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17 Replies to “Hannity does a worthy interview of Trump”

  1. “The stats are scary. Clinton wants to INCREASE Islamic immigration? Why?”

    There might be some indicators here:

    Clinton is not only in bed with her “closest advisorette from the Muslim Brotherhood stable”, she also seems to be “embedded” with Fatima MERKEL. The German Slave of Adolf Erdogan had high praise for Hilary Clinton.

    • Imagine whom she plans to nominate for the Supreme Court.
      They did away with Scalia, cleared the field, so to speak. The next judge will tip the balance – bang! – all of a sudden, we’re Venezuela.

      • You are both right she is working to destroy the US so the left can take over, I don’t think she will succeed but she does.

        Tim Kennedy the Green Beret that fought mixed martial arts and is one of the stars of Hunting Hitler (I am having trouble discovering his name) has publicly stated that this summer he expects Europe to turn into Lebanon of the 1970s with us quickly following in their footsteps.

          • I am not sure we can, we are facing crisis’s all around the world and here in the states, I don’t know if we can rebuild the military fast enough to handle all of the places we need to help. It took us 2 1/2 years to build up the military to the point we could go into Europe while still fighting Japan. Now we face problems in the US, Europe, China in the far east and a growing problem in South America.

  2. The biggest fraud in History is the fact that Obama is, was, and always will be a Muslim Terrorist.
    He has proven my point by standing for All Muslims without any concern of America’s safety.
    1. Has lied from day one
    2. Has an agenda toward Sharia government. replacing our own government with Islamic Terrorists in several offices that should never be filled with Muslims.
    3. The agenda of Obama was formed by Islam to conquer the whole world, and his first step was to fill this country with full corruption of government, and reversing morals of America into a vat of sins for all to pick for their own agendas.
    4.First Obama has turned men into queers, woman into Lezzies, made right, wrong, and wrong right.
    5. Flooded the country with LGBT fags who are being told that being gay is ok.
    6. Then he floods the country with Islamic terrorists, for the sole reason to make Muslims kill thousands of gays that he created by his illegal laws.
    7. Plans to take out the rest of us with PC laws to deal with all other religions, to be no more
    8. Has taken out the teeth of our military so America has no protection from Terrorists who are only concerned with pushing out all religions for Islam to move in.
    9. Has been trying to take our only fail safe plan of owing guns for our own protection, and allowing unarmed citizens to be killed by Muslims without any concern for our laws.
    10. Has defiled the Constitution to the point that there is no access by American born Patriots to be protected by.
    11. The only way to bring peace in this world is to stop this Government from interfering into matters that don’t concern us. We don’t need to be governed. This is a false statement made by the Elite pushing for a New World Order, being ruled by one King, one religion, and one sinful world.

  3. On the plus side, Trump is laying it all out with respect to Clinton’s connections with the Middle Eastern elites…and it’s getting major air time.

    On the minus side, there may not be enough people left in the major urban areas with the attention span necessary to take in the significance of Trump’s statements. The cancelled Trump rally in Chicago several weeks ago is evidence enough that there are forces who really, really, really do not want the message to get out.

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