Police are asking the public to turn in anyone who supported the coup attempt


The police are asking people to report those who support the terrorist act (failed coup) online / on social media for further action, reminding people it’s an offense.



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9 Replies to “Police are asking the public to turn in anyone who supported the coup attempt”

  1. Gosh, this coup is turning out to be a goldmine for Mr. Erdogan. What a happy coincidence. By the time this is over he will be the Emperor for Life of Turkey and nobody will be alive to stop him. The only problem is that Islamic fundamentalist governments don’t work worth a damn. Turkey is about to enter a long, long night of poverty and fear…

      • That they are… The night of the long knives is over. Now it’s time to settle scores. Then it will be time to really get to work on turning turkey into a Sunni version of Iran. Marvelous… Isn’t World War III shaping up splendidly?

    • I read that post, then others that had been sent to Israelis. The writers describe huddling together indoors, listening to the deafening aloha-snack-bars that seemed to be coming from everywhere.

      They’re afraid that early celebratory tweets and messages will get them arrested or beat-up [or both]. Observant members of the community don’t have to worry so much because they don’t text on the Sabbath.

      Bibi hastened to say all the right things so the yahudim stay safe. When the zombies get into these moods, minorities have to keep their heads down.

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