PVV condemns actions of labeling Sharia police in the Netherlands

Press release from the Rt. Hon. Geert Wilders MP

PVV condemns actions of labeling Sharia police in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the BDS movement has raided shops where Israeli products are on sale. “France has already banned this movement. In our country, however, it can freely commit such anti-Semitic actions,” says PVV MP Raymond de Roon. “We want the government to distance itself from these utterly disgusting actions.”

Parliamentary questions by Mr De Roon and Mr Wilders (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the labeling of Israeli products:

1.) How do you assess the actions of the labeling Sharia police in Dutch shops (*)?

2.) Do you agree with us that this action is an indication of anti-Semitism?

3.) Do you agree that this action does not bring peace in Israel any closer?

4.) Will you distance yourself from this anti-Semitic action?

5.) Is the government prepared to ignore, like other European countries, the European Commission’s “interpretative notice” (**), which will hamper the labeling of Israeli products from Judea and Samaria?










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