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  1. Comment: Why Bernie Sanders hates Israel

    We did not need Bernie Sanders’ pick of BDS backer and Israel basher, Cornel West, to partake in writing the Democratic platform, to know how he feels about Israel. Back in May of 1985, when Sanders was still mayor of Burlington, VT, he invited fellow (Jewish) Israel critic, Noam Chomsky, to give a town hall speech. Sanders did not protest when Chomsky nonchalantly stated that Israel “doesn’t want a political settlement” in the Middle-East, or when he asserted that Israel served as a “surrogate” murderer for the US and carried out mass killings “in Africa, Asia, and primarily Latin America,” where, according to Chomsky, Israel massacred “thousands, if not tens of thousands of people” in Nicaragua.

    With such a record in mind, no one should be surprised that Sanders believes that Israel killed “over 10,000 innocent people” in the latest Gaza conflict, when even Hamas’ highest casualty assessments are a quarter of that number.

    From Fringe to Mainstream
    If in the 1980s, Sanders and Chomsky were somewhat of a rare breed among the creed, today they are all but mainstream. Sidney Blumenthal, for example, the Clintons’ aide and close associate, is no more an advocate of Israel than Sanders. And if you look at the top ranks of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement you will find many Jews and former Israelis among them. The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) movement is another glaring example of Jewish organizations dedicated to debilitating and demonizing Israel.

    Throughout history, the Jewish people have seen fellow Jews turn against their own people. Titus’ Chief of Staff, Tiberius Julius Alexander, who was Philo’s nephew and whose father donated the gilded gates to the Temple, commanded both the destruction of Jerusalem and the massacre of 50,000 of his native Jewish community in Alexandria. In the 15th century, Tomás de Torquemada, of Jewish descent, was Spain’s first Grand Inquisitor, and the architect behind the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.

  2. Yesterday was Prof Bernard Lewis’ 100th Birthday. As we say, may he live to 120 – kol hakavod!

    The Centrality of Islam in Muslim Political Identity

    In 1976, Bernard Lewis, the eminent British historian of the Middle East, warned the West in an essay titled: “The Return of Islam” that a new era was beginning in the region – one that would produce a tide of revolution, assassination, and terrorism, conceived and executed explicitly in the name of Islam.

    Lewis, the author of some 30 books and 200 articles, who just celebrated his 100th birthday, was not only the first to alert the world to the possibility of Islamic upheavals; he demonstrated that they were not deviations at all, but a resumption of Islam’s ancient feud with the West.

    “The Return of Islam” began with a full-scale critique of the way Westerners had failed, time and again, to account for Islam as a political factor. From medieval times to the present day, he wrote, the West had shown a “recurring unwillingness to recognize the nature of Islam or even the fact of Islam as an independent, different, and autonomous religious phenomenon.”

    He noted in a follow-up article, “If, then, we are to understand anything at all about what is happening in the Muslim world at the present time and what has happened in the past, there are two essential points which need to be grasped. One is the universality of religion as a factor in the lives of the Muslim peoples, and the other is its centrality.”

    Islam manifested this universality and centrality not just in daily life, but in identity and loyalty, the fundamental building blocks of political community. In this light, the future trend was absolutely clear. The imported ideas of nationhood, taken for granted as destined to prevail over time, were beating a retreat.

  3. State Department deletes controversial portion of video

    James Rosen joins ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss the removal of his question on the Iran deal

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