Munich. Updated as they come in.

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German police in Munich are giving a press statement now live on TV.

They are saying that there are 3 men on the loose with long guns an five dead people so far. Also that one person killed himself while being arrested.

Many injured and it “appears to be terror”

Today is also the fifth anniversary of Anders Breivik’s shooting up of a Norwegian Socialist youth indoctrination center as well.

Central Munich on lockdown

Trump advisor: This is war


Thank you all who sent in materials. M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, many more. I will flesh this out and add links once the chaos subsides.


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9 Replies to “Munich. Updated as they come in.”

  1. We are paying too high a price for the privilege of keeping Muslims in the West. People have tp put up withis ever increasing security measueres that life becomes arel pain. And its not as if Muslims contribute to the West in such a huge way, that we need them. We dont need them.

    Exchange Christians in Islamic countries, before they are all killed, for Muslims over here. Else we are looking forward to a civil war that will make Bosnia look like a garden party. And in the end, millions displaced and heaven only knows how many dead, as in every civil war, winner will take all. It will not be pretty.

  2. The BBC has been spewing out a continuous “Let is not jump to conclusions” propaganda for the last 5 hours.

    They calculate that by the time the facts are in, and the mass murderers were known to be Muslim, they can safley move on to the next news item – how a hijab was pulled, or a Muslim was stared at.

  3. This is a war that all of Western Civilization is involved in, as are the nations of the Far East, unfortunately it will take several more years before we can get enough intelligence national leaders to start fighting this as a war of survival.

  4. The US has a solution to saudi oil. we have more than they do in the US alone. Thrown Canada in and U can see the hurry for muslim conquest from the Saudis. A few
    well placed bangers & there goes the oil infastructure.
    They can’t feed themselves so it is a good idea to be nice to the US & the fleet that has the Persian gulf locked down.
    I think your posts are right on the money PPP.
    As soon as these cells are located they should be taken out brutal force. Word will get around. Something must be done. The next battle in the Gulf & mid east is gonna be a hum dinger ..

    • The next battle in the Gulf & mid east is gonna be a hum dinger ..

      That is a massive understatement, the next campaign in the middle east is going make the invasion of Europe look small, and will last a lot longer then the liberation of Europe. It will be more difficult because we will be doing this with major opposition in our home nations.

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