A dent in the narrative?

For those of us who have been dealing with the issue of Islam and its leftist enablers for a while now, there are certain things which have made us very much an out group and in some ways defined us as apart from the general population.

One of those things is the knowledge that, (and more importantly, the willingness to admit that the Obama administration had) purged the lexicons of the various security services in the USA, most notably the FBI and the DHS, of any indicators of Islamic motivation for antisocial acts. Antisocial ACTS like slaughtering forty nine Americans in a gay bar in Florida, just to mention the most recent one nearby.

Stephen Coughlin is one of the few who was willing to go public with this fact and has been doing so for some years now.

Clare Lopez and many others have also been ringing the alarm bells, mostly under the umbrella of Frank Gaffney’s group, Center for Security Policy.

Those of us who listened to and examined the actual evidence, and took the red pill, felt life change. Family, friends and other relationships could not remain the same.

In a way, this knowledge, and the willingness to admit that these things are true, nearly define us in some ways. I suppose I can understand how people who believe they have seen proof of UFO’s must feel.

How curious is it then to see this:

Which is a direct result of this:

and this:

and perhaps mostly this:

The agent in the top video tries to quick dry the paint he used to corner himself at the end of the video but there is no denying that the basic message of the Counter-Jihad, the leftist enabling of jihad, has gone mainstream now thanks mostly to the efforts of people like Stephen Coughlin, Clare Lopez and perhaps two dozen others.

It should also be mentioned that the willingness to listen to the facts today, by people like Ted Cruz cannot be underestimated in its importance to at least having gotten this far in the process of jackhammering the cement veil protecting Islam and the narrative from scrutiny.

So a small glass of something wonderful may be allowable at this time. We have not won or even turned this thing around, but there is reason now for hope.

But the lessons of the past seem more relevant than ever.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” – Thomas Jefferson

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5 Replies to “A dent in the narrative?”

  1. Vlad, this is more than “important” work, this is globally vital work. We must distribute this as far and as wide and as relentlessly as we can. !!! Twitter, facebook, family, talk-back radio….everywhere !

  2. “For those of us who have been dealing with the issue of Islam and its leftist enablers…”

    From both these groups of disturbed psychologically-disabled humans comes directly the desire or envy of the innocence of children, for the peace they proclaim they have but will never have.

    Rock, who is 65, has now been found guilty of downloading indecent images of girls as young as 10 after a trial at Southwark Crown Court. He was convicted in relation to five images of girls aged between 10 and 14 in sexual poses, after denying child porn offences. They were among 20 images he downloaded onto his iPad over several days in August 2013 – this was no momentary lapse, in other words. Rock was acquitted of three other counts and the jury was discharged after being unable to agree on a further 12, which will lie on file.

    The people who say they did nothing wrong, the Third Way.

  3. As much as he lacks in specifics, Donald Trump has done more to destroy the narrative than any other single person.

    The Narrative (CVE) that you speak of so eloquently is guarded by a larger web of PC Narrative. Not only has Trump attacked The Narrative (again, lacking specificity in his attacks) but he has obliterated the standing of the PC narrative in the United States.

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