Hillary Clinton espionage problems headed for a crescendo?

I try and avoid insider politics that do not cross our field of interest. Namely Islam and leftism and the attack on Western civilization. A set of conditions by the way, that was considered fringe stuff of kooks a few years ago, and I heard outlined on Rush Limbaugh today in as direct and cold a manner as ever written here or Gates or any other main CJ site.

But the situation with Clinton is significant in a number of ways. Some if it is pure gossip like the tell all book by a former secret service agent. This is fun and interesting but takes some serious parsing to decide what, if any, is important.

The following videos are clearly important.

After watching these videos, one suspects the American left would vote for Al Capone if he ran as a Democrat.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials for this post and in general today.

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6 Replies to “Hillary Clinton espionage problems headed for a crescendo?”

  1. Well, in Chicago, Democrat Mayor Richard M. Daley killed our downtown lakefront airport, Meigs Field, that used to be at the start of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, by shutting down internet cameras that were in the field of view, and then bringing in bulldozers to literally “X”-out the runways in the middle of the night.

    He destroyed the PEOPLE’S airport like a dictator.

    And he won reelection like clockwork. Because the city of Chicago voters are too stupid and totally bought off by the Democrat Party. Not that the Republicans are anything much better.

  2. this ex g-man sounds very serious .. still think she will walk .. to make it stick,
    they gotta indict barry o’fraud too .. and ya’ know the son of
    a Kenyan goat herder can’t be trifled with.
    very hard to read the daily links today ..

  3. There are so many Democrat lawyers out spreading the lie that there is no evidence she committed any crime that she won’t be indicted. The videos show that there is ample evidence of her criminal activity and how she helped the enemies of freedom by using the private unsecured server.

    Will she be indicted? Maybe, the investigators and career prosecutors who are ready to publicly resign if she isn’t are enough to destroy her political dreams but may not be enough to get her indicted.

    This election is about the future direction of the US, if Hillary wins we are headed to full communism and the economy that Venezuela has, with the destruction of freedom destroyed in the US, unless of course the patriots once again win a revolution to preserve freedom.

    For my fellow Americans, if you don’t like Trump hold your nose and vote for him because setting out the election or voting for a third party candidate is a vote for Hillary and slavery.

    • I don’t think she will be indited and I don’t think many will publicly resign either. The best I hope for is leaks which I don’t think will swing the election. I am very much afraid that HRC will win whether she is indited or not.
      Do you recall that Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election to congress in a land slide while confined to a mental institution? That is the state of the electorate and it saddens me no end.

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