What is “Black Lives matters”?

This leader of police says that BLM are a radical hate group.

This is of course true. But it is an insufficient part of the truth.

Black Lives Matters, like J street, a dozen feminist groups and another dozen identity groups ranging from black, Muslim, (and perhaps Muslim especially) feminist groups, Jewish and other demographic groups who claim status as minorities, be it through genetics like black people or behavior like cross dressing and homosexuals and so on are:

– mostly George Soros funded battering rams against classical civilization on behalf of a collective of Marxist and Islamic groups, who usurp the moral authority of the perception of injustice, real or imagined, of said groups in order to be more effective at destroying a classical liberal society run by more or less free market principles.

None of these groups actually care about the demographic component they actually claim to represent. All of them are false fronts for Marxist and Islamic attacks on civilization.

Once this is understood, there is no more seeming contradictions.

It becomes obvious why feminist groups do not object to sharia law or Islamic horror to women. Or even for that matter, in traditional Chinese or African societies.

Or why there are gay groups for Palestine and against Israel.

None of these are odd or contradictory once you understand that the groups they represent are not gay groups, women’s groups or black groups but are usurpers for communism, often run by and for the benefit of Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas.

It is very important to understand this, as our reluctance to fight back is nearly all based on the deliberately caused misperception that BLM is about black people and somehow a reaction to both the very real and the imputed injustices to American blacks. Same with J Street and the Holocaust or faux-feminist groups.

Remember the words of the Muslim convert, professional assassin, Carlos the Jackal:

“Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.”


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  1. The idea of a life sacrifice for atonement is Hebrew culture, and it was initially vitally serious in sacrificing your firstborn, a human being, to then just plain silly with doves in the Temple in Jesus’s lifetime, to today’s released batch of boiler-chickens.

    Transposing onto the dead Jesus as the spotless and eternal sacrifice for the removal of sins, was marketing genius. Returning to the original gravitas but now at every meeting was out with the bread and wine. It made the new boy on the block, John the Baptist, with his baptism of the repentance of sin and soul-searching to separate from pride, with his disciples going out in pairs, obsolete. If only you Believe – you are saved. The Social Justice Warriors took over and replaced the original People of The Way.

    This has happened to Feminism, Civil Rights, Homosexual Therapy, and any cry for freedom and liberation turned into a faith of Believers. Ask a Russian Peasant about those that came after with their new university-subject degrees and a separation of deviners and Proletariat.

    Rome used these early Christian SJWs to bloody stamp out all dissent and rule an empire for the elite.

    Why change what works.

    • The debt that we owe is going to cause the US to have a massive economic crash, but the debt that the various European nations are having hte same effect on them. The question is who will crash first?

      Old saying: If you owe someone $10,000 and can’t pay you have a problem, if you owe someone $10,000,000 and can’t pay they have a problem..

    • The massive debt is one of the tools the left has been using to destroy western civilization, things are very bad but I don’t think the left is going to win. At least not in the US, We have been buying and stockpiling weapons and ammo since Obama took office, most people are ready for the chaos the left is starting to create.

  2. Perspective on “racist” FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, a secret police force that wiped out the KKK:

    […] Nothing gets the Left in a lather about Hoover more than his 1960s domestic counterintelligence program, the notorious COINTELPRO, which was employed against dissidents, activists and terrorists from the Weather Underground to the Black Panthers. To this day, COINTELPRO is castigated as illegitimate and undemocratic by left-of-center commentators.

    However, the Left doesn’t seem to mind that COINTELPRO was incredibly successful at breaking the back of the Ku Klux Klan. By the early 1970s, thanks to aggressive FBI operations, including ample dirty tricks, the KKK was a spent force, its ranks filled with informers—all due to Hoover. Inconveniently for the Left, the FBI initiated COINTELPRO against the Klan, a secret program it termed WHITE HATE, in 1964—three years before it started its BLACK HATE program that targeted the Black Panthers and related groups.

    J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI Wouldn’t Have Punted EmailGate

    • No he wouldn’t have punted on Hillary or on Bills giving and selling US national security secrets to China when he was President.

      • OT-
        Dear Rita,
        My patience ran out at 0:20, First, you have to win.
        __’Now, Bibi, repeat that 100 times in front a mirror.’

        One can defend ‘mowing the grass’ periodically instead of making the commitment to eradicate the noxious weeds utterly and completely, once and for all.

        Fair enough, smart people make sound arguments for alternative strategies and tactics. But Bibi is saying one thing, doing another. Depends on the audience, the language, the weather.

        I’m bloody sick and tired of it. Bibi is becoming the hypocrite decried unfairly for years by his enemies. Living DOWN to the expectations of his political enemies. His father is spinning in his grave.
        I’ve done the unthinkable, dirty linen in public and disloyal to a person I adore. G-d forgive me.

        But, Rita, I know where your heart is, by your devotion you’re blood-kin. So I must disabuse you of your instinctive trust in the Bibi I know and will always love. It’s painful, but being misled can be far worse.

        Ten years ago – almost to the day – I went to Washington as the Second Lebanon War raged. I was only one of many, of course, trying to sort through that ghastly mess together with a friendly administration.

        It was a horrible, horrible time, that war. But compared with today, it seems almost clean and pure. We were the Good Guys: American Christians and Jews, Israelis (including Bibi) trustworthy; and we were all on the same side. More or less. Or so it seemed.

        I’m hoping Bibi rights himself. Israel is too tiny, always too precarious for its C-in-C to coast. Very scary times.

      • Hoover was a semi-classical liberal with flaws, he didn’t want big government but was willing to violate the law and the Constitution to protect the US.

        He was the first director of the FBI and served from 1935 until 1972 when he died. He maintained his position through so many Presidents by 2 methods, 1) he had detailed files documenting all of the things politicians had done to get elected. 2) If the President had enough political power Hoover would break the law for them. He took the FBI files of the Democrat opponents of LBJ to the White House so LBJ would have something to read before he went to sleep. As Yucki said he destroyed the KKK and opposed the internment of the American born Japanese, he went so far as to refuse to allow any FBI agent to be involved in the arrests of the Japanese. He also infiltrated many leftist groups and provided info for the House UnAmerican activity Committee in the late 1940s (this stopped the left from taking over Hollywood until the 1970s after his death) and to Senator McCarthy in the 1950s. He tried to keep the FBI out of the fight against orginized crime because he saw little chance for good headlines in that war. He did manage to get a different Federal Police unti formed (the DEA) to fight against drugs because he said there was so much money some of the agents would take bribes.He insisted that when tthe FBI was working an active kidnapping the safety of the victims had top priority and during his time as Director there were only two kidnappings that were not solved. His orders were that those cases were to be kept open until there was no chance the kidnappers were still alive. There were reports that he was Homosexual but the only believable report came out after the supposed witness was dead and his widow said that if her husband had seen Hoover in a dress as reported he would have published that fact since he hated Hoover. He was a publicity hound who wanted to be the only FBI person in the papers but insisted that his people remain free of political influence. when he took over the FBI it was staffed by political appointes who were corrupt and inept.

        He was a human with human flaws, he was both good and bad as we all are and when the left is no longer in control of the educational establishment honest historians will say that on balance the good outweighed the bad. If you look up his bio on line you will find a lot of leftist hate in all that I have seen.

  3. @Eeyore:

    Your analysis of “BlackLivesMatter” is just about the clearest, most logical and credible explanation I have read on the matter, I will send it on widely !

    *Sounds of Pennies Dropping*

  4. How much more do some of us need to realise that Obama – among other rather dark things – is at the very least the Race-Baiter-In-Chief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Vlad,
    I have been monitoring BLM on twitter and make the following claims:
    # a lot of the organisers are mohammedians.
    # a lot of the white supporters are communists.
    # many criminals are attracted by the violence against police.
    # the obama administration has given the group increasing amounts of impunity to commit crime. (just imagine what police response a counter jihad protest blocking the highway would receive – some of us were arrested for just putting a sign on an overpass)
    # all this is a manifestation of the obama everything but America policy.
    # this is a 5th columnist movement.

    PS Looks like a “Kill the Boer” campaign too.

    • That’s why it reminds me of the days when the Soviets had their big spoon stirring up “domestic unrest” everywhere. Destabilizing the world, just because…

      • Look at all of the 60s radicals that are helping advise Obama and the groups like BLM, they are out to destroy the west so they can take over. Buckle the seat belt because the ride is gong to get a lot bumpier in the future.

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