or detained.

  10. Greece: Clashes in Kastanies as No Borders group try to break police cordon

    Clashes broke out in the Greek town of Kastanies, Saturday, as demonstrators from the pro-refugee group No Border Camp attempted to break a police cordon and reach the border fence.

    Protesters can be seen confronting police in full riot gear, with police using tear gas and stun grenades to beat back the protesters.

  11. Oh boy, what a great idea! Let’s give the Syrian ‘refugees’ access to military materials!!!

    The German military is training more than 100 Syrian migrants for civilian roles suited to helping the eventual reconstruction of their country, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in remarks released ahead of publication on Sunday.

    Von der Leyen told the Frankfurter Allgemeine daily that the pilot program was focused on training migrants in a variety of areas such as technology, medicine and logistics.

    It was not immediately clear if von der Leyen planned to expand the program to include more of the one million migrants who arrived in Germany last year.

    “The idea is that they will go back to Syria one day and help with the reconstruction” of their war-shattered country, von der Leyen told the newspaper.

    She said Germany could also play a role in training Syrian security forces once it had a responsible government.

    Syrian refugees can carry out civilian tasks for the German military, but are not eligible to work as soldiers, she said.


    A faction of South Sudan’s armed opposition said Saturday it had replaced its leader who is also the country’s first vice president, a move which could lead to further turmoil following deadly clashes in the capital this month.

    Riek Machar, who led a rebellion against President Salva Kiir in December 2013 but signed a peace deal last year, is being replaced as Kiir’s deputy with Taban Deng, who acted as the rebels’ chief negotiator during peace talks, said Machar’s chief of staff, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth.

    Taban will serve until Machar returns to the capital, Gatkuoth said. Machar fled Juba this month after Kiir’s forces bombed his house during the clashes that killed hundreds of people. He is now in hiding. Kiir had set a deadline for him to return to Juba by Saturday afternoon

  13. I never thought I would ever utter this phrase: Thank God for Nicaragua!

    Joking aside, this change in migration patterns is a highly relevant datapoint, since under Obama, the US southern border has, for all practical purposes, ceased to function.

    Peñas Blancas (Costa Rica) (AFP) – Europe’s toughened borders are prompting migrants to switch focus to the United States, but their trek is being thwarted in Central America, where a bottleneck has formed, according to the International Organization for Migration.

    In Costa Rica, a makeshift camp has sprung up housing hundreds of Africans and Haitians. Elsewhere in the country smaller numbers of Afghans and Pakistanis are biding their time to head north.

    They are being stalled by Nicaragua, which strictly closed its border eight months ago to migrants without visas, mainly to stop the flow of thousands of US-bound Cubans through its territory.

    But that closed-door policy has also trapped what are called “extra-continental” migrants — those coming from outside Latin America.

    There are an estimated 2,000 such migrants in Costa Rica.

    Their number has increased since March, since the EU did a deal with Turkey to send back migrants trying to reach Europe through Greece and eastern European states built barriers across their borders.

    “We have documented cases of people telling us they chose this route to the United States or Canada because they felt that getting to Europe was too dangerous, that it was too difficult to enter Europe or the conditions in Europe weren’t what they hoped for,” said the IOM’s representative in Costa Rica, Roeland de Wilde.

  14. Even Saudi Arabia realizes which way the wind is blowing:

    Saudi Arabia has promised Russia foreign investments exceeding that from China and influence in the Middle East greater than the Soviet Union’s Cold War-era clout in exchange for Moscow withdrawing its support from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but the Vzglyad newspaper doubts that it will happen.
    Saudi Arabia is rumored to have repeatedly courted Russia in the months after a foreign-sponsored insurgency in Syria turned into a full-blown war. Rumors circulated that in August 2013 Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the then secretary general of the National Security Council and director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, offered President Vladimir Putin an arms deal worth $15 billion in exchange for Moscow abandoning al-Assad.
    On Friday, the oil kingdom’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Politico that Riyadh offered Russia access to the Gulf Cooperation Council market. He also suggested that the country could receive investments exceeding those that come from China.

    • Another consequence of Obama’s attempt to destroy Western Civilization, it will take many decades to restore the trust and alliances that he has destroyed in 7 1/2 years.


    The failed coup in Turkey has come as a god-sent opportunity for Russia to connect the dots. Russian diplomacy will be in top gear in Laos on Monday when Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry sit down to assemble the joint mechanism to fight terrorism in Syria under the ‘Moscow Agreements’, and to transfer synergy thereof to a trilateral meeting of US, Russian and UN officials in Geneva later in the week to kick-start peace talks.

    If ten days shook the world in 1917, as John Reid put it dramatically while narrating the events of the Bolshevik Revolution, a 10-day historic pause similarly promises to shake up the geopolitics of the Middle East.

    Russian President Putin meets with U.S. Secretary of State Kerry in Moscow
    Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, July 14, 2016. REUTERS/Vasily Maximov/Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
    After a ten-day pause, the United States and Russia are set to pick up the threads of the important landmark agreement reached in Moscow during Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin on July 14-15 regarding joint efforts to fight the terrorist groups in Syria and to facilitate the resumption of peace talks in Geneva.

  16. When police are tasked with dealing with a military threat, things are bound to go wrong:

    An Israeli soldier’s court-martial for killing a Palestinian assailant has transfixed the nation

    The court-martial of an Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter in the death of a Palestinian assailant in March has transfixed much of the nation, fueling a wider debate on how to handle a recent wave of violence.

    Israel Defense Forces Sgt. Elor Azaria is on trial for the March 24 fatal shooting of Abdel Fattah Sharif in the West Bank city of Hebron.

    Sharif had participated in a stabbing attack on Israeli troops and was wounded when troops shot at him and another assailant, who was killed, according to officials. Video published by an Israeli human rights watchdog shows Azaria cocking his gun, walking toward Sharif, who was lying on the ground alive, and shooting him in the head.

    Azaria told military police he thought Sharif could reach the knife he had used earlier. He also said he thought Sharif could have been carrying an explosive, Azaria’s lawyers said.

    • Should he have done this? I don’t know, I wasn’t there and I don’t know what the dead man was doing. We need a lot more info on this before me say guilty or innocent.

  17. This is not without context, but comes shortly after accusations of India of having committed war crimes in Kashmir. The propaganda jihad and violent jihad are inseparable.

    Islamabad: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder and Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed announced that the present movement of Kashmir is moving its logical ends and we will not leave our kashmiri brethren alone at this important juncture. He demanded government to cut diplomatic ties with India, send Indian high commissioner back and recall Pakistani Envoy from New Delhi. LeT founder Hafiz Saeed was leading two days “Kashmir Caravan” started Tuesday afternoon with thousands of his followers form Masjid Shuhda (Martyred Mosque) mall road Lahore. The protest was organized in the light of recent unrest and killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani and 40 unarmed civilians by security forces in Indian controlled Kashmir.

  18. Turkish minister chides allies for not visiting after coup (reuters, July 23, 2016)

    “A Turkish minister chided the country’s Western allies on Saturday for not sending any representatives to demonstrate their solidarity with Turks following last weekend’s failed military coup.

    Western leaders have pledged support for Turkish democracy since the July 15 coup attempt but have also expressed concern over the scale of purges against supporters of the coup and of the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Ankara says was behind it.

    “We are very surprised that our allies have not come to Turkey to visit even after one week has passed,” Omur Celik, the minister for European Union affairs, told reporters in Ankara.

    Celik added that NATO needed to collaborate with Turkey, a reference in part to the struggle against Islamic State militants in Turkey’s southern neighbours Syria and Iraq.

    Turkey has the second biggest armed forces in NATO and is also negotiating to join the European Union.”

  19. Spy agencies struggle to spot threats from lone, mentally ill attackers (reuters, July 23, 2016)

    “Recent attacks on civilians in the U.S. and Europe have exposed a gap in the intelligence community’s efforts to track suspected extremists and prevent mass killings, a half dozen American, British and French counterterrorism officials told Reuters.

    The attacks have a common theme of being carried out by actors with an apparent history of mental illness – but few if any direct links to extremist groups, the officials told Reuters.

    From both a legal and a strategic perspective, counterterrorism investigators globally are focused on plots by established violent groups with known ideologies, such as Islamic State. In the U.S., laws designed to protect citizens from intrusive government spying can limit investigations of individuals unless they have provable ties to foreign terror groups.

    Counterterrorism officials told Reuters that the assailants in a recent spate of mass killings all had histories of apparent mental illness. They included the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida; the murder of a British parliamentarian in Northern England; the killings of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas; the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, France; and Friday’s mass shooting at a German shopping mall.

    The counterterrorism officials in the U.S. and Europe spoke on condition they and their organizations remained anonymous…”

  20. German military training 100 Syrian migrants in pilot project (reuters, July 23, 2016)

    “The German military is training more than 100 Syrian migrants for civilian roles suited to helping the eventual reconstruction of their country, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in remarks released ahead of publication on Sunday.

    Von der Leyen told the Frankfurter Allgemeine daily that the pilot program was focused on training migrants in a variety of areas such as technology, medicine and logistics.

    It was not immediately clear if von der Leyen planned to expand the program to include more of the one million migrants who arrived in Germany last year.

    “The idea is that they will go back to Syria one day and help with the reconstruction” of their war-shattered country, von der Leyen told the newspaper.

    She said Germany could also play a role in training Syrian security forces once it had a responsible government…”

  21. Munich shooter was a ‘demented individual with no political motive’ (france24, July 23, 2016)

    “The teenage gunman who killed nine people in a shooting spree in Munich, Germany on Friday was obsessed with mass shootings and had no known links to the Islamic State group, according to city police.

    Police chief Hubertus Andrae told a press conference on Saturday “no evidence” of links to the Islamic State (IS) group has been found in the home and room of the Munich shooting suspect. In addition, he said there was no indication that the man had accomplices. Andrea added that the suspect had been obsessed with articles and a book on police operations ”following attacks by mentally disturbed people”.

    The shooter was a “demented individual with no political motive”, added the Munich prosecutor’s spokesman, Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, during this same press conference…”

  22. Man stabs girlfriend to death (2) (ansa, July 22, 2016)

    “(ANSA) – Novara, July 22 – A Moroccan national was arrested Friday after he stabbed his Italian girlfriend to death during an argument at their home. The victim named as 40-year-old Gisella Purpura made it out of the flat and down to their crowded street in central Novara, but died when emergency services arrived. The couple often fought, neighbors told police.”

  23. As 7th largest immigrants, Pakistanis not eligible for US diversity visa (tribune, July 22, 2016)

    “KARACHI: After forming the seventh largest immigrant population in the United States (US), Pakistanis are no longer eligible for the diversity visa.

    The diversity visa is a special immigration lottery that allowed families from countries with low rates of immigration into the US to qualify for the move. A lot of Pakistani families used this facility to immigrate to the US, leading to an immigrant population of between 700,000 and one million Pakistanis.

    According to the US law, diversity laws are only allowed to counties that have low rates of immigrants, said US consulate in Karachi’s spokesperson Brian Asmus, during a media tour of the Karachi consulate’s visa section on Friday. Pakistan had 104,000 immigrants in the 10 years between 2005 and 2014, he said, explaining why Pakistanis are no longer eligible.

    The state department has only stopped diversity visas and there are a lot of other options, such as petitions, student, visit and exchange programme visas, which come under the non-immigrant category. “One can always apply for immigrant visa if they have immediate family in the US,” explained US consulate’s Non-Immigrant Visa chief Mary Pellegrini…”

  24. Gülen more dangerous than Bin Laden: Turkish EU minister (hurriyet, July 23, 2016)

    “U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, the main suspect behind the bloody July 15 coup attempt, is more dangerous than former al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, Turkish EU minister has said, criticizing the bloc for failing to stand by Turkey during the unrest.

    “The head of the terrorists, Fethullah Gülen is more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden,” he told a news conference ofJuly 23.

    The minister said he was surprised by the lack of visits from senior European Union figures one week on from the attempted coup.

    “We would expect officials of the European Union, European Parliament and European Council to visit Turkey to voice their support for the common democratic values we share by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Turkey.”

    However, Çelik thanked all Turkey’s allies for their messages of support.

    “There is no doubt that the values in danger are the common values of all of us,” Çelik said, adding: “We have enough power to protect our own democracy.”

    Çelik said the aim of the current state of emergency is “to protect democracy, to protect the state of law, to protect the rights and liberties of our citizens and to protect peace in our country.””

  25. In Jan 2015 BBC used Zinki beheaders as poster boys for US-trained “moderate rebels”

    BBC -US to send 400 troops to train Syrian rebels

    The US Department of Defense is to send 400 troops and hundreds of support staff to train moderate rebels against Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

    The US aims to train more than 5,000 rebels annually for three years.

    This covert programme was led by the CIA.

    The latest announcement comes days after senior US officials met Syrian opposition leaders in Istanbul, Turkey.

  26. USA: Hundreds American Muslims rally against IS and Islamophobia

    Several hundred people rallied at the National Mall, outside the US Capitol in Washington DC, Saturday, as part of ‘The American Muslim March on Washington’. The event was organised to protest both against acts of terror committed in the name of Islam and Islamophobia in the US.

  27. France: Hundreds of police deployed as riots continue in Paris suburb

    Some 270 police officers were deployed to Beaumont-sur-Oise, north of Paris, Saturday, as clashes continue following the death of Adama Traore, a young black man who died in police custody earlier this week. Several cars were burnt during the night’s events as locals rioted for the fourth night in a row.

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