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3 Replies to “Message from US State Department.”

  1. Here’s the thing about the lies in such Ivory Tower Pronouncements:

    The morally superior, that is, those people who function according to a Judeo-Christian ethic, have a duty to confront wickedness and lead the morally compromised and intellectually weak among us to higher ground.

    This man says we are to keep our mouths shut about TRUTH.
    This we cannot do. For to cover truth with lies (and what is silence but a lie?) is to PARTAKE in the lie itself and speed-on the progress of evil.

    And we will be declared foolish and, more recently, “bigots.”
    Who cares? We all know that such calumny is born of either ignorance or relentless suppression and intimidation. We will not be intimidated.

  2. I wonder how any of these lying Democrat Quislings can look at themselves in the mirror every morning. I realize they have wives and children at home to support and have no choice but to be team players, but I can only hope that at least a few of them have the decency to despise themselves. There’s no way that they don’t know that everything they are saying is a lie. God, this administration lies a lot. Really!

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