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  1. 7,600 ‘neutralized’ in less than a year, Erdo?an says (hurriyetdailynews, June 8. 2016)

    “Some 7,600 “terrorists” have been “neutralized” since July 20, 2015 as part of operations conducted by Turkish security forces, President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said during a speech at an iftar fast-breaking meal organized for the relatives of fallen soldiers and veterans on June 7.

    “[The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK] has experienced its biggest ever blow over last year. The trenches they dug have become their graves. The bombs they planted to divide the nation have exploded in their own hands. With operations carried out by our security forces since July 20, 2015, some 7,600 terrorists inside and outside the country have been neutralized. Most caves, shelters and shelters where they have hidden have been destroyed and are being destroyed,” said Erdo?an…”

  2. Patriarch slams Germany’s ‘Armenian genocide’ bill as ‘unacceptable’ (hurriyetdailynews, June 8, 2016)

    “The head of the Armenian church in Turkey has condemned the Bundestag’s approval of a resolution recognizing the World War I-era killings of Anatolian Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire as “genocide,” claiming the vote politicized a sensitive issue.

    “As we have expressed on a number of occasions, the use of this pain, which traumatized the Armenian nation, in the international political arena is a real source of sorrow and pain,” acting Patriarch Aram Ate?yan said in a letter addressed to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an.

    Ate?yan added that the painful history of the Armenian people was being utilized as a tool to “blame and punish the Turkish nation and Turkey in the international political arena,” calling all to understand the “use of the Armenian nation by imperialist powers.”

    The acting Patriarch also said it was “unacceptable” for Germany to express its opinion and pass laws on the killings – an issue on which it has no right to comment on, according to Ate?yan…”

  3. Turkey guilty of inhuman treatment of ‘Muslim objector’: Euro court (hurriyetdailynews, June 8, 2016)

    “The European Court of Human Rights has found Turkey guilty of inhuman treatment of a “Muslim objector” who declined to serve in Turkey’s military due to the country’s secular identity, while ruling that Turkey did not violate the complainant’s freedom of conscience because his objection was based on political grounds.

    Enver Aydemir, the first Turkish citizen to object to military service on Muslim religious grounds, was forcefully placed in a gendarmerie unit in the northwestern province of Bilecik in July 2007. However, upon declaring his conscientious objection, Aydemir was arrested and sent to Eski?ehir Military Prison.

    He was then released by a military court on Oct. 4, 2007, and ordered to join his deployment. After again refusing to obey the command, he was re-arrested for military desertion on Dec. 24, 2009, and again put on trial at a military court…”

  4. 1,000 PKK militants killed in operations in Nusaybin, ??rnak (hurriyetdailynews, June 8, 2016)

    “The Turkish General Staff has announced that a total of 1,000 outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants were killed in operations in the Nusaybin district of the southeastern province of Mardin and in the southeastern province of ??rnak, which reached an end on June 3.

    A total of 495 PKK militants were killed in operations in Nusaybin while 515 barricades were removed, 53 trenches were filled and 1,256 hand-made explosives were destroyed, the General Staff said in a statement.

    It also added that 239 weapons, 11,041 rounds of ammunition, 45 radio sets and 40 kilograms of explosive materials were seized.

    According to the statement, another 505 PKK militants were killed in operations in ??rnak.

    A total of 238 barricades were removed, 39 trenches were filled and 1,566 hand-made explosives were destroyed, the statement read. In addition, 280 weapons, 25,929 rounds of ammunition, nine radio sets and 6,420 explosive materials were seized in operations in the province.

    Security forces were continuing detailed efforts to remove barricades and destroy explosives placed in the region, the statement read…”

  5. Anti-Trump rallies funded by the left

    The anti-Trump riots are planned and funded by the left


    From Chicago to Albuquerque to San Diego, and now last week’s obscene riot in San Jose, California, Americans and the world saw supporters of the liberal agenda violently target Trump supporters, peacefully trying to attend a rally, as though they were prey.

    Make no mistake — these supposed anti-Trump riots are not organic nor are they natural; they are the result of leftist organizing using paid stooges. Fox News reported in March a Craigslist ad posted by Bernie Sanders supporters offering $15 an hour to protest at a Trump rally in Wisconsin. They would also provide shuttle bus transport, parking if you needed it and ready-made signs.

    Yeah, not organized at all. Just natural, upset citizens who are so passionate about the situation they just can’t help themselves. And if you believe that, I have a YouTube video for you that caused a bunch of passersby in Benghazi to riot, too.

    When confronted with the fact that the organizers of these melees are Bernie Sanders supporters, and representatives from Democrat-allied groups, like La Raza and, the Democratic party establishment denies, denies, denies. They then condemn the violence with one hand, while their allies perpetuate it.

    So let’s have a few facts about who has been organizing this from the beginning, shall we?

  6. Turkey Reacts to Greece’s Condemnation of Turning Hagia Sophia into Mosque

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry has reacted strongly to Greece’s criticism of reading the Koran in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul throughout Ramadan.

    “The Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement with regards to TRT Diyanet TV’s sahur program entitled ‘Hagia Sophia at the time of abundance,’ which will be broadcast throughout the month of Ramadan, is unacceptable,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said in a written statement released on June 8.

    The statement further says that Greece is “mistaking anti-Islamism with contemporaneity.”

    Turkey‘s Foreign Ministry counterattacks the Greek claims by saying that Greece has not permitted the building of a mosque in its capital for years. Bilgiç also said in the statement that Greece has often interfered against the religious freedoms of the “Turkish minority in western Thrace.”

    “In this regard, we would like to remind [Greece] that respecting other religions and their forms of worship is among the values of contemporary, democratic and secular societies,” the statement continued.

    This was a direct response to the Greek Foreign Ministry statement that said, “Obsessions, verging on bigotry, with Muslim rituals in a monument of world cultural heritage are incomprehensible and reveal a lack of respect for and connection with reality,” adding that the practice contradicted the values of modern, democratic and secular societies.

    Bereket Vakti Ayasofya 1.GÜN : Hagia Sophia at the time of abundance – 1st episode

    ( 1 h 34 min )

  7. Venezuela’s top court bans media’s publishing videos of lynchings

    CARACAS, June 8 (Reuters) – – Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Wednesday banned media from publishing videos of lynchings, saying they create “anxiety and uncertainty” in a country ravaged by violent crime and an economic crisis.

    The OPEC nation’s society is in upheaval amid triple-digit inflation, a deep recession and brutal shortages of food and medicine. As Venezuelans have grown increasingly angry at frequent thefts, hold-ups and homicides, mob beatings and lynchings have increased in the country, which is already one of the world’s most violent.

    Gory videos of mob justice or photos of bloody corpses sometimes make the rounds on social media. President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government says the footage is part of a larger plan to sully his administration and stoke unrest in an attempt to unseat him.

    In its statement, the top court, which Venezuela’s opposition accuses of being subservient to Maduro, singled out two digital outlets, but said the ban applies to all media.

    “The Supreme Court has ordered a ban on digital outlets ‘La Patilla’ and ‘Caraota Digital’ from publishing videos of lynchings, via their internet sites, as well as their social media accounts,” the top judicial body said in a statement, while noting the broader ban.

    “Media have the right to journalistically express a news event … but these rights should not create anxiety and uncertainty in the population,” the court said.

    There is no official public data on lynchings in Venezuela. Leading non-governmental organizations say the phenomenon is on the rise, fueled by Venezuelans’ sense of helplessness in the face of crime. Courts are slow, judges are sometimes on the take and criminals are frequently released right after arrest, according to non-profit groups.

    Venezuela’s opposition, which is trying to remove Maduro via a recall referendum, scoffed at the ban.

    “Lynchings don’t happen because of media, as the Supreme Court assumes, but rather because of impunity and the judicial system’s inefficiency,” tweeted Luis Izquiel, a lawyer and the opposition coalition’s security coordinator.

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