The German diaspora to Orban’s Hungary

Thank you Nash Montana for finding this item and translating it for titles.

This is an important news piece for a couple of reasons.

The obvious is that large numbers of established Germans are moving from the comfort of their own culture, friends and family to Hungary, which says a lot about the pressure they feel at home.

The second is the German media’s attempt to make them appear not as they are, victims of Merkel’s insane policies, but as somehow villains for making those policies look bad by leaving.

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22 Replies to “The German diaspora to Orban’s Hungary”

  1. The point is they have lost trust in the German democratic institutions. The unspoken social contract between the citizen and Government in western Europe has been torn up.
    The fact that your ancestors and yourself contributed to a stable culture for hundreds of years through work and tax’s is no longer applicable. Anyone in the world can come and get what they want without anythought to contribution or cultural similarity. Those who flee ( and I dont blame them) delay the inevitable day that conglict will come to their door.

  2. It looks like Hungry is going to be the location the western refugees go to, hopefully they will bring the determination to help Hungry build a military strong enough to keep them free.

    Yes the social contract has been torn up by left wing politicians, and not just in Germany this contract has been destroyed by the left wing politicians in all Western nations. The German refugees are lucky that Hungry is so close, this will allow more Germans to immigrate for safety.

    • Yup. It looks like the lefties are going to go ahead with their internationalist/socialist plot no matter what, until they either succeed or somebody physically drags them from power. What plot, you say? How about the plot to eradicate the wealth inequalities between Third Word and Western nations by turning the entire planet into one big continuous Third World. Brilliant! Without any Joneses to keep up with, nobody will ever feel bad again…

      And can’t you just smell the corruption that would be going on if something like the UN or the EU actually ran the whole world? Literally trillions of dollars just sitting there dying to be channelled in the right directions. Millions upon millions of overpaid, unfireable government employees clogging up the arteries of world commerce. Political correctness the law of the land – now enforceable.

      In my humble opinion the system we already have of separate sovereign nations run by democratically elected governments is just fine and I don’t want it changed just because some people feel that it’s “time for a change”. Socialists are always trying to impose ideas that were invented by nutty professors and have never been proven to work in the real world. That is why they have abandoned essential socialism in China along with most Communist countries. It does not work. It does not work.It does not work…

      • You are right, and after counter revolution we will have to cleanse the School Systems of the Marxists who are now running them. This is one of the first places we have to cleanse because that is where the leaders of the future are going to learn what works and what doesn’t. The large national governments will be easy compared to the local schools.

        • I propose: FIRST we clean the universities.
          Put every special snowflake in bootcamp. Send every 4F and humanities faculty member to work in the munitions factories.

          Only STEM faculty exemptions and only the most qualified students get student deferments. After they graduate, in lieu of military service, they’ll apply their skills in our revived military-industrial complex. Compensation equivalent to soldiers’ pay package.

          You appreciate something you work for. Duty to country – first. Then we’ll talk.

          • Not the munitions factories, there is too much chance of sabotage that will get good people killed. Now 5 to 10 years on a road gang wearing an orange jump suit leg irons and keeping county roads clear of brush and repaired sounds good.

  3. Maybe the Magyars have solved their low birth rate issue after all. I know I’m a broken record but I’ll say it again–not all human capital is the same! Which country is better off, the one importing destructive non-productive illiterate migrants or educated Germans?

    • You are right, and when we remove Obama and Hillary from power the US will want any Europeans who will come join us in the war of survival.

  4. Wouldn’t that be a riot if people began moving to Hungary en masse, specifically because they see it as a Muslim-free zone? Then it becomes famous as “The Great Muslim-free Experiment”. Then a positive feedback loop begins and people start coming because people started coming because people started coming etc…

    Are German, British, and Dutch girls really staying off the streets at night for fear of being taharrushed just like Lara Logan in Cairo, or is the phenomenon being exaggerated by right wing islamophobes? And perhaps most importantly, are ordinary dads starting to feel that their daughters aren’t safe when they go down to the mall in the evening? The thing is that ordinary moms and dads can get downright unreasonable when they feel their children are being threatened. Obstreperous, in fact. Ever notice that?

    This could get quite interesting if Europeans start fleeing to Hungary to get away from their own indescribably incompetent leaders. Hell! Why stop at European? I’ll bet there are some Pakistani and Egyptian and Iraqi Christians or Hindus or Yazidis or whatever who wouldn’t mind landing in a Muslim-free zone themselves right about now. What a weird historical wrinkle that would be…:) Hungary becomes the greatest nation on earth as Germany turns into a sort of Bangladesh/Somalia cross and Great Britain turns into Chad and becomes the first European country to get UNICEF packages…:)

    They’re not going to go and have an election tomorrow, vote in another Skippy Trudeau, and let in a couple of million “refugees”, are they?

    • Don’t stop with Hungary, Chris.
      German Catholics already own considerable assets in Poland. So why not move to a place you can buy beer and sausage and enjoy a summer’s evening stroll?

        • All of you have good ideas but at some point the people of Eastern Europe will have to start working to remove the Moslems from Western Europe or their kids and grand kids will be facing the same mess we now have.

          We can’t think short term but have to think long term for the sake of the future generations. Yes I know they will face wars of their own but we don’t have to leave a mess for them to clean up.

          • And how do we have to do that?
            We don’t have so many migrants, Muslim migrants**, in part, because we are much poorer than Western European countries.
            First we have to improve our economy and than we will have to do something about our western neighbours.

            **in Poland there are about half a million(mostly)illegal migrants from Ukraine who came to Poland to work. And, (funny isn’t it), no one complains.

            • As you said, Kathy, lots of Germans have economic interests in Poland. I’d expect most will take a good share of their capital with them when they hightail out of Germany. Don’t let them buy cheap.

              They’ll want improved schools, medical facilities, infrastructure. Could be a major boom.

            • The right immigrants from Western Europe will help your economy, the people with capital to start businesses. The workers to make the new businesses a success. While a lot of people object to the immigration police of a green card for someone who will invest $1 million and hire 6 or more people year round it is a good way to get immigrants as long as you ensure that the Islamics don’t take advantage of the program.

          • Taking back the Mosque of Cologne will have to wait till we’re secure and reasonably comfortable with our families elsewhere. Evacuating a vulnerable population is a lot of work.

            And there’s no guarantee things will work out well the first place you hit. Far from it! Just keep positive and follow the stars.

  5. Church bells ring at noon because of John Hunyadi’s victory at Belgrade in the 15th century over the Ottomans. It’s time to keep the church bells ringing.

  6. Europe is more than Western Europe

    The rift in the European Union between the older, mostly Western European, members and the newer ones from Eastern Europe has become increasingly clear lately over the refusal of most Eastern European countries to receive migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.
    [Dastardly, punitive European Commission, blah, blah]
    Disagreement over how to respond to the migrant crisis in Europe, however, is not the only issue dividing the Eastern European members of the EU from Western European ones. Israel is another such contentious issue.

    Several Eastern European countries, while having pasts rife with virulent anti-Semitism and atrocious records of behavior toward Jews during the Second World War, differ greatly in their policies toward Israel compared to their Western European counterparts. That does not mean that everything they do is in favor of Israel, far from it.

    [… However, great examples of Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. Relationships as Christians with Israel.]

    … [T]hese countries still retain a sense of logic and pride in their heritage and do not harbor any secret wish for national suicide. After living under totalitarianism for over half a century, while Western Europe was harvesting the peace dividend of being under the American protective wing and growing increasingly more wealthy and materialistic, forgetting completely what it means to be terrorized, those countries who used to be under the Soviet boot see very clearly that Israel’s fight against Islamic terrorism is their fight, too.

  7. Europe is much more then Western Europe, historically Germany has been the buffer zone between the invaders coming from the East and South and Western Europe. This has been a source of bad feelings between Germany and the rest of Western Europe for many Centuries because the Western nations have always pledged support for Germany and Austria in the fights against the Moslems and other invaders but rarely fulfilled those promises.

    The reason I concentrate on the Western nations is the Eastern nations are already fighting the Islamic invaders and the West is asking for more invaders to come in. This situation is can lead to a massive influx of capital and workers to the Eastern nations if their politicians take advantage of the need of the Westerners to have a safe base to move to.

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