Truck and gun attack in Nice France on Bastille day ongoing:


Which was banned from Twitter and they closed the account of the people hosting it.

This is going to be a sloppy post of links as this is all breaking now.

Eye witness account, gunfire, planned

Truck drove into crowds for miles

Massive Gunfire

Will update THIS post as more is known. Check back in 20 minute intervals

Dozens dead:

More video from scene:

The SUN UK has 60 dead and a hundred or hundreds injured.

France plans to lift the state of emergency July 26th.

(Cause after all, it was a criminal attack. Right?)


Thank you Tasha Car, M., Wrath of Khan, a huge number of people who are sending in links via twitter, SMS and email.

Will add your links later. Meanwhile, the Islamic State celebrates for the moment. 

Last I heard, President Holand and President Barack Obama both agreed to legislate truck control immediately and reduce the use of diesel fuel in both countries. The theory is that diesel fumes make Muslims go crazy.

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10 Replies to “Truck and gun attack in Nice France on Bastille day ongoing:”

    • Because slaughter always drives along the weakest path.

      The West are looking to their women to sort it out.

  1. The Int’l Spectator @intlspectator


    – 80 killed, 100+ wounded
    – Hollande to speak soon
    – Weapons found in truck
    – ID belonging to French-Tunisian found in truck

  2. empty except for flashing lights and a few people walking between those lights. Is this real-time?
    The Promenade des Anglais, where the truck ran over the victims, is one of the most popular seafronts in Europe. It overlooks the Bay of Angels.

  3. Is it possible that this vehicle was customized with armor? This truck came from somewhere!

    For possible technology, see
    The armored car R&D Department at Saint-Gobain Sully contributes to meeting the ever-evolving needs in armored transparencies with a view to optimizing our bullet resistant make-ups and testing them to new threats.

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