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21 Replies to “Vets for and against Trump, Islam”

  1. I hate to see an Army vet that stupid, he was born a Democrat and will die a Democrat with no original thought ever passing his minds. He is showing the stupidity of the left and their efforts to use our laws and culture against us.

    • Not to mention the hat. He is practically wearing a neon sign: “I am a beacon of moral authority as a US veteran”.

      Watching it, I had the feeling that he never served. But in hindsight he probably did but not overseas.

      • I can’t say anything about the hat I wear one that says US Army, you see them all over the VA. This is how we tell who did what. I would have to talk to him longer to know if he really served or not, he didn’t say anything that stands out either way.

        Your point about him not leaving the US may be right, but he reminds me of the kids and grand kids of the war protesters during Nam, the same sanctimonious arrogant AH’s with the same small mind.

        • If he didn’t serve overseas he shouldn’t be wearing that cap, the ribbons on there are for service in different theaters of operation when fighting was occurring in that theater.

        • Exactly what I thought. O’brian is the reincarnation of Jerry Rubin, isn’t he? I remember there was no shortage of guys exactly like this in 1967, just as arrogant and sarcastic and hostile and insulting and unerringly wrong. He is the perfect example of the American hardcore leftist – filled with an inexplicable rage and nauseatingly self-righteous – like Bill Ayers…

          Why is it legal for left-wing billionaires to fund organizations that are hell-bent on destroying Western Civilization? Why isn’t that illegal? Why do we all have to just stand there and take it as they fight against every principle that most of us find to be self-evident? Why do we have to just stand there and let ourselves be shot at all the time? I understand this happens like crazy in Israel with everybody from George to the Qatari government funding every kind of anti-Israel “activist” group imaginable. It’s psychological warfare, with the accent on the word, “war”, and yet we’re constantly told to think it’s “part of the democratic process”.

          Didn’t this used to be the KGB’s job?

          • It was the KGBs job, they went out of business (kind of) and the US far left and George Soros took over.

            Given what is happening we won’t have to stand here and take their bull for much longer, reality is forcing us into a position where we can do something about the yammer heads.

  2. Once again we see the tactics of interruption, diversion, straw man and virtue signalling, applied with great dexterity by a left-leaning shill. Did O’Brien join the army already adhering to those viewpoints? Did he learn those tactics before joining the army, during or after?

    There’s been a long march through the institutions. It’s time to take them back, one-by-one. There’s one purpose and one purpose for the US military: to defend the people and Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. O’Brien broke that oath when he claimed conscientious objector status as soon as trouble broke out. Does he seriously mean to say that the majority of military personnel that he claims to represent are also oath breakers?

    • That’s faggotphobia: the recognition of an invert and wanting to stop their micro-aggression.

      Deep breath. See the bigger picture.

      Mommy’s revert does not have a brain cell on his daddy’s side.

      You have both.

      Win by reason. Trips them every time if you live in a country that has free speech.

      • You can’t win arguments with people who have abandoned the use of reason. Unfortunately people like him are running the Democrats and are putting their storm troopers on the streets to threaten, other wise harass and at times physically assault their political opponents. We are seeing the Brown Shirts and the Black Shirts marching on the streets of the US and you want us to try and talk to them! I know where you are coming from on wanting non violent solutions but you need to face the fact that some individuals and groups can’t be reasoned with but must be resisted by force of arms. Nazi Germany was one such group and the modern version being fielded by the Democrats are another. The time isn’t right to carry the fight to them but it is right to resist their violence with counter violence when possible.

        • To talk to them.

          They carry a trauma-meme from childhood, a fear to not open their mouths.

          Their inner voice of ‘the father’ that was never allowed to see the light of day because they never heard a father in school or government job.

          A Muhammadan farm or a Communist farm have animals living Islam and Socialism respectively.

          Making these useful idiots realize they are not whole but reliant upon an outside agency, is not what the small band of perverted narcissistic leaders want them to see. So free speech is their target.

          To suggest then, to fight at the many and not to make powerless the few who have written destructive laws against individuals – to point these out – seems their game-plan is actually working.

          For one embraces a killer to find sanity, but they will submit to them.

          The Second World war ended when we got to their leaders. The law should have done that, not protected them.

          • The law has once again been twisted to protected the wanna be dictators, We are rapidly reaching the point in all nations where we either fight for freedom or surrender.

    • It isn’t time for violence yet but it is getting there, he is either a very stupid person (his whole attitude says he is) or he is an agent provocateur. I haven’t watched the whole video and probably never will, I served with a couple of fools like him who were afraid to go to combat and in one case tyried to cover his cowardice with high sounding moral talk. Both used political influence to get out of combat orders and were hated by the rest of us for doing that.

    • I had to change the channel before I gave myself another MI; the desire to punch that guy in the face is just so overwhelming. Like Bill Ayers, O’brian has chosen to stay as a rebellious 14-year-old who lives to see the old man’s face flush red with rage as his hands start to shake and his voice breaks in anger. I think guys like that suffer from terrible issues with their fathers and just want to get back at Daddy with their every waking breath. Ever seen Professor Norman Finkelstein? Same thing. You just want to come flying across the table and start pounding on the guy, which is exactly the reaction he is trying to provoke…

  3. We’ve seen this glib self righteousness before. Give the sanctimonious islamophile a trumpet and an empty paddock.

    For all we know he was in one of obama’s special community organiser units, if not he sure acts like he was.

  4. Um, just how is being in a “spontaneous” group like Vets Against Hate, when “hate” is defined to suit the agenda of the far, far left, not using vets for a political purpose?

    Stupid *is* more dangerous than evil, but only by the slightest margin.

    The Left truly believes in their worst projections and character assassination about their domestic opponent/enemy, whereas, the true crimes of Hillary are eye-rolling, piffling and ultimately vaporous; meh. My summary from a recent conversation with a longtime pal who is a genius in many legitimate engineering/scientific ways, yet politically/culturally, a hard Leftard. Like the old saying, like trying to nail jello to a tree.

    • No you can’t talk to them because they won’t listen, we are rapidly approaching a time when reality is going to make people choose between the surrender/suicide of the left or fighting for our freedom. The leftist riots are driving thousands and before the election probably millions to vote for Trump. The number will probably be large enough the left can’t use vote fraud to put their people in the Oval Office. When this happens the left will start a terror campaign of their own and the jihadists will join in the fun. Once this happens we will have to either fight both groups as being military attacks against the US which will take away a lot of the lefts power or continue to treat the attacks as simple criminal actions and let the left and the jihadists win.

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