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  1. Arrests of illegal immigrants in London has risen with six people now detained EVERY day (expess, July 7, 2016)

    “ARRESTS of illegal immigrants in London have risen by nearly eight per cent since 2013.

    In 2013, a total of 1,985 people were arrested in the capital on suspicion of entering the UK illegally.

    This rose to 2,091 in 2014 and then again to 2,134 last year – an average of six people arrested every day.

    Already this year, in the three-and-a-half months from January 1 until April 15 there have been 624 people arrested on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant in London.

    The statistics, revealed in a Freedom of Information request to the Met Police, also showed that 431 people have been arrested for assisting illegal entry into the UK since 2013…”

  2. Bangladesh Blast, Gunbattle Leave 2 Dead During Eid Prayers (abcnews, July 7, 2016)

    “Islamic extremists in Bangladesh hurled homemade bombs and engaged in a gunbattle with police guarding a large Eid prayer at the end of the holy Muslim month Thursday morning. One officer and one suspected militant were killed, while several others were injured, officials said.

    At least one of the bombs exploded during the prayer attended by hundreds of thousands of people at the sprawling Sholakia grounds the district of Kishoreganj, about 90 kilometers (60 miles) north of the capital of Dhaka. The grounds hold the largest open-air gatherings for the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

    After the blast, police fired on the attackers and killed one of them, Assistant Superintendent Tofazzal Hossain said. The country’s information minister said the target of the attack was the police convoy patrolling the religious gathering.

    Up to nine police constables were injured in the attack, Minister Hasanul Haq Inu told Indian broadcaster CNN-News 18…”

  3. Germany: ‘No means no’ – New rape law unanimously passed by parliament

    German parliamentarians unanimously voted in favor of strengthening a so-called ‘rape law,’ in Berlin’s Bundestag, Thursday.

    Under the new law, a verbal refusal by victims is the only precondition to file a criminal complaint, if it is not followed by the harasser. Additionally, the law treats ‘sexual assaults,’ ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘offences by groups’ separately, allowing the respective cases to be treated more accurately.

    SOT, Claudia Roth, Vice-President of the Parliament (German): I ask for the ones who want to approve the law draft, please to show your hands”

    SOT, Claudia Roth, Vice-President of the Parliament (German): “Total votes 601. With yes voted 601”

    SOT, Claudia Roth, Vice President of the Bundestag (German): “Article 1, numbers 6 to 8 of the draft law in its final version is accepted and accepted unanimously.”

  4. Asad Shah killing: Man admits Glasgow shopkeeper murder (BBC, July 7, 2016)

    “A 32-year-old man has admitted murdering a Glasgow shopkeeper in a religiously motivated attack.

    Tanveer Ahmed, from Bradford in Yorkshire, attacked Asad Shah outside his store in the Shawlands area on 24 March. Mr Shah later died in hospital.

    The 40-year-old was stabbed after publishing hundreds of videos about his spiritual beliefs online.

    Mr Shah was an Ahmadiyya, a group known for its peaceful interfaith concerns. Ahmed said he had “disrespected” Islam.

    He pled guilty to the murder at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow. Sentence was deferred until 9 August and Ahmed was remanded in custody…”

  5. Hospital evacuated as twin blast engulfs building in flames (express, July 7, 2016)

    “A HOSPITAL has been forced to be evacuated after two huge explosions ripped through a building badly damaging it.

    The blaze has engulfed a building in Annonay, in the Ardèche department of southern France, after two blasts rocked the town.

    Thick acrid smoke can be seen pouring out of the burning building after the fire began on Thursday afternoon.

    Officials confirmed the building caught fire after two gas cylinders exploded.

    Emergency crews raced to the scene and remain there in a bid to quell the flames. ..”

  6. Ghana Eid party stampede ‘kills nine’ in Kumasi (BBC, July 7, 2016)

    “Nine people have died in Ghana’s second city, Kumasi, following a stampede at a party to mark the end of Ramadan, a local official has said.

    The injured were taken to a nearby hospital and one person is in a critical condition, Joy FM reports.

    There are conflicting reports of the cause of Wednesday night’s stampede.

    One eyewitness is quoted as saying that a power cut caused panic and the crush occurred as people rushed to leave the venue…”

  7. Bangladesh attack kills four near huge Eid gathering (BBC, July 7, 2016)

    “Militants have attacked police guarding the largest Eid gathering in Bangladesh, throwing homemade bombs and launching a gun attack.

    About 300,000 people had gathered for Eid prayers at the Sholakia field in Kishoreganj district when the attack on a security checkpoint began.

    Police say four people, including two officers and one attacker, were killed…”

  8. Labour peer attacked in ‘chemical and biological WARFARE’ as Parliament put on lockdown (express, July 7, 2016)

    “A LABOUR peer was showered with an unknown white powder while opening a ‘racist’ letter at parliament sparking fears of a chemical attack.

    Lord Ahmed said he got the powder all over his shirt and shoes after opening a letter addressed to him.

    After raising the alarm he was told security was treating it as “chemical or biological warfare”.

    The House of Lords was put into lockdown and Lord Ahmed told to stay exactly where he was while security experts carried out a sweep of the building…”

  9. German officials spend £100K on private jet to take just THREE asylum seekers home (express, July 7, 2016)

    “GERMAN officials have come under fire for spending £106,000 – to bring just three asylum seekers home using a lush private jet.

    The officials used the money to hire the lavish aircraft and pay the salaries of 13 police officers, who accompanied the trio of migrants back home to Guinea in West Africa.

    They defended spending the huge amount, saying they were forced to book the private jet due to ongoing criticism about the slow pace of asylum application rejections.

    The flight, which took place on March 3, was privately hired for the three men – two of whom were convicted criminals, while the other used violence to prevent himself being deported.

    A charter flight to the same destination would have cost just £340 per person, although the local interior ministry claimed the dangerous men would not have been allowed on a normal flight.

    This is not the first time German officials have splashed the cash to bring asylum seekers home. In January, the North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) state spent £16,400 to jet a single man to Bulgaria.

    In March, two Turkish men were accompanied home on a private flight at a cost of £18,900…”

  10. Calais migrants stage deadly AMBUSHES and hurl bricks at truckers (express, July 7, 2016)

    “MIGRANTS have ambushed lorry drivers and held them at knifepoint in Calais raising fears the violence will escalate this summer.

    The Freight Transport Association warns it expects to see another summer of violence and disruption as desperate migrants attempt to reach the UK.

    One haulier has blamed migrants at Calais for setting a trap which caused his truck to crash with the damage bill estimated to be £100,000.

    Allan Campbell has been sending lorries to France every day for the last 19 years.

    But the haulier, who runs A.L. Campbell Haulage in Carstairs, South Lanarkshire, said his drivers now face frequent ambushes by migrants trying to get to the UK.

    He said: “Basically they are burning bales of straw and having fires lit on the dual carriageway.”

    In the latest incident at the weekend, one of Allan’s lorries collided with another lorry being driven by a Lithuanian haulier who was caught in such a trap…”

  11. Did EU chief confirm aliens EXIST? Juncker ‘speaks of BREXIT to leaders of other planets’ (express, video, July 7, 2016)

    “ALIEN conspiracy theorists were sent into overdrive after European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker appeared to say he had “heard from the leaders of other planets”.

    Clips of the EU big wig speaking in a Brexit debate are going viral online, after he was heard to say aliens were worried about the looming Brexit by the UK from the union.

    He said, translated from French: “You need to know that those who observe us from afar are worried.

    “I have have seen, listened and heard many leaders of other planets and they are very worried because they wonder about the course the EU will follow.

    “So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from afar.”

    It was apparently nothing more than a slip of the tongue, as even some alien conspiracy websites have pointed out.

    Mr Juncker meant to say “many leaders of our planet” rather than “leaders of other planets” it is claimed….”

  12. Kids Will ‘Torture and Kill for ISIS,’ German Intel Chief Warns (nbcnews, July 7, 2016)

    “Teenagers are being turned into “weapons” by ISIS, triggering fears that they could slip back to the West to launch attacks.

    The head of the Germany’s domestic intelligence service said authorities there had identified children aged as young as 13 who have left for ISIS territory or who are “prepared to stage attacks” in the country.

    Some have been brought to Iraq and Syria by their parents where they have been brainwashed while others are being radicalized online, Hans-Georg Maassen told NBC News.

    “When you know how ISIS treats children … then you have to assume that you are dealing with people who are willing to unconditionally torture and kill for ISIS,” said Maassen, who is in charge of Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)…”

  13. SAUDI ARABIA – Terrorist named, arrests made in Madinah, Qatif blasts

    JEDDAH: The attacker who was prevented from killing worshipers at the Prophet’s Mosque has been named by authorities.

    The Interior Ministry said the 26-year-old Naer Muslim Nujeidi Al-Bluwi was responsible for Monday’s attack that martyred four security officials.

    The brave soldiers who stopped Al-Bluwi, were named as Abdul Majid bin Abdullah Oudah Al-Harbi, Abdul Rahman bin Naji Salim Al-Jahani, Hani bin Salem Salim Al-Subhi and Mohammed bin Mo’atad Hilal Al-Mowalad.

    Nineteen people have also been arrested for the foiled attacks outside the Prophet’s Mosque and a mosque in Qatif, according to authorities.

    The Interior Ministry have said that seven of those being held are Saudi citizens and 12 others are Pakistani expats.

    12 of 19 people arrested over Monday’s three bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia are Pakistani, says interior ministry

  14. IMF sets $5.3 billion program for Iraq (france24, July 7, 2017)

    “The IMF announced a $5.34 billion program for Iraq on Thursday to help strengthen the country’s finances, hit by the crash in oil prices and the fight against the Islamic State group.

    The International Monetary Fund said the three-year loan will see $634 million immediately allocated to Baghdad, which needs the money to stabilize its balance of payments and ensure it can keep up with its debt obligations.

    It will also focus on maintaining the peg of the Iraqi currency to the US dollar, while slowly removing exchange restrictions.

    The program will involve fiscal consolidation moves aimed at cutting inefficient capital expenditure and at the same time protecting social spending, the IMF said.

    It said Iraq’s economy had contracted by 2.4 percent last year despite a 13 percent increase in oil production. The non-oil economy contracted 19 percent, it said, “as a result of the conflict with ISIS (Islamic State) and the ongoing fiscal consolidation.”

    The IMF added that the money under the new program will also support measures to protect the poor, strengthen financial management, and fight corruption.

    “The Iraqi economy has been hit hard by the double shock arising from the ISIS attacks and the sharp drop in global oil prices,” said Deputy Managing Director Min Zhu.

    Other targets of program reforms will be implementation of measures against money laundering and terror financing, the IMF said.”

  15. Report says 60 children sexually abused daily in Morocco (ansamed, July 7, 2016)

    “(ANSAmed) – RABAT – A group of NGOs working in the area of children’s rights presented a report in Paris this week showing that just under 60 children are sexually abused in Morocco on average each day.

    Data from the report has been making the rounds of Arab-language dailies this week.

    The figures were compiled from cases of abuse reported either in the news or by families of the victims, and the report also estimates unreported cases.

    Morocco’s problem with pedophilia came under scrutiny last November when a group of mostly Moroccan NGOs that make up the Coalition Against the Sexual Abuse of Children (COCASSE) reported that in 2015 there were 935 cases of sexual abuse of children, 55% of which were perpetrated by family members, with the majority of victims – 635, or nearly 70% – young boys.

    Those figures continued an upward trend from 768 cases of sexual abuse against children in 2013 and 850 cases in 2014.

    The report said that sexual tourism is also part of the problem, with destinations such as Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira and Tangier.

    Morocco’s criminal law regarding sexual abuse against minors was recently revised to make any type of abuse against children, even non-sexual abuse, a crime.(ANSAmed).”

  16. Migrant children in Italy need education says UNICEF (ansamed, July 7, 2016)

    “(ANSAmed) – Rome – Justin Forsyth, deputy executive director for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) visited several migrant reception centres in Sicily and Lampedusa on Wednesday, and told ANSA that children migrants need more than just food and shelter but also an education.

    “The institutions, the municipalities and the people that we’ve met today have shown a great commitment in helping these children,” Forsyth told ANSA by phone.

    “UNICEF has great respect for the Italian government and the people working in the reception system. But there is a need for more centres for children and more education,” he said.

    Forsyth was visiting centres in Italy following a recent agreement between UNICEF and the Italian government for monitoring reception conditions and quality of life of children migrants and refugees and for monitoring activities to support integration and social inclusion.

    He and his delegation visited with children aged 11-17 in migrant reception centres in Palermo, Trabia, and Lampedusa, including a center for young women victims of abuse and a centre for unaccompanied minors.

    “We’ve met with children who escaped troubled countries like Nigeria and Eritrea,” Forsyth said.

    “These children crossed the desert, lived horrible experiences – they were raped, they were treated like slaves,” he said.

    “Their lives were in danger and now they’re asking our help to try to survive. But they don’t need just food and a bed, they need to rebuild their future through education and integration”.

    Forsyth said Italy needs the support of other EU countries in order to make that happen.”

  17. Turkish Foreign Ministry calls French genocide denial bill a risk to freedom of expression (hurriyet, July 7, 2016)

    “The Turkish Foreign Ministry has cautioned that a French bill criminalizing the denial of “genocide,” unanimously passed by the lower house of the French parliament on July 1, had the potential to unlawfully limit freedom of expression, while a former diplomat has claimed the bill was related to the “personal interests” of French politicians…”

  18. Ryan Formally Requests Hillary Be Denied Classified Briefings

    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper requesting Hillary Clinton be denied classified information and briefings she would receive as the Democratic nominee for president, ABC News is reporting.

    “There is no legal requirement for your to provide Secretary Clinton with classified information, and it would send the wrong signal to all those charged with safeguarding our nation’s secrets if you choose to provide her access to this information despite the FBI’s findings,” Ryan wrote in a letter to Clapper obtained by ABC News. “I firmly believe this is necessary to reassure the public that our nation’s secrets are secure.”

  19. Former FBI Director Reveals Agents’ TRUE Feelings About Not Indiciting Hillary

    The political world was rocked on Tuesday when FBI director James Comey announced that the agency would not be recommending that presumed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton be indicted for using a private email server when she served as secretary of state.

    Many Republicans, and quite a few Democrats, were upset over this decision. Ronald T. Hosko, a former assistant FBI director, stated that many FBI agents were going to be very upset about this ruling as well.

    Hosko stated that many agents would be frustrated because they would view it as nothing less than Clinton getting away with breaking the law — again.

  20. Boeing’s Agreement With Iran Comes Under Congressional Scrutiny (bloomberg, July 7, 2016)

    “Boeing Co.’s historic agreement to provide 109 aircraft to Iran’s national airline is coming under increasing pressure from lawmakers in Washington.

    “I am extremely concerned that by relaxing the rules, the Obama administration has allowed U.S. companies to be complicit in weaponizing the Iranian regime,” Republican Representative Bill Huizenga of Michigan said Thursday at a hearing of a House Financial Services subcommittee.

    The deal announced in June with Iran Air would be the biggest business transaction between the U.S. and Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the U.S. hostage crisis. It’s part of the Islamic Republic’s return to global markets under the agreement with world powers that eased economic sanctions in return for Iran curbing its nuclear program.

    Iran Air has agreed to buy 80 planes for a list price of $17.6 billion, said Tim Neale, a spokesman for Chicago-based Boeing. Iran will lease another 29 planes with Boeing’s support. It follows a $27 billion, 118-plane order to Europe’s Airbus Group SE in January. Iran has inked more than $50 billion in aircraft investments to upgrade its aged fleet…”

  21. Hungry Venezuelan women rush past border control in search of groceries

    Dozens of Venezuelans rushed across the Colombian border looking for food

    The border has been shut since August, but hunger is causing anxiety

    John Kerry congratulated Venezuela on its independence day
    1 of 4
    Across Venezuela, cities are erupting in protests and looting over food shortages. Nicholas Casey, The New York Times’s Andes bureau chief, and the photographer Meridith Kohut provide a view from the ground. The New York Times

    By Jim Wyss

    Order Reprint of this Story

    BOGOTA, Colombia

    Dozens of Venezuelan women broke through a barricade along the Venezuelan-Colombian border on Tuesday with one goal in mind: finding food.

    Local media in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta, estimated that more than 100 people — mostly women — defied Venezuela’s border patrol and swarmed the frontier to do their shopping.

    Inflation and falling oil prices have led to dramatic food shortages in Venezuela, and the border state of Táchira has been particularly hard-hit. In recent weeks, there have been widespread reports of looting and food riots.

    “We decided to cross the border because there’s no food in our homes and our children are hungry,” one unnamed woman told Cúcuta’s La Opinion newspaper.

    Mujeres venezolanas cruzan la #Frontera y se abastecen de alimentos en supermercardos de Cúcuta #5J
    — Pemex TV (@TvPemex) July 5, 2016

    Venezuela unilaterally shut down its 1,274-mile border with Colombia beginning in August of last year, saying that its subsidized goods were being smuggled out. At the time, Colombian border towns were full of Venezuelan products, including rice, flour, and cheaper-than-water gasoline.

    The open defiance of Venezuela’s military comes as the country is in a deep economic, social, and political crisis.
    Independence Day

    On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Independence Day, President Nicolás Maduro led a military rally and suggested the country is being targeted by foreign powers and their allies in Venezuela’s opposition.

    He said the current socialist administration was “the most beautiful constructed in the last 205 years”and warned those trying to topple it that “sooner rather than later we’ll see our final victory.”

    Despite the clear jabs at the United States, the two nations have been inching toward rapprochement in recent weeks.
    U.S. Message

    “My government recognizes that the past year has been an extremely difficult one for the Venezuelan people,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrote in a letter marking Venezuela’s independence. “You face many economic challenges that have led to political divisions and severe hardships.”

    “In the year ahead, I look forward to working with you and with your leaders to build upon the cooperation and friendship that has guided our relationship through most of the past two centuries,” he added.

    The day before, on July 4th, Maduro said he was open to restoring diplomatic ties with the U.S. based on respect. The two nations haven’t had ambassadors since 2010, and previous attempts at rapprochement have fallen short.

    The women shoppers also seemed to be tuned into the Independence Day spirit. In a video posted by La Opinión, the women are singing the Venezuelan national anthem as they wait to cross the border again, this time with full bags.

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