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4 Replies to “No refugees in the all male, “refugee camps” in Calais”

    • Have you noticed how incredibly smooth and practiced those young men are at picking up stones and hurling them at the police en masse? Can’t you just see those same young men going over a truck full of weapons with the same practiced expertise? Can’t you just see them picking out the right ammo for the right guns as they put on their bullet-proof vests?

  1. That can’t be true. They covered this on the CBC and all I saw was the nicest looking women with their adorable children – and they were all legitimate Syrian refugees – not an adult male in sight. How dare The Rebel contradict the word of the CBC and Justin Trudeau. Are they suggesting that a government media outlet and a Canadian Prime Minister would lie? Surely they must be lying racists themselves…

    • As an aside, just because they’re from Syria doesn’t mean they’re more desirable as neighbors than any other Muslim Arabs. Shelter them until they can return to Syria and rebuild their own country.

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