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11 Replies to “Col. Ralph Peters: We need to crack down on ‘hate mosques’”

  1. these people just keep going round & round, chewin’ on the same dip
    like a cow since before 9-11. If Trump is fortunate to get elected, He should not
    keep any of these people out of court for 1 day during the next 8 years .. Not one of them in every Dept that has been a part of this treason for the last 25 years.
    They will suddenly all find Jesus when the “guillotine !!” starts down. And they will line up beggin’ for mercy ..
    We will never never see, gay street pimp Barry O’fraud hung for the treasonous thief he is because 12/1/2 % of the American population has IQ’s teetering on
    60 .. Falling asleep here folks.. always a great pleasure for me to read this fearless blog ..

  2. We need to crackdown on a lot of things, most of the crackdowns are simply common sense, we won’t do this under Obama because he is not going to allow it and if possible he will set things up so the crackdown will never occur.

    It is highly unlikely that either Hillary of Obama will be prosecuted unless Trump does what he says he will and prosecutes Hillary. Her indictment and prosecution will spread blame for the lawbreaking and security violations to the Oval Office, this will touch off a constitutional crisis, one that needs to be touched off but one very few people are willing to start. Donald Trump hopefully will prosecute her because this will lead to a clean up of the civil servants and the removal of many committed leftist from their jobs of supposedly carrying out the policies of the President.

  3. Any “moderate” Muslim who really is a moderate Muslim should have no problem with being the subject of extensive surveillance, given the explosion in Islamic terror incidents around the world today. The ones who complain and whine and call themselves victims of racism are simply on the other side.

    Any Imam who stands in front of a group of young people and counsels them to hate Infidels and to strap on a suicide vest should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years. The Muslims who really don’t mean us any harm and want to live in peace are going to have to have a sense of humor about it and they’re going to have to drop the victim mentality and stance. It is not our fault that the religion of Islam is rising up and murdering people all over the world, it is theirs, so don’t whine if we act suspicious when you come into the room with, say, a pressure cooker…

  4. “Any Imam who stands in front of a group of young people and counsels them to hate Infidels and to strap on a suicide vest should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.”

    Send Imams to a Socialist Mosque? Prisons are recruiting-bases for Islam.

    Because inside they are allowed their pornography – to have access to material that shoots straight past the human brain to the animal stimulus of survival. Because Every Child beaten to Submission, discovers this short cut to escapism exactly matches the one that their perpetrators found peace in.

    You would not give Mein Kampf to Nazis.
    You would not give Child Porn to Pedophiles.

    But Socialists readily spread open to give
    The Koran to Muslims
    Hardcore to Homosexuals

    Prison, the isolation facilities for spewing our mentally defunct people like themselves.

    For Socialists are the beaten children of single moms, shouted down in a rage and locked away for asking why. Therefore, there is something comforting in rescuing fellow victims in prison, even when let out they turn and kill them. They can’t help themselves.

    Such is hypnosis at their tender ages for Muhammad..

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