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11 Replies to “Milo Yiannopoulos live @ Irvine”

  1. Milo has said he likes Black cock. This objectification of men would send feminists into a tizzy if a heterosexual pronounced their fulfilment in the same terms.

    This babyish existence is just that, a childhood happy place where sexual experience and reward was obtained in a safe space. Where the offended cannot go. The step to sexual maturity stunted into a masturbatory fetish.

    His ideal Black man is not the purple queen but the real male he is not, for the masculinity he was afraid to don himself, but can receive through attracting their penises.

    Just another religion by proxy, blessed by The Christ; sucking on Him with all the imaginings of gaining the accolades and freedoms of The Christ.

    Anxiety as a covered way of life.

    And fantasy sex robs the other person of their identity, this extraction, as you become them and as they remove what they want from you to validate themselves. To lord over or lord under; as Pride is a bottomless vault.

    Therefore, there are many ways to steal an identity for childhood protection from an unchecked tyrant in the nursery, beit dhimmi, socialist or sexual invert to please the Muslim, Communist or Mommy.

    All talk then, is about their fascination.

    • Rejection of the child is intended to induce attraction to the bully. To abandon on the Naughtly Step and deny all stimulation, to ignore them.

      This is suicide in herd animals, because predators snatch the young that stray.

      So on an instinctive level, the reinforcement of attachment is made stronger.

      The absent father, the imagined Savior from these women, becomes their life-source of attraction to calm the rage of their feminine.

      So it is to the reality of fe-men, those who think Milo is sane and not chucking intellectual bomb for the boys in case they stick and he can lay claim to them.

      Meanwhile in another part of the world a dhimmi father behavior, disconnected from his son who sees that mommy wears the trousers:

      • No, you are.

        That you think homosexuality is normal.
        That you think abandoning your child is masculine.

        • On the contrary. My attempt at hokey humour was to contrast your sophistication in a playful yet agreeable manner. If homosexuality were normal, or the norm, then we wouldn’t be here. Such was my careful response to my 9 year old son’s query on what “gay” meant without being criminalize in this progressive world. In fact being a father of three creates endless opportunities to find creative ways to explain the sheer wrongness of every manner of the left.

          I’m with ya buddy, not against ya!

          • My apologies!

            But good for our readers.

            Fortunately it is not what you tell your children, but your consistent presence, saying what you mean, handling crisis situations, that they can conceptualize a Father in Heaven as they know the Mother on Earth.

            Then they will never stray. 🙂

          • “Such was my careful response to my 9 year old son’s query on what “gay” meant without being criminalize in this progressive world.”

            Any reticence will confuse the boy to what is true authority, which should be and is their own sense.

            At this age my son came back with an essay, “Should gays be allowed to marry?”

            I sent him to his mother to listen to right-brain logic.

            She told him people marry for a passport, kings and queens marry for empire, for a piece of paper, therefore, for fairness and convenience, Gays can marry.

            Notwithstanding these are abuses of marriage that she thought equal to the responsibility of matrimony and raising the next generation, I now gave him the left-brain perception:

            “The parts don’t fit.”

            He got it. Conscience is the narrow way between the two minds to spot the faker. For something to be real there has to be an integrity on earth as it is in heaven.

            Otherwise, it’s just a song and a prayer. A big nothing parading where it should not be.

            Now, he knew how to deal with his Liberal teachers, (who are so close to being attacked and beat en up to confess to holding bourgeoise priviledges – or China and Russia are not Communist mafias).

      • I’ve explained sexualization of children as a lifelong pursuit for salvation they never find, and they devolve from fight, flight and surrender to the female form.

        So in a car an eight year kicks off and touches these buttons in the adult versions of Muslim, Daddy-Mum, and Dhimmi.

        Muslim stops the car and beats the hell out of him and takes him to hospital saying he fell down.

        Daddy-Mom say he will bring Uncle Jack over, and the boy goes deathly quiet.

        Dhimmi stops the car and leaves him in the mountain wilderness.

        These people live by will, by their own self creation to survive, and the will of a child opposing awakens the memory of the battle they lost and buried into a new creation: super macho, super feminine, or super nice guy.

        They fight back against the child to upset them, in order to impose their will to respect them through fear.

        Abandoning the Japanese boy was meant to distress him and teach him a very valuable socialist lesson.

        Thankfully the boy said “screw you,” and made a life for himself.

        Not to bend the knee to these three demagogues.

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