Muslim decapitates wife and baby daughter of 13 months

This is the second horrific and unconscionable crime that took place in 2013 and is just coming to trial now. Thank you CB Sashenka, not just for the translation, but for subjecting yourself to this information to the depth required for translation, as well as researching it for any additional useful facts. I know this is not healthy for decent people to do, but know it we must.

Translator’s Note: ANOTHER HORRIFICALLY DIABOLOCIAL AND ULTIMATELY EVIL CASE from 2013 to be tried next week in Belgium, regarding a Syrian man who decapitated his wife and baby girl.

Published June 10th 2016 in La Dernière Heure (The Latest Hour) or DH, a French-language daily newspaper in Brussels, Belgium.

Her husband slaughtered and almost decapitated his little girl of 13 months, “Noura was a ray of sunshine, always smiling” 

Her husband slaughtered and nearly decapitated her little girl of 13 months, according to the 10-day trial record.

When the investigators asked him how he slaughtered his wife and almost beheaded his daughter Samira of 13 months, Saad responded that he had proceeded “as if slaughtering a sheep.” And when it required clarification, Abdullah Saad said that this process (of slaughtering an animal) consists of “bleeding the animal without having to decapitate it, just for the sacrifice.”

At the autopsy, the coroner of Nivelles (city in Brussels) had to show that the child’s head was only held to the body by shreds of skin and muscles. In short, a near-beheading. Suffice to say that it will be a difficult task for lawyers, Hamid El Abouti and Yannick De Vlaemynck, to avoid the death penalty for the 35-year old Syrian, who will be judged in 10 days by the Criminal Court of Nivelles for the murders of his 23-year old wife, Noura Horiya, and their daughter, Samira, who was playing on the floor with her mother near the clothes dryer just moments before being killed.

The tragedy occurred at the couple’s home on Bon Baton street in Wavre (a Belgian city 20 miles south-west of Brussels) on December 17th 2013. The truth is now known. The atrocity, the monstrous truth. Saad suspected, without proof, that his wife was cheating on him… Saad wanted to know if she was cheating on him, or if she already had cheated on him.

Noura always continued to say no, but he said, “I could see in her eyes that she was lying.” Two and a half years of investigation did not come up with a potential lover. Abdullah Saad, who was always looking, found no one. But he was still convinced that little Samira was not his. In the end, a lover was not found, and the DNA evidence proved in fact the opposite, that Samira “was his daughter by 99.99999%.”

Before arriving in Belgium in 2007, Saad was an officer driver in Assad’s Syrian security services. Regarding the double slaying, he explains: “I killed Noura at the first strike by grabbing her hair with my left hand while slitting her throat with a knife (17-cm curved blade) several times. Then Samira approached me. She was not crying. I stabbed her twice in the neck. She took some small steps and then fell.”

The investigators spoke to him about honor killings. “That does not exist in my region (Syria). I killed Noura because I loved her very much. I have not accepted what she did, Honor was not at all involved in my decision to kill her and Samira.”

Noura wore the veil. The coroner suggested that Saad ripped it off “for easier access to the cervical region.” It should be noted that Saad, who at this stage is presumed innocent, made headlines last year when the court almost released him (DH, May 7th and 8th, 2015) following a procedural error caught by his lawyers.

[Translator’s NOTE: Saad’s lawyer said this about him: I don’t think he is dangerous. And he is not going to start killing again. What he did was a crime of passion.”]

[Editor: Note that he rebuked the idea of an “honour killing” because she “wore the veil”. This means that honour killing is 100% a function of Islam and not a tribal custom or any of the other deflections Islamic apologists make for this all to common behaviour]

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  1. Justice delayed is justice denied, the woman and child were slaughtered like animals and everyone is bending over backwards to try and find some justification for the crime. Personally I think death is what he deserves, a public hanging and then burial in a pigskin lined casket.

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