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  1. CNN -Gary Johnson slams Trump’s Muslim TSA remark

    Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson slams Trump’s recent comments on Muslim TSA workers.

  2. Let’s follow the reasonong here:

    1. Erdogan wants to give each and every ‘refugee’ (read illegal migrant) in Turkey full Tukish citizenship

    2. Turkey enters the EU, as these negotiations are nearing completion.

    3. EU has free and unrestricted movement of member stats’ citizens, permitting them to settle anywhere in the EU and automatically receive welfare.

    End well, this will not…

  3. Video: CAIR-Missouri Says Candidate’s ‘ISIS Hunting Permit’ [ widely popular ] Bumper Stickers Endanger Muslims

  4. Controlled explosion on suspicious vehicle outside Stade de France before France and Iceland Euro 2016 quarter-final

    Fans reported hearing a loud bang while arriving for this evening’s France v. Iceland match

    A controlled explosion has been carried out at a stadium in France ahead of a Euro 2016 match.

    Fans have reported hearing a bang while arriving for this evening’s France v Iceland match at the Stade de France shortly before 5pm. Fans are currently being refused entry to the venue while investigations are on-going.

  5. Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law’s doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece

    Hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky had friends in high places when he bet big on a Greek economic recovery, but even the keen interest of his mother-in-law, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wasn’t enough to spare him and his investors from financial tragedy.

    In 2012, Mezvinski, the husband of Chelsea Clinton, created a $325 million basket of offshore funds under the Eaglevale Partners banner through a special arrangement with investment bank Goldman Sachs. The funds have lost tens of millions of dollars predicting that bailouts of the Greek banking system would pump up the value of the country’s distressed bonds. One fund, exclusively dedicated to Greek debt, suffered near-total losses.

  6. Facebook responded Sunday to allegations made by the Israeli government that the site has been “sabotaging” police efforts to prevent Palestinian violence.

    A day prior, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan accused Facebook of not cooperating with Israeli inquiries about potential suspects in the occupied West Bank, and of “set(ting) a very high bar for removing inciteful content and posts.”

    The accusation followed a 10-month surge in Palestinian street attacks, some of which were inspired by content on the social network, the Israeli government says.

  7. Mauritania arrests nine anti-slavery activists
    Mauritanian authorities have arrested nine anti-slavery activists and accused them of starting a riot in which several police officers were injured and a bus was burned, activist leaders said on Sunday.

    The arrests were an attempt to use the riot in Nouakchott to discredit the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) movement, its coordinator Issa Ould Aliyine told a news conference.

    “From the first hours of the riots, and even without knowing their cause or the details, an order was given to government media to start a campaign to link the IRA with the violence,” he said.

  8. Hamas has called on Palestinian youths to take revenge against Israel.

    In a press release, the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group called for the “youth” of the West Bank to take revenge against Israelis for “crimes against our elders” through “resistance in all its forms,” including terrorism, the Times of Israel reported.

    Hamas added that Israel would pay a “heavy price” for its crimes during Ramadan, which has always been the “month of jihad and resistance.”

  9. Mildly interesting – especially if you are willing to evaluate Ghandi’s life based on facts, not the myth:

    Indian birthplace of George Orwell under threat from Mahatma Gandhi supporters demanding a new compound to celebrate independence movement by demolishing novelist’s first home

  10. Now Ruthless Putin to send Russia’s largest warship to Syria to finally annihilate ISIS (express, July 4, 2016)

    “VLADIMIR Putin is sending a warship packed with fighter jets to Syria in a bid to wipe out the Islamic State for good.

    The merciless Kremlin leader is dispatching the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier – along with 30 deadly jets and attack helicopters – to the war-ravaged region in a bid to wipe the death cult off the face of the earth.

    Moscow’s decision came in the wake of ISIS’ latest terrorist atrocities in Bangladesh, which saw 20 hostages murdered in a restaurant in the capital Dhaka and 125 shoppers killed by a car bomb in Baghdad, Iraq.

    The 55,000 tonne vessel will be deployed in Middle Eastern waters from October until January, according to Russian military sources.

    Putin’s warship is expected to arrive in the Mediterranean this Autumn, where it will link up with land-based Russian forces already deployed in the region…”

    • Once again the myth of winning a war with air power alone surfaces, it has never happened and will never happen. Bombing alone can make a nation rubble but it will not destroy the will to resist because it says the attackers are afraid to come in on the ground.

  11. Muslim festival celebrating Eid cancelled amid fears of racial tensions after Brexit vote (express, July 4, 2016)

    “A MUSLIM festival expected to attract thousands of people has been cancelled amid escalating racial tensions following Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

    As many as 2,000 people were expected to descend on East Park in Southampton to celebrate Eid – the end of the holy month of Ramadan – today and Tuesday.

    But the British Bangladeshi Cultural Academy, which organised the event, has called it off after far-right groups threatened to hold a demonstration celebrating Brexit.

    Members of far-right group Pie and Mash Squad, who describe themselves as “a group of people who love Pie ‘n’ Mash and Britain the way it used to be”, have teamed up with faction group South Coast Resistance for the event.

    Pie and Mash Squad called on demonstrators to “join us to celebrate Brexit and an end to mass immigration”.

    Chairman of the British Bangladesh Cultural Academy Shere Sattar said it was “for the good of all communities” to cancel the festival…”

  12. Suicide Attack Carried out Near US Diplomatic Site in Saudi (abcnews, July 3, 2016)

    “State-linked Saudi news sites are reporting that a suicide bomber has carried out an attack near a U.S. diplomatic site in the Red Sea city of Jiddah.

    Okaz news website says the bomber died in the attack, and that no other deaths were immediately reported. The bomber was apparently headed in a car toward a mosque that is near the U.S. consulate in Jiddah. Most of the consulate’s staff have reportedly moved offices to a new location.

    Sabq news website reported that two security guards were wounded in the attack, which took place early Monday.

    U.S. Embassy officials in Saudi Arabia and Interior Ministry officials could not be immediately reached for comment…”

  13. Kuwait Detains 5 Islamic State Suspects, Foils Attack (abcnews, July 3, 2016)

    “Kuwait’s Interior Ministry says police have arrested five Islamic State suspects, including an 18-year-old Kuwaiti man planning to attack a Shiite mosque in the final days of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which ends this week.

    The man allegedly confessed to plotting the attack, and had planned to deploy a suicide vest. An IS attack against a Shiite mosque in Kuwait in June last year killed at least 27 people.

    Additionally, police detained a 52-year-old mother and her son accused of helping IS fighters in Syria, where the group holds territory.

    Police say they also detained two other Kuwaitis in possession of assault rifles and the black IS flag.

    The Interior Ministry statement, published overnight Monday, did not say when the arrests took place…”

  14. Albania Stops 18 Afghans Illegally Crossing Border (abcnews, July 3, 2016)

    “Albanian police say they have detained 18 Afghans who had illegally crossed into the country from Greece and were trying to enter Kosovo to reach Western European countries.

    Police stopped the Afghans in a minivan not far from the Kosovo border Saturday. In addition to the 18, police arrested five Albanians and one Afghan who had arranged the illegal crossing, according to a statement Sunday. Those who were arrested are accused of illegally crossing a border along with criminal organization charges. If convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison.

    The 18 migrants were taken to a refugee center, and will most likely be expelled to Greece after being processed.”

  15. Over 60 militants killed in Badakhshan and Ghazni airstrikes (khaama, July 3, 2016)

    “Over 60 Taliban insurgents were killed or wounded in a series of airstrikes in Arghistan district located in northeastern Badakhshan province. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Staff Sgt. Perry Aston/Released)

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said at least 50 militants were killed and 12 others were seriously wounded in the raids.

    MoD further added that 12 militants were killed and 2 others were wounded in a separate airstrike carried out in Aband district of southeastern Ghazni province.

    The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far…”

  16. Afghanistan receives military equipment from China (khaama, July 3, 2016)

    “Afghanistan received military equipment from China on Sunday months after Beijing announced expanded military aid to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

    The Office of the National Security Adviser said the military aid by China was received by National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar.

    A cargo plane loaded with the military aid including transport vehicles and other military equipment landed in Kabul’s Military Airport today.

    China’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Yao Jing was also present during the hand over of the military aid to Afghanistan…”

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