Dutch government wants travel ban on ‘right wingers who believe in border controls’

The following article is an original translation by SIMONXML with much thanks.

It came to us by way of Tatjana Festerling’s Facebook page which has her comments which I will append below the article. Readers of VladTepesBlog may remember the main subject of this article to be the man arrested in the Netherlands for wearing a hat that looks kinda like a pig at a demonstration in the Netherlands.

from this Dutch language website 

Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) wants a travel ban on Dutch Pegida leader who hunts refugees in Bulgaria.

Edwin Wagensveld was out with pro-Russian ,Bulgarian militia and former Pegida leader Tatjana Festerling.

The Dutch Pegida leader, Edwin Wagensveld, hunts refugees in Bulgaria, revealed the German Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper at the beginning of this month. The PvdA now wants to know from Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk (PvdA) – replaced at the moment by Stef Blok (VVD) due to heart problems – whether he can impose a ban on Wagensveld.

In the picture with pro-Russian Bulgarian militia

Photos of Wagensveld appeared on Facebook appeared at the end of June with former Pegida leader, wife Tatjana Festerling. With them were masked men who, in their own words, were “voluntarily, unarmed and completely legally” helping the Bulgarian border police and tracking down “illegal invaders” on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The masked men belong, according to the German newspaper, to a pro-Russian Bulgarian militia.

PvdA wants travel ban

The Dutch Labour Party believes that the surveillance of the external borders of the European Union is not a matter for private Dutch individuals. The Social Democrats want to know whether Wagensveld has done anything for which he can be prosecuted,

“Is participating in a self-appointed private army criminal?” In addition, the Labour Party wonders whether it is possible “to impose a travel ban on right-wing extremists who supposedly want to get involved in border control”.

Festerling had to step down as leader of Pegida Germany last month after she made statements about the shooting of refugees and picking up pitchforks against the German government. Wagensveld is the leader of Pegida Netherlands and at the beginning of this year gained some notoriety because he was arrested for wearing a hat in the form of a pig’s head.

Here is the video of his arrest last winter for wearing the hat

Tatjana’s FB post:

Now Dutch politicians from the left are completly going crazy: The Dutch Labour Party PvdA is demanding a ban on leaving the country for Edwin Wagensveld by Minister of Internal Affairs. Reason is: he travelled with me to the Bulgarian border in order to inform ourselves about the Bulgarian voluntary border patrols and their work, experiences and impressions directly from the entrance gate for islamic invaders – in terms of political correctness called “refugees” – from Turkey to Europe. After arresting him for wearing a pig-hat, this is the second great comedy-show the Dutch politicians delivers to the world. Or is it the fact, that the stream of these holy “refugees” are opium smugglers? This is one FACT that we found on our patrol, a backpack with approximately 500 gram of raw-opium. The truth is unwelcome in Europe these days. Western Europe is an open-air psychiatric ward.

[It is curious indeed that all European nations seem to put a lot less effort into stopping people from going overseas to join jihadi groups in the business of terrorism and committing acts of genocide. But protecting yourself from these groups?

Thank you Tania for sending these materials and SIMONXML for the translation of the Dutch.]


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  1. Is right of ALL people to form defensive militias. As Peter Brimelow of Vdare.com calls them, a “Treason Lobby” is currently at work in the West to intentionally disable the populace from defending themselves. These anti-defense politicians are no different from Vichy and Quislings, and the quicker they are brought down, the faster the nations can work to repel the Auslander invasion force.

  2. Video ‘shows ISIS fighters laughing and joking while a woman is heard screaming as she is being raped nearby’

    Video captured on phone of dead terrorist who was slayed in Shirqat, Iraq
    ISIS fighter sits playing with friend’s underwear who is busy raping woman
    Two fat men laugh and joke on the sofa while wailing can be heard nearby
    Man jokes about stealing friend’s clothes after he had asked for his slave


  3. Sofian Zakkout’s intense hatred of Israel has led him to apply the same bigotry towards Jews in general. Last month, under one of his postings on social media calling for the destruction of Israel, Zakkout showed his approval of a cartoon inviting a Muslim wielding a rifle to murder a Jew that was in his vicinity. This month and hereafter, Zakkout must be shunned from society, if not be called to account for incitement to commit violence.

    Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout is the founder and President of the Miami, Florida-based American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA). Both Zakkout and his group regularly attack Israel on the internet and, once in a while, hold rallies to do the same. One AMANA rally in particular, held in July 2014 outside the Israeli Consulate in Downtown Miami, featured rally goers repeatedly shouting “We are Hamas” and “Let’s go Hamas.”


  4. Jihadists are “weaponizing political correctness” and tricking us, former Defense Dept official warns


    Despite the devastation being wrought throughout the globe by Islamic jihadists, and the accelerated threat to the West since the emergence of the Islamic State, Western leaders continue to minimize this threat, believe jihadist propaganda, and adhere to political correctness.

    Jihadists were slaughtering long before the Islamic State appeared, but the Islamic State’s zeal for conquest and destruction have taken the savagery to new levels, particularly with the persuasiveness of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is well-grounded in Islamic theology and law, and wields them to stir fanaticism and militancy among his following.

    Baghdadi — who has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies — is all the more dangerous particularly given the traditional rigidity of Islam, as Muslim scholars, leaders, mullahs and clerics are the only respected sources to interpret the immutable decrees of Islamic texts. Baghdadi is also well versed in the strategies of the more stealthy Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. http://www.timesofisrael.com/dashcam-captures-attempted-palestinian-stabbing-attack/

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    The dashcam footage recorded by a driver passing shows a young woman in a hijab approach the soldiers with a knife behind her back. As she raises the blade above her head, the soldiers back away with their weapons drawn.

    The woman continues to walk towards them with the knife drawn for several meters before she is shot in the abdomen by the soldiers.

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