UPDATED: Munich attacker was 18 year old German of Iranian background

Transcribed by Egri tom live press conference:

subway was completely halted, because People were reporting alleged attacks from all across town
around 8:30 a male Person was found by the officers
who had committed suicide it seems
taking witnesses, and Video material into account, we assume he was the perpetrator
we do not have hints that more People were involved, at this point
at this Point the perpetrator is an 18 year old German-Iranian from Munich
Police officers had contact to him and shot at him but only obduction will Show if they hit him at that Point, while he was fleeing
10 dead, 16 injured

Many calls came in with hints to alleged Shootings and hostage situations, and that massively disturbed the public. they investigated into all of them but None could be confirmed.
100 People sought shelter at the Police station
Events tomorrow will not be cancelled for security, Police Chef suggests organisers might cancel for piety (not sure if that is the right word in english. Respect for the dead?)
now question time
question: was there a mass Panic at Stachus? (a public place)
answer: allegedly shots were heard, People ran away screaming. This caused the Situation at the Stachus. But investigations did not find a cause there.
question 2: an 18 year old German-Iranian from Munich is the perpetrator? How Long has he been in Munich? And what do you mean he had contact with civil officers?
answer: our investigations have just begun, please take that into consideration.
it seems it started at a fast Food Restaurant, and the Situation continued to evolve in the shoopoing centre, where civil officers met the perpetrator, and fired at him, maybe wounded him
question 3: has the Person been living in Munich for a Long time?
answer: yes
question: what does that mean? longer than two years?
answer: yes
Questions: in the Video there is mention of a “Treatment”

[EDITOR: I believe the video being referred to at the presser is the one below]

answer: we cannot confirm it at this Point, will be subject of investigation
was perpetrator known to Police?
answer: he was not
question: what weapons?
he begun Shooting in the fast Food Restaurant, moved into the Shopping centre, continued the Shooting. the victims are mourned in the Shopping centre
question: Motive?
answer: nothing known at this Point, everyhting under investigatin
question: what weapon?
answer: a pistol, everything else under Investigation at the crime scene
answer: Needs to be investigated and verified
question: so the “Long weapons” was not factual?
answer: we did not find anything like that
question: the backpack?
answer: we did find a backpack
question: weapons insde?
answer: no weapons found inside
a weapon can be reloaded. we will search the crime Scene and then know how often he shot
question: (unintelligible) car?
answer: the car mentioned in the beginning left the crime Scene at high Speed, we clarified it, it had nothing to do with the crime
question: adults, children?
answer: please understand we can not comment on the victims, because we are still finding out their identities and have not broke the News to their families, and before we have done that we wont comment
question: did the perpetrator manage to escape the civil officers?
answer: yes, the colleagues lost his track
and found him again later
question: did he have a german passport
answer: we do not know if he carried a passport at this Point, his clothes are investigated
question: (??) how Long?
answer: in this first Phase we can only confirm it started at 5:15, and at 8:30 the officers found the suspect dead
question: in the Video it seems he yelled he was a German, can you confirm?
answer: we asked the public to send us Video material
: at this Point it is not certain who shouted what, so I cannot confirm and cannot exclude
was he a Student?
answer: I cannot confirm at this point
question: was he from Munich?
answer: yes
question: did the Video on the Roof Show the perpetrator?
answer: at this Point we assume he was the perpetrator
question unintelligible
answer: we have no reason at this Point to assume the public Needs to feel insecure in Connection to this event, but we repeat that there is no absolute security. At this Point we have no evidence there is Need to feel insecure in Connection to this Event.
question: ?
answer: ?
question: what about the FB Posts where a, supposedly fake, Young woman asks Young People to come to mc Donalds at 4 o clock cause she would give out stuff for free
answer: it is part of the investigation
answer continued: our main Focus of the past hours was to make sure there are no further armed perpetrators lose in town
so we still are at the beginning of investigations
question: was the DFE (?) on assignemnt?
answer: no but the GSG 9 was
praise to the colleagues and officers. all other (German) states offered help.
More questions?
question: (?)
answer: we receied quite a few Video Uploads, we provide a dedicated upload. Videos and Pictures are helping us. especially to reconstruct the Course of Events. And we are questioning witnesses. But we understand that a few witnesses do not want to speak tonight, only tomorrow morning.
answer continued: I estimate around 11:30 tomorrow we will give a new update
question: how many emergency calls did you receive?
answer: Have not been counted at this Moment, and I do not engage in guesswork
question: (?)
answer: The perpetrator does have the German and the Iranian Citizenship
question: (Police oficers?)
answer: we do not have Information that officers were immediately injured by the perpetrator
question: where exactly was the perpetrator found?
answer: not at the river Isar.
near the Shopping mall, in a smaller road
did he arrive at the crime Scene in his car?
answer: please understand this is under Investigation
question: do you have any idea where the Young man could have obtained the weapon?
answer: no, at this Moment I do not know where from

question: ?
answer: we have 3 gravely injured in critical condition, and 13 lightly wounded
question: ?
answer: how exactly he proceeded in the mall and in the Restaurant is under Investigation, we are positive we will be able to reconstruct it well, with the help of Video material
question: Motiv?
we will begin investigating in his personal milieu
question: how could he have lethally injured that many People? It seems unusual to me.
answer: it depends on the ability of the shooter
from how far away he shot, how good he aimed
it is a question of distance, of ammunition, and his ability
if you are hit in the leg or the head, you will be gravely injured
question: children?
answer: according to our Information, children are injured. and minors are among the dead.
question: (?)
answer: we still have to confirm the identities of the victims, according to our first insights, among the wounded are children, among the dead youths
question: was the perpetrator a Student?
answer: unknown, we are still looking for relatives, contacts
question: (?)
answer: at this Point we confir it was a Shooting, and wheter it will be seen as Terror or Amok will depend on what we will find. it would be unprofessional at this Moment-
press conference over


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22 Replies to “UPDATED: Munich attacker was 18 year old German of Iranian background”

  1. Munich shooting: Gunman acted alone, say police (BBC, July 23, 2016)

    “A shooting at a Munich shopping centre which left nine people dead was carried out by one gunman who then killed himself, German police have said.

    The motive for the attack, in which 10 people were wounded, is unclear.

    A huge manhunt was launched following reports that up to three gunmen had been involved in the attack at the Olympia centre.

    The body of the suspect was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the shopping centre in the Moosach district.

    German media reported that the man had shot himself in the head…”

    • WrathOfKahn: once again they LIE !!! this vermin was not alone – he had, according to credible witness reports – at least one other guy with him, one in the name of whom he obviously did it, because, as witnesses have said, he shouted his name “allah” (u-akbar) while aiming for children to kill.

      And another thing that truly annoys me: the media increasingly translates “Allah-u-Akbar” as “GOD is the greatest”. Allah is not GOD, Allah is a MUSLIM.
      //end of rant mode.
      My excuse for my even hotter anger today is that I am a native Bavarian.

      • Yes. “Allahu Akbar” means “Allah is greater”, not Greatest or God or real great or anything else. It means my god is better than your God. That’s what it means. It is both offensive and rude, that’s what it is, and we have to work up the nerve to be rude back. To tell them that their religion is inferior and is the sole reason why Muslims are flooding out of the Muslim lands and heading for the West. Islam sucks! Islam is a bad religion that needs to be eradicated immediately if not sooner…

        • @Chris Jones:
          “… we have to work up the nerve to be rude back. To tell them that their religion is inferior and is the sole reason why Muslims are flooding out of the Muslim lands and heading for the West. Islam sucks! Islam is a bad religion that needs to be eradicated immediately if not sooner…”

          Hear Hear ! And “all these Mulsim lands” which were not Muslim lands until they invaded and as they now invade ours, after having destroyed the lands they stole.

  2. So the shias try to distance themselves from the sunnies but they are the same. Really. The Iranians are no better.

  3. ‘Boom boom boom – he’s killing the kids’: Iranian gunman, 18, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ executed children in Munich McDonald’s before killing NINE in mall rampage and turning gun on himself

    A number of people have been killed and another 21 people are injured after gunmen went on a shooting rampage
    Police operation is ongoing in Munich, with the force warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces
    Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Olympia Shopping Centre after hearing gunshots
    Witnesses said that the shopping centre gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting
    Shooter reportedly fled after his shooting spree on the city underground network, which has now been shut down
    His body was found half a mile from the scene. Police believe he acted alone after initially looking for three gunmen
    He has now been identified as an 18-year-old Iranian, who has been living in Munich for more than two years


  4. I suspect that the most fieverish activities are happening behind the scenes with Merkel and her accomplices scrambling to arrange a “lonely wolf, mentally disturbed” announcement.

    An INDIVIDUAL !!! Personally I am sooooooooo irritated at that expression in regard to islamists/muslims: Islam is an organism, it has no individuals only degrees of organs…shiites may be marginally less violent than salafists – ISIS may be extreme but they are not apostates – the cancer is ISLAM !

    And, a brief confession – not to my glory either: The terrorists, but even moreso the political and media manipulators have gotten to me in such a way that (after initially seeing last night it may have been a non-muslim native German, as was widely asserted on social media by whom?…) I feel increasingly “relieved” that, once again the terrorist was a muslim.

    If that ^^^ is too strong, please feel free to delete it, Eeyore!

    • I know exactly how you feel. It the terrorist did happen to be some insane wing white guy like Anders Breivik, the left would hold that up as the example of the norm and say that no one has a monopoly on terrorism, and that right wing Christians are just as bad as Jihadists any day of the week. That’s what the idiots believe, apparently…

  5. And one other thing: these “double nationalities” with islamic background (quite a few of them in the French Government including the Minister for EDUCATION – talk about giving EDUCATION of the French Youth to an Arab Muslim) will never ever be German/French/Belgian/English/Swedish/Canadian/American – how goes the cliché ? “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sau’s ear” ! Clichés have become clichés because there is usually truth in them.

    • Back when common sense was used people understood that you can’t be loyal to two nations, that is why dual citizenship is a modern thing. This is going to be another liberal creation that dies during the war. We are seeing people start to reject the hyphenated nationality and we will see dual citizenship rejected.

      It took roughly 120 years for the left to get us into this mess and it will take about the same time to reverse the damage. This doesn’t mean we should be depressed and stop fighting but it does mean that we should stop expecting an early and easy victory. The left has been promising to fundamentally change society, well they have succeeded and for us to change back to the world thqt Classical Liberalism created will take time and money. It will be done the same way the left changed society, one step at a time.

      • @ Richard,

        ” hyphenated nationality” (I will plagiarise that one ! :))

        Excellent points and I like the optimism (healthy and feel-good optimism) which you include !

      • The LSM (lame stream media) followed the standard leftist line of can’t find the motive and there is nothing to see here.

        • Imagine if, during the Battle of Britain, they went through the same song and dance every time a bomb fell on London. “We don’t know what the motive is at this time but we’re doing everything we can to figure it out. For all we know it’s the Tories who dropped the bomb. Who can say…?”

  6. What I am wondering, how this guy got his weapon. In Germany to get a gun permit (Waffen Besitzkarte) you have to meet certain criterias
    1 a clean police record ( Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis)
    2. pass a test in firearms hanling and safety and the with ownership relatet laws
    3. a valid réason for owning a gun [ member of shooting club (membership at least one year before purchasing first gun )or having a valid hunting licence]
    So he either had to have clean police record, or have contact with criminal or terrorist organisation.

  7. Not a big deal, but the people filming the encounter over the car park’s roof are not speaking Russian, sounds more like Romanian.

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