Media bias much? Morsi jailed for TWENTY FIVE YEARS! More: Links 1 on June 18 – 2016

1, How does leftist Vs. factual media treat the attack in Orlando differently?

2. The Trudeau Government managed to get Google to change the past and erase Stephen Harper’s pages from history. But there is one aspect of this important report which Ezra missed.

What he missed, is that in Islam, anything that took place in a land before it was dominated by Islam is considered with the blanket phrase: “The time of ignorance” and evidence of it was destroyed. I think the Arabic term is ‘Jahiliya’ or something like that.

Now I am not saying that Trudeau is a Muslim and that is his plan. Just pointing out that totalitarian ideologies, the leftist 1984 brand or the Islamic flavour, both know that one of the biggest threats to their continued iron fisted rule is controlling how history is understood.

Once, perhaps 10 years before 911, (B911) or so, a friend of mine was once asked, “How do you right a historical wrong?” to which he answered with a dark laugh, “How do you right a historical wrong? Easy. You write a historical wrong!”

So Im not saying that Trudeau is consciously using the Islamic model per se. But then again…

3. Now and again I get emails from some of the more pernicious Islamic groups out there. Not sure how I get on their lists but its not entirely useless.

ICNA, The Islamic Circle of North America, has decided to send me a petition to sign. Below is a screen capture of it with thier view of the Orlando shooting. It is actually comically far from the reality of it.



4. Egyptian court sentences Mohammed Morsi to 25 years in prison

(Those of you that drink may want to consider going to the local and having a ham and cheese and a beer to celebrate this one. Have two if at some point he drops the soap while in prison. Preferably in the Jeffery Dahmer memorial shower.

5. Egypt also sentences two Al Jazeera employees to death.

(This might present a minor dilemma to Jefferson. When is freedom of the press a cover for spies who wish to destroy your entire system and remove the rights of the people? I guess its the same answer as those that would use the constitutional rights of freedom of religion to end all freedoms in general and especially of religion.)

CAIRO — An Egyptian court has sentenced six people, including two Al-Jazeera employees, to death for allegedly passing documents related to national security to Qatar and the Doha-based TV network during the rule of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Morsi, the case’s top defendant, was also sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was ousted by the military in July 2013 and has already been sentenced to death in another case.

Saturday’s verdicts can be appealed.

The two Al-Jazeera employees — identified by the judge as news producer Alaa Omar Mohammed and news editor Ibrahim Mohammed Hilal — were sentenced in absentia along with Asmaa al-Khateib, who worked for Rasd, a media network widely suspected of links to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

(Al Jazeera has been declared to be a propaganda wing of the Muslim Brotherhood by several state agencies. The Qatar based organization seems to have been a central player in the Obama’Brotherhood axis promoting the Arab Spring)

6. Belgium arrests 12 in counter-terrorism raids

(Belgium will pretty much have to convert to Islam, be dhimmis, or drop a neutron bomb on Molenbeek and a few choice other areas if they hope to recover themselves as a liberal democracy at this stage)

Police were searching bags near Antwerp railway station on Saturday after a bomb scare

Police in Belgium have made 12 arrests in a huge anti-terrorism operation, nearly three months after the deadly bomb attacks on Brussels.

Those detained overnight are suspected of plotting a terrorist attack, prosecutors say. They were among 40 taken in for questioning.

Searches were conducted in 16 municipalities, mainly around Brussels, with checks on 152 lock-up garages.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Xanthippa, Richard and many more who contributed to the site.

Much more to come today. I am truly sorry to say.


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  1. 4. Egyptian court sentences Mohammed Morsi to 25 years in prison

    I hope that if Donald Trump becomes President he pays special attention to Egyptian President, Abdel al-Sisi. It’s hard to say if Morsi will actually spend the rest of his life in prison, or if anyone will hang, but the message is clear: Nobody is going to spread militant Islam in Egypt and get away with it. That’s real zero tolerance…

    Al-Sisi is the only one I’ve heard of in the Islamic world who says that it is the text of the Quran itself that is the problem. He told the Imams and the scholars that the world was beginning to hate Islam and they’d better do something about it before they get liquidated by the entire human race. Only
    Abdel seems to be aware that the Al Azhar University holds the key to the current rise of Islam. And President al-Sisi also knows that his country is in danger of disintegrating completely and falling into desperate poverty and then failed-statehood if he does not win his fight against the Jihadists. We’re talking starvation and war and mass deaths here… He knows that, so he is a cornered animal, in a way, and you know how tough cornered animals can be…

    Donald. Get to be friends with Abdel. He is the most important man in the world…

    • We will probably get a President Trump, the polls are weighted to the Dems, the poll 28% Republicans 36% Democrats and the rest are independents, mostly left leaning. This is partially what has kept the Republicans in Congress from fighting the Dems, they believe the polls.

      • The Republicans in Congress are losing their nerve and are blowing it. Yes, everything could go wrong and Donald could turn out to be a disaster, but he’s the chosen one and they’d better get positive about it soon or they are going to put Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the White House. They’re just not using their imaginations and visualizing just how bad it would be if the Democrats got to continue their willful incompetence for another term. It must not happen. Support Donald Trump, damn it!

        • Obama’s approval rating has actually gone up according to Fox News. Fifty-three percent of the American People have no idea about any of the stuff we go on about and actually think that Barry is doing a great job. If the Republicans don’t stop being downright selfish Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be the next president. They need to all get together, stop casting shadows on their nominee, and get the message out because the Democrats have most definitely not been doing a good job and it is imperative that the public knows that…

          Remember. Slightly more than half of the American public think the conservative movement is nothing but white trash racism and represents nothing but pure evil. They think we’re all a bunch of uneducated, gun-toting nut-cases who’ve never read a book and don’t bathe. Stop trashing your own team, Paul and Mitt and others. We need to be positive and get with the program. Conservatives do not need you and others placing doubt in people’s minds with your constant negativity. Please can it…

        • The Republican leadership are panicking because the voters are rebelling and they see themselves out of a job. You have to remember that most of the leaders of the Republicans aren’t conservatives who are worried about ensuring the survival of freedom in the US. They are people who are seeking power to boss people around, they see their power being stripped away and they are willing to let Hillary win as long as they can stay in DC and enjoy some power to boss people.

          • Oh, I see. The Romanovs see the succession going to the Corsicovs and are afraid that they will all be impaled by the side of the road when the Corsicovs gain the throne, if they don’t poison the heir-to-the-throne first. Or something like that…:)

        • Their imaginations have been stifled by their narcissism. Knowing everything and everyone worth knowing. Besides, decades of crony capitalism and slimy petrodollars tend to obscure critical thinking.
          Both sides of the aisle. Democrats couldn’t have done it without the RINO infrastructure.

  2. 1. “Senseless Tragedy” in the Orlando well-spring.

    There was nothing “senseless,” to Islam and its followers in this premeditated act of martyrdom for the advancement of the Caliphate of ISIS; so why all this propagandized senselessness thrown at the victims, relatives and US population at large?

    There is a 1700 year old Islamic Mission that the Obama Administration unleashed while on its own path to totalitarian Socialism. A tactical error that Communist countries that handle Western Politicians conveniently did not make.

    I guess the rewards of Global Warming inc. got them all distracted.

  3. 3. Now and again I get emails from some of the more pernicious Islamic groups out there. Not sure how I get on their lists but its not entirely useless.

    The Orlando shooter was a dedicated Jihadi intent on a suicide mission against the great Satan. If he hadn’t been able to get the “assault weapon”, he would have simply strapped on a suicide vest, gone in at 2:00 am, and blown himself up in the middle of the crowd. Gee! How about a super-soaker full of gasoline and a Bic lighter? Or what about a truck full of semtex going off downtown at rush hour? The gun had virtually nothing to do with the Orlando massacre. They’re doing it with knives in Israel…

    Curious, isn’t it, that this moderate Muslim organization is so quick to shift the blame away from militant Islam. Are they among the “good guys” with whom we are supposed to be working so closely?

    PS Banning semi-automatic carbines that shoot supersonic, easy-to-carry ammunition, sixty-bullets-per-fillup is not a half-bad idea. The things are totally incorrect for home defence, since they’ll pass through any number of walls and kill your neighbor if you fire one within city limits. So, what are they for, really? A Winchester with a scope is all the advantage you need over a coyote or a wolf. Let me seel… Nope, I can’t think of any good reason to have an assault weapon. They do ban Tommy guns, don’t they? And sawed-off shotguns? Knuckledusters? Ask yourself honestly. What would you rather have in a firefight, a semi-automatic AR-15 or a full-automatic Thompson sub-machinegun? I think the right answer is the AR, which proves that it’s a very deadly gun, indeed.

    Could Barack Hussein Obama actually be right about something? Oh, my God! I’m melting. My Ronald Reagan portrait is frowning at me! Is that Newt Gingrich staring balefully through my window?

    • I would prefer a mini-14 to an AR but that is personal preference. Full auto is of limit value for police and the military, mainly in laying down suppressive fire so others can move up closer to the enemy. For home defense a firearm that fires slower and gives a higher hit ratio if preferred. Remember that in home defense it is highly unlikely that you will be engaged in a pitch battle, if you stop the first 3 or 4 people trying to enter your home the rest of the mob will get the idea they aren’t welcome.

      • Again. Which would you prefer in a fire-fight, a Thompson sub-machine gun or an M16-type semi-automatic .223-firing rifle with a big magazine? I’ve never fired either of those and I don’t know much about it, but I’ll bet the M16 would sweep away the Thompson, all things being equal…

        And if the AR blows away the Thompson and has no home-defense functionality, doesn’t it make some sense to ban it along with hand grenades and knuckledusters?

        * And that’s what I thought, that the full-auto was really just for getting the other guys to duck during an all out combat situation. Or if you’re Al Capone, and you just think it’s really fun to go rat-a-tat-a-tat…

        • Doesn’t a 5.56mm high velocity round tend to shatter when it hits the ground instead of richocheting? And the news a day or so back mentioned a gun shop owner dying from a handgun round accidentally being discharged through a wall at his range. I prefer my AR-15 and FN-FAL to any Thompson SMG because they give range, accuracy and firepower. An optical sight on an AR makes you the king of area denial from 0-400 Yards; it makes everyone with a little practice a Designated Marksman.

          That’s why I have an AR instead of a Winchester.

    • Andrew McCarthy on re-writing the Cold War by traitors ‘post-American transnational progressives’:

      The Brotherhood has devoted three generations to building an infrastructure in the United States — an impressive network of affiliated Islamist organizations.

      To partner with the Brotherhood internationally therefore requires embracing the Brotherhood domestically. But how can Obama and other transnational progressives pull that off? After all…the Brothers may seem like “moderate Islamists” when they’re in the same neighborhood as ISIS; but here on our own soil, an Islamist is plainly a radical.

      Obama pulls it off by distorting law and history to sanitize the Brotherhood’s American Islamists. Here, we must consider the progressive version of the Cold War. The Left clings to the conviction that the “mere” advocacy of radical ideology is constitutionally protected, even if what’s being advocated is the overthrow of our constitutional system itself.

      Symmetrically, the Left also holds that (a) anti-Communism was more dangerous than Communism, and (b) the “living” Constitution can be “evolved” whenever necessary to protect aggressive “dissent” by the Left’s constituencies.
      ~ 13 soldiers (plus an unborn child) shot dead by Mj Hassan, but ‘what would be worse is if we lost our commitment to Diversity‘ ~

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