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8 Replies to “Crowder’s best video to date”

  1. One of Islamic State’s most recent propaganda videos featured a fighter executing his own brother for alleged spying.

    The video features four ISIS fighters, three of whose faces are covered with balaclavas. The uncovered man identifies himself as Abu Abdullah. After two blindfolded prisoners are knelt before him and his comrade, Abdullah begins to recite a prayer in Arabic. One of the prisoners is identified as Abdullah’s older brother shortly before both men are shot in the head execution style.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/13/isis-fighter-executes-his-own-brother-on-video-for-alleged-spying/#ixzz4BzkcrQ7k


  2. The Syrian Army has thwarted an offensive launched by Al-Nusra Front in Aleppo province, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. Meanwhile, US-backed rebels made gains against Islamic State in Manbij, where Kurds say they have “paralyzed” a terrorist enclave.

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    © Rodi Said Syrian Army & US-backed Arab and Kurdish fighters squeeze ISIS

    “In the northern part of the Aleppo province, near the Syrian-Turkish border, the units of the Syrian Armed Forces have stopped a large-scale offensive of military formations of Jabhat al-Nusra,” the report from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria reads.

    The army also fended off an attack by Jabhat al-Nusra in the southwestern part of the province, where militants were seeking to seize the Halasah area.


  3. Another sorrowful tale of a woman from Tamil Nadu who went to work as a maid in Saudi Arabia has come to light.

    Dhakshayini, a mother of two children aged eight and five and separated from her husband, left the confines of her mother’s home in Tondiarpet to work as a maid in Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Barely a few months later, she jumped from the balcony of the house she was working in unable to bear the torture she received at her employers’ hands.

    Admitted in Stanley Government Hospital on Wednesday, the woman said she went to New Delhi in March and then from there to Dammam, where was employed in a household with a couple and their five children. “From day one, I was beaten up. I had to work long hours. I could sleep only after everyone slept, which mostly was well past midnight,” she recalls.

    “Once, I escaped from the home and tried to lodge a complaint with the police station. But the policemen were unresponsive. They told me to go back or face imprisonment. So I went back and they beat me up more,” she rues.


  4. Not the ‘latest’ news, but well worth reading:

    Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History

    Muslim historian Firishta [full name Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah, born in 1560 and died in 1620], the author of the Tarikh-i Firishta and the Gulshan-i Ibrahim, was the first to give an idea to the medieval bloodbath that was India during Muslim rule, when he declared that over 400 million Hindus got slaughtered during Muslim invasion and occupation of India. Survivors got enslaved and castrated. India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion. By the mid 1500’s the Hindu population was 200 million.
    By the time the British arrived to the shores of India and after centuries of Islamic law ruling India, the Hindu population was not behaving like their normal self; they were behaving like Muslims. There are many witness reports from the British archives of horrendous Hindu incidents that were shocking in cruelty to the British – and they therefore sometimes referred to the people as “savages”. Yes, anyone who gets contaminated by the association with Islamic ‘culture’ truly gets tainted and savaged. That is exactly why it is so detrimental and dangerous.
    Today, like other cultures with a soul massacred by Islam, India is not truly a Hindu nation. India is a shadow of Islam, a Hindufied version of Islam, where every human atrocity has been emulated and adopted into a culture previously alien to such brutality. And in association with it’s foreign mohamedan pest, these Islamic habits have become adopted and accepted as a “normal” part of Indian culture. But if we look at pre-Islamic Indian culture it was a in general a benevolent culture of knowledge and learning, much more so than it is today.


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